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The Virtual Tourist & Weekend Deal

I think I have found my spiritual home at Overlook Orchard ! Oh my days it is entirely beautiful & photogenic. It also seems quite popular, although there were a few people milling around there were still plenty of spots to relax in. This place is stuffed with well laid out places to take photos or ponder your navel.

Little retreats built into the treeline, walkways, water falls, orchards of fruit trees and a farmers market. There is a quaint cafe, pontoons and more ! Totally lovely spot to take a break in. Oh ! Mustn’t forget to tell you about my cracking weekend deal at Ersch. This is the Yoko top, although I’m wearing it as a dress you can slip jeans or shorts under it. The bottom half of the top is, as you can see, sheer (panties are my own). There is an optional pearl layer to add if you wish and that comes with a Hud for pearl colour – nice! I actually bought two of these I liked them that much ❤ Each colour is $60L, mesh body fits only.

I spotted heaps of wildlife on my wander around the orchard – you can also grab a bird spotter note and see how many you find – I saw bears too!

Overlook Orchard


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Wrong Hunt.(Freebie).

Still hunting and still useless but although I didn’t find the Frog Prince hunt prize I did find the WOH5 prize.

I’d already seen this prize either in posts or notes etc and discounted it because it’s a Maitreya fit only but I was refusing to walk away empty handed and I’m glad I grabbed it.

There is some breakthrough, not the shoulder strap as that’s designed to be slipping down, but just in the back and if I wasn’t rushing around trying to find goodies I’m pretty sure my Alpha would cover up the breakthroughs on the back.  Although you only get 1 fit you get I think it’s 5 different textures and if I turned around you also get an eyeful of my bum, cute and cheeky at the same time.

PS.  The ERSCH group isn’t free but it’s 75Ld and some nice gifts BUT check out upstairs, there is a TP on the wall, as for a not unreasonable amount of Lindens there are some excellent aprons.  I grabbed the demo as all of the clothes in this shop seem to be just for Maitreya.  You get 2 versions one to be worn on its own and the other to be worn over clothing and although that one did fit me I decided not to buy it as I would prefer to be able to have both fits esp if I’m paying full price but if you love aprons then you must check them out.