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At last!

Was just about to log off when Renata Dragovar sent this out, called Fernanda and I knew that this would be such an easy picture to do and a sweet Sunday treat I remained inworld just to take the piccie so in the morning I could enjoy my morning coffee and do this post.


It’s just a simple skirt top/combo but it’s a prime example of an RD Style’s Group Gift. If you look closely you can see that the top has a slightly tucked in look to it and of course great shading and detailing on the texturing.

I have a folder of stuff from here because there are so many hunt, cheapies, freebies and in some cases paid for outfits that because you get the whole look and at such reasonable prices even I can’t resist.


As almost standard with RD Styles  you get more than just the outfit you get a whole look which means that these SLink wedge shoes come with the outfit.  You do need SLink med feet for these shoes and since they don’t come with a resizer then although my xs size feet fit perfectly you may have issues but then again a simple edit of your shape and problem solved.  Skirt can be worn without the top and so really 3 items of clothing in one pack and of course as I’ve said this is a Group Gift.

There is a Marketplace shop which but if you don’t drop into her shop then you will miss out on all the Dollarbies, 2Lds (top floor), old Group Gifts (mezzanine level) etc and in fact one of my all time fav shorts come from here and cost only a single Linden but since I’ve posted that piccie twice I can’t really post it again.   So go into the inworld shop walk into the back room with the discounts and gifts are hidden once you’ve checked them out then have a really good Sunday hunting session.

Updated. This is the problem when you’re in the group you forget if it was free or not so it turns out to join IS 50Lds but remember not only do you get the shoes, skirt and top there is also a whole load of old GG’s on the Mezzanine level for you to grab.


RD Style inworld shop

RD Style marketplace


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Go hard or go home.

A new Gacha event is going on but it’s only for those who have “adult” ratings mainly because it’s set in the rather sordid, dirty and unwelcoming RP area called HARD ALLEY but if you want some Gacha goodness then you’re going to have to brave the pervs and make a dash for it.

bed nine

This bed only cos me 50Lds! comes with a cuddle menu a slow and subtle sexy menu.  Sorry I’ve just noticed that I’ve missed out the lovely Cherry Blossom decoration on the headboard and foot board in this picture but you can just about see it in the next.  A lovely Princess bed with that touch of naughtiness.

feeturbI was so rushed to get a picture of these absolutely sexy foot ribbons I snapped dozens of foot shots and only a couple of bed ones.  No I don’t have a foot fetish I just think pretty ribbons tied around a sexy polished foot is just so unbelievably decadent.  25 a play and I got the red pair in my first try.  Will fit both a high and med SLink foot.

OK Hard Alley is a seriously “hard” RP area but this is probably the one and only time you can pay a visit and not feel like Live Bait waiting to be caught, although I swear I saw a lot of private IMing taking place.  I did think about putting on my Repellant Noob shape but honestly I spent a nice time checking out all the naughtiness without being bothered at all so don’t worry if that’s something that concerns you.  Also if you’re not into the naughty stuff such as the Rampant Rabbit Lamp, not sure how I resisted that, there is a pretty vast selection from poses to furniture and all at low Gacha prices.

Hard Alley Erotigacha