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While Faeth is on hiatus I popped over to Esther Jen to snaffle up a new group gifty! It’s a sooper mauve/purple tunic with the sweetest white bow at the hip..tres chic!

Decided it had been farrr too long since I snooped M2M out..so headed there next and found this darling little plaid top for 1L ! Beautiful pastels and cutie-pie bows adorn the layers…

” But for now, let me say – Without hope or agenda – Just because it’s Monday – And on Mondays you tell the truth – To me, you are perfect – And my wasted heart will love you – Until you look like this.” (outrageously stolen from the film “Love Actually!-I dunno why) I found this set on the table at M2M inside the main store….10L you will get the t-shirt,denim shorts,a cinnamon roll for your mouth,a tattoo layer of cream..and a whole scenery set ! Theres lounging pillows,a mattress,lamp,pictures on the walls..and of course..a plate of naughty creamy cinnamon rolls to dive into yay!

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Key to my Heart

Esther Jen: Key Necklace - 50L

Yaaay!! Jewelry from Esther Jen!  The newest release of Jennie’s is this fabulous Key Necklace.  The coppery brass color of the chain really gives it that vintage feel, especially with the old world key design!  It’s just long enough to hang right below your cleavage, and is priced at 50L!  Awesome bargain for a great piece!

Esther Jen: Jean Tube Top w/ Tee - 75L

Another recent release is this fabulous jean tube top!  And it comes with different layers so you can wear it differently.  Whatever weather you decide to dress for….either the jean top alone to flaunt your smexy self, or wear it with the long sleeve tee underneath if you’d like to go a bit modest!  It’s so versatile, and priced at only 75L!

Esther Jen: Roller Girl - 75L

Another fave that I’ve been strutting around in allll day is this new roller girl outfit!  It is sooo super cute!  Between the deep low cut of the tee, the low hip slung shorties, and the adorable white thigh high socks, you’re all set to skate around looking all sorts of adorable!  It is smexy and fun….and don’t forget to pair it with your favorite pair of roller skates!  Definitely a must-have!

Esther Jen: Soak Up the Sun *Gift*

I loooove summer outfits…anything to show off that new summer glow!  And Jennie definitely gave you the tools to do so!  This Soak Up the Sun outfit is available as a gift on the desk in the entrance.  I looove the denim shorts that roll up at the bottom, and paired back to the sexy bra top with lace peeking over….perfect outfit to throw on and bask in the sun!  Another gift by the generous Jennie is also on the desk….this sexy Straps dress pictured below!  I love the shade of purple…and the straps go ohhhh so low.  You’ll look absolutely daring in this mini dress so go grab it!

Esther Jen: Straps *Gift*

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Jennie the Generous!

::Esther Jen:: Very Cherry Dress - 75L & Cherry Flats *Group Gift*

Jennie has been sooooper busy and I just adore what she has out for us!  This Very Cherry Dress is only 75L, and is oh so perfect for any occasion!  The combination of the lace and cherry patterns adds a perfect flirty feel.  My fav part is the little cherry under the bust!  Love it!!  It comes with the sheer black tights also!  And as I was trying to figure out which of my billions of shoes to pair it with….I happened to click the pink gift box on the desk and I squeeed in delight!  The Cherry Flats go perrrfectly with the dress!  Don’t forget to pick these up at the desk!

::Esther Jen:: Playsuit *Group Gift*

And since I was in a clicky mood…I found this Playsuit in the group gift back on the desk as well!  So perfect for the summer, I love the color combination.  Throw on some flip flops or sandals, flats or heels…it goes with anything! The bow is just the perfect touch to the outfit….and check out my hand!  A lil bow ring that can be found in the green gift box on the counter!  Jennie is so super generous!!!!

::Esther Jen:: Frilly Top Blue Haze - 75L, Dorothy Pumps - 100L, Cigarette Jeans Vintage - 50L

You guys know I can’t get enough shoes….so I obviously could NOT resist these new Dorothy Pumps!  At 100L, it’s the perfect price for these fabulous shoes…love the sequiny texture and the skinny heels!  I paired them back to another new release, the Frilly Top for 75L!  I love the Blue Haze color and floral pattern, and there are a total of 5 colors to choose from!  The Cigarette jeans are perfect for completing the outfit!  I’m obsessed with vintage looking clothes, so I obviously went with the Vintage color.  They are 50L each, and available in 8 colors!  And to top off the outfit? I added the rose ring available in the green gift box on the counter (with the bow ring).  Just absolutely love it!

::Esther Jen:: Overalls Pink top - 75L

Another fabulous new release are the shorty Overalls!  I snatched up the pink top for only 75L!  It comes in 4 colors, and looks soooo adorable on!  Perfect for the summer, the bra top goes sooo well underneath overalls, just the right amount of smexy….

::Esther Jen:: Ice Cream Spring Hunt Gift

And as I was diligently browsing Esther Jen, I noticed they were participating in the Ice Cream Spring Hunt!  I searched high and low for the lil ice cream cone….and I found it!  Inside are 2 adorable outfits that fit the them perfectly!  This lace longsleeve top matches perfectly with the ice cream jeans!  I looove the ice cream cone patterns all over the jeans, subtle yet not TOO subtle!

::Esther Jen:: Ice Cream Spring Hunt Gift

Also included in the gift is this super lickable bikini!  I know I’ll be prancing around the beach in this without a doubt….the pattern is fabulous and really really makes me crave ice cream…  So of course you’ll need to find the lil ice cream cone in the store….think somewhere HOT!  Happy hunting kiddies!

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::Esther Jen:: Peek-a-Boo Top - Group Gift

I see…..some fabulous deals!  Jennie is just so super fabulous that there is a NEW group gift out for Esther Jen members already!  This Peek-a-Boo top goes great with any bottom you choose!  I paired it with the grey Vices jeans, on sale at the store for 100L.  The top gives that sexy innocent look, with the printed bra “peeking” out from the neckline of the top.  Beautiful colors!  Must go join the group if you haven’t already!

::Esther Jen:: Layered Shirts *Daisy* - 75L

And of couuurse, along with the new group gifty comes some new releases as well!  This Layered Shirt is perrrfect for this time of year!  The daisy print is a perfect touch underneath the red top, red/coral being a huuuge color this spring/summer season!.  The sculpty sleeves complete that flirty look and just make this to-die-for!  At only 75L, it’s a complete steal…go snatch up the other 2 colors/prints as well!  Again, I paired the top up with the blue Vices jeans, 100L at the store.

::Esther Jen:: Split Top *Purple* - 75L

And who could resist showing off a lil skin?? I know I can’t…hehe Anywho, this Split Top comes in a total of 3 colors, purple being my absolute fave.  It splits right underneath the bustline to give you the opportunity to show off those “hard-earned” abs of yours.  Again…only 75L for each!  You muuust go grab the rest of them!  Paired again with my grey Vices jeans.

::Esther Jen:: Bikini w/Tank *Orange* - 75L

I have soo been meaning to buy myself a new bathingsuit, needing something new to wear lounging around my fabulous pool….and what perfect timing!  Jennie came up with this adorable design of a bikini, with a tank layered right over it!  I feel sexy and covered at the same time, and the orange is a great color to add to your SL closet!  I’ve been prancing in the sand in it ever since I got it!   And only 75L…there are 4 other colors so go grab em all!

Also, a Lucky board was recently added so go try your luck there for one of your favorite items!

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Newness @ Esther Jen!

::Esther Jen:: Group Gift

Yaaaaay don’t you just love gifties?!?!  I sure doooo!  Jennie put out a new group gift for everyone!  It’s in the lil pink box on the desk as you walk in her lovely shop!!  It comes with a couple color choices of shorty shorts andddd a couple colors of this simple yet fabulous cami!  On a day like today (it was suuuper rainy out near me), something summery and skimpy makes me just craaave summer! Head on into her shop to snatch up the gift for group members!

::Esther Jen:: Bow Sweater blue - 100L

Andddd also available is this new Bow Sweater!  It comes in 4 colors at 100L each.. you can snatch up the fatpack for 300L!  Adorableee detail of the bow at the bottom of the sweater, and the slouchy sleeves and blousy give you that comfortably sweet look!  Absolutely love the ice blue color!  (I paired it with the shorts in the group gift to give it a very springy feel!)

::Esther Jen:: Patchwork High Tops - 200L

I don’t think ya’ll know this about me yet…but I just loooooooove shoes. I can’t get enough of them, and if my SL closet were real I’d be in huge spacial troubles….hehe anywho….these new Patchwork High Tops are my new fav sneaks to prance around in.  The detailing is phenomenal, and the untied laces are so typically me . These are worth wayyy more than 200L so go get em quick!

::Esther Jen:: Polka Dot Flats - 100L

Need a last minute pair of shoes to go with that Easter outfit?? These Polka Dot Flats are a perrrfect add-on to any outfit!  Whether it’s with your favorite jeans or that flouncy dress, you can never go wrong with flats!  The pastel colors work perfectly for this spring season!  I’ve got them on right now! hehe  Go grab em for 100L!

Don’t forget to join the ::Esther Jen:: group if you haven’t done so already!

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Spring in Bloom

::Esther Jen:: Mini Top - Mosaic - 100L

Here’s some newness from one of my faaav designers, Esther Jen!  This spring mini top is uber sexy and comes in 4 designs in total.  I loooved the spring colors of this mosaic top, and the detailing of the lacing up the middle is toooo cute!  For only 100L, this top is a must-have for the spring!

::Esther Jen:: Moose Tank Outfit - 150L

Another new release is the Moose Tank Outfit, and goes for 150L.  It comes with these awesome lowrise dark charcoal jeans with rips in just the right places.  Also included are the super cute suspenders and the tank top hitting right around the bellybutton.  Looove that it shows just the right amount of skin, and the moose graphic is adorable!

::Esther Jen:: Wear It Proudly Panties - 100L

Aaaand for us naughty girls out there… 😉  There is a special promotion on the “Wear It Proudly” panty set.  You get 5 pairs of these smexy statement panties for 50% off the original price!  That’s only 100L for 5 pairs!! Definitely must go scoop these up…I’m wearing the “easy” one, and the adorable boy short design makes them super casual enough to strut around the house in!  Make sure you go check out the other statements in the pack 😉

::Esther Jen:: Woodland Creatures *Group Gift*

If you aren’t already a group member, make sure you join!! There’s 2 adorable group gifts available on the desk as you walk in the store!  This one is the Woodland Creatures top, and I just adooore it!  The capsleeves and prim blow tie give it that whimsical feel and is a perfect pair for any jeans or your favorite shorts!

::Esther Jen:: Bloom *Group Gift*

Anddd this is the other group gift available!  Bloom is a great color for the spring, featuring the delightful hues of plum. It comes with the capri pants in plum and the mauve LOW cut tank top.  The best part is the prim flowers down the torso…what a fabulous added detail for spring!!  Another spring must-have I should say!! 😀  Again…don’t forget to join the group for the latest info, releases, and group gifts!

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