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Falling Angel

Falling AngelThe wings are so lacy, ethereal and beautiful and yet somehow I wanted to look a bit less than angelic so I rummaged in my invent for some of my old goodies and made what I consider to be a lovely Fallen Angel look.

Here is a quick run down of my whole look.

Claws from ni.ju.  Had them for years and because I’m a bit of a freak I love to be all lovely and dressed up but with freaky hands.

Skin from By Eve. Her shop is based at The Busty Village which is a whole selection of shops for those who are well endowed.  It’s a drow skin that came with Lolas as well and the icing on the cake is it was a group gift.  Sorry I don’t know if it’s still on offer but the whole shopping mall is well worth a visit.

The liquid Latex was a gift only to me from Milu (milu.laval) of AtaMe and again I loved it so much I’ve kept it all this time.  Lovely wet looking latex paint dripped down your body.  Not adapted for Appliers but she is bringing new clothes in all the time with that as an option.

Hair is from Dernier and it’s called Zero Gravity for obvious reasons. 175 for the fat pack.  Lots of hair less emm windy looking and a discount section.  Some really lovely hair here.

Wings useThe wings come from Epic. I found them on their MP shop and not in world because my in world time has been limited (I snuck in and took the photos) but I can’t wait to check out their in world store esp to try the demo of the boobalicious Carney dress.  They have a selection of these wispy floaty wings at a brill price of 69Lds and now I’ve a chance to try them out properly I’m more than happy because you get 2 sets of wing with and without a AO and a hud to change the colour.  I have a feeling that they’re only available on the Marketplace but once I’ve been in World my first visit will be Epic and I’ll put the link for that here as well.

Epic Fae Faire Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Hollywood hits town


o.O yes girls, Hollywood is here…until the 14th anyway! This is a ginormous event that showcases 80 designers…so head over and take your time to get around. Each store also has a grab bag for you to take away as a gift. I popped over and snapped up a few to share with you. Above is a complete outfit from EMO-tions that includes the hair, earings, and dress…I so loved it, especially the hair-do…totally Hollywood and glam huh? I also found these silvery shoes from Epic as a gift, they matched up with the outfit incredibly well…My skin in photos one & two is a new release from WoW Skins called Viola, Im wearing the tan tone, I felt that the sheer feel of this particular makeup lent itself to the Hollywood feel…new monthly group gift is also out for you..

HollyWood event Glam Dreams mesh Audrey Hepburn outfit SVART Bag FREE !

Stopped by a new-to-me store Glam Dreams and helped myself to a copy of their grab bag, which contained this glorious mesh skirt & top with a retro Audrey Hepburn print on the tshirt…anddddd I was sooper smiley to find this bag out as the gift from SVART..gawd love it !

Hollywood event Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam Bookshelf FREE Just Darling Marilyn mesh dress FREE

It’s not just clothing, there’s also quite a few decor stores involved… this glammed up bookcase was a gift from Cobblestone…only 12 prims and packed with decor such a candles and books etc…my dress is one of my favs…another new store for me [Just Darling], pure crisp white with a Marilyn design on the skirt…great shiny red belt too . I will have to return, I saw such a lot of new designers displaying…have fun and prepare to spend !

Hollywood Event

WoW Skins