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Footwear frenzy

I have a little stash of shooooz to share…above the straw espadrille in rose from DUH! Free gift as they have moved to a new location, so refresh your landmarks and grab these beauties up ! Packed with superrr details..a firm fav of mine the last few days…

A dollarbie from Chandelle…you dont need to be in the group to grab this item. Nix is a high high high  stiletto pump..with red bows & pearls decorating the back…quite nice but they are a bit *cankly*..prolly best worn with trousers to avoid that ankle crumple…great for 1L though ! If you do join the group while you’re there,check out the gift area just inside the door…sooper!

Finally a special market place promo from Assuan, these terrrrific combat boots…not sure how long this offer lasts but at the moment they are just 90L..great buckles and studs adorn them with what looks like steel toecaps…makes me feel like kicking some butt *dimples*

Get them here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Assuan-Combat-Boots-Promo-Promotion/2560619

Go get shod: DUH   Chandelle



Truth District…

So the big day dawned and The Truth District has opened..and what an opening! As soon as the sim doors were flung apart..it was jammmmm packedddd! If you’re thinking of going..go bald..with no AO…no shoes…wear as little as possible…its lag city and you just cant mooove. (One thing always sure to make me chuckle is someone saying “o.O its sooo laggy” as they waft by with an ARC of over 3000,a million face & body lights on,and a resizer script in each prim of their wardrobe) However, I braved the lag fest just for youuuu ,possibly motivated also by the fact that Curio were giving away a SKIN as their opening gifty hoooorah!

Theres a plethora of very generous gifts to celebrate the opening of this new shopping district..Obviously Im wearing the Curio skin gift “airhead”, subtle tone and absolutely gorgeous…The shirt in Photo one is from -[AddiCt]-, above im wearing the trousers and one of the shirts from the Whippet & Buck gift..plusssss GOS is handing out a pair of my fav sandals in peach *squeeee* (you can buy thee cutest little ribbons of colour to add to these sandals at the main GOS store)

Head over..all gifts are going to be out for you to grab until the 5th of July…if you can stop gawking at the stores..its actually a seriously beautifully landscaped & built sim !

Go get crowded: Truth District