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Moving in.(Freebies).

I evicted the Elf and moved some basic furniture into my new rental.

TBH at 50Lds I might actually rent it for a couple of more weeks just for shitz n giggles.

Now for the Freeness.

I can’t remember the sizes of this new Entice gift but I do know it doesn’t contain my SLink fit, however, it’s not actually a bad fit for all that.  You get a small hud as well.  You find this new one in the main entrance but head towards the back of the shop, behind the glass case with the Unicorns in it, and there is the Lucky Boards and other GG’s which aren’t very new but this is new to me.

I don’t just love the fact it comes in all fits inc my own but look at that texture and the contrast of the dress and bow.  Really nice and different.

Make a note of the LM even if you’re not interested in these freebies, but remember there are others there you might not have seen before, but tomorrow on the Flawless sim, the one Entice is on a cart sale starts and I did spot Strawberries which suggests to me from past experience that with the bargains on each cart there will also be a Strawberry hunt.  Not 100% but pretty sure thats whats happening and tomorrow I will be checking it out for sure.


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WTF!(Freebie but be quick).

“WTF” it’s not only sunny and hot BUT a BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND for us in the UK and traditionally bank holiday weekends are cold and wet and so to get such amazingly good weather is a rare treat and trust me I’m enjoying it to the full, which is why I’ve not posted for a couple of days.

I’ve been in the garden in my cossie trying to tan the bits of my body they never usually get daylight let alone sunshine on them but now I’m glad I decided to drag my now over heated and boiled lobster coloured body in because I spotted this Freebie from Entice.  This is a quick gift, so go no, to celebrate “Cinco De Mayo” which is a Mexican celebration of their victory in a major battle with France, and yes I did have to google it.

You will find this suit in all the sizes just on the reception desk, as well as every other AV cos damn that place was busy.

PS.  I have this same(ish) outfit which I PAID for, yes you read that right, but the one I have comes with lighter summery textures in a hud and I didn’t have time to rummage in my invent but I’m 99% sure it’s still there as it was one of my “goto” outfits so if you like the look of this one then check the shop out to see the other textures on offer PLUS in the back of the shop is also other GG’s but I didn’t have time to check them out.


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Dodgy like my ankle!(Freebies).

Yes, Cheap B*’es I’m back and as much as I would like to say that I’m refreshed and raring to go I can’t because I have a twisted ankle and a sore throat!  Actually being the hardy soul that I am it didn’t stop the fun at all and I had a fab time but I’m glad to be home to SL, blogg, play with my cats and yesss I guess also going back to work.

OK, Gonna keep this quick.

Shoes are gifts from the Legendaire shop but you have to join the SLink frees and offers group to grab these and there is a Free for all gift plus a discounted outfit on offer and all of these are to be found just at the doorway to the Legendaire shop.  If you have 49Lds spare to join the group then go inside, door to the left side of the shop, and you will see a wall of freebies plus a TP in the floor which will take you to see even more so you can see what a lot you will get if you decided to splash out on such a small joining fee.  Sorry I’ve just remembered SLink feet for these shoes but I don’t know what other fits there are for the other gifts.

The dress is from Entice but you have to go to the “The Makeover Room Event” as this is a gift for that.  Once you’ve checked that out then pop into the Entice mainshop as to the right when you enter the shop is usually a really good Group Gift but head on to the back of the shop and past the pond and there are some decent LBs and discounts on the wall in the back shop.


The Makeover Room

Entice Main Shop.

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Im a lady I am (Free item)

Ohmaigerd – New Truth hair out yesterday “Lady” its amazinggggg ! Different fringe (bangs?) options, colour Hud for hairband & pony tie, the stylist Hud is crazzzzy cool with wisps etc etc…I got the blonde colour pack @ $300L. Free dress from Entice which is a sweet little thing. Mesh body sizes galore. ( Most vendors have a free gift this round of Gacha Garden as its their birthday – to claim join the free group) I also bought a new cherry jewellery set frm the Market place to go with it from Dabble Dooya, just $50L for the set – earrings,necklace and bangle. My cheesecake stack is on sale at the Gacha Garden, its by Junk Food, I won the one above and also the Ice cream stack – brilliant Hud with it to simulate you falling over ! Background is from Rama, also at the Gacha Garden with various wins in the machine.

Gacha Garden

Truth Store

Dabble Dooya

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New shoes and Free things

Managed to cam shop the latest round of Collabor88 and snapped up these sweet heels from Vale Koer called “Sugardoll” gorjus! My outfit is from Entice, group is free to join and there are lots of gifties for you ! (hmm might have been $1L to join I can’t recall) Green striped top is also an Entice gift, you get a Hud with three versions of it which is dead lovely.



Hair Misaki by Argrace

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Awash with me(The Wash 10Ld Event).

The Wash is back and I’m pretty sure I actually completely missed the last one but not this time.

Vanity shot.  I love this sim and I don’t know how long it’s been since  I was last here but I’d never noticed before that the houses are rentals!  When I log back in I’m going to see if there is any vacancies but somehow I doubt there will be.

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of really good 10Ld items at this event, from clothes to decor items and esp shoes.  This dress comes with a 3 texture hud but this one is my absolute fav and with the flowers in my hair I think it looks great.

Becuase you can’t really make the shoes out I decided to TP home and pop on a pose ball.  They come with a really big texture hud which allows you to change everything and again 10Lds.  The dress comes off the Entice stall and the shoes the Sage stall.  It’s a well laid out event so you should find them with ease but if you can’t just drop me a NOTE and I will try my best to LM you.

Be careful if money is an issue because a small handful of items are 50Lds but even that is cheap but having said that I have 6 Lindens to my name now so I am NOT going to buy any more Lindens until the end of the month! So fingers crossed that from now till the 31st(typical it has to be a long bloody month) I find nothing but free or dollarbies but it’s also time for me to start checking my paid for groups to see whats out there I’ve not snagged.

PS SLink heels but I have a feeling there was other shoe packs for other mesh feet but I could be wrong so don’t shoot me, and the dress is a non mesh bod fit but it actually fits over my SLink bod pretty well and lastly I only have 5Lds!…damn I’m poorer than I thought.

The Wash

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Forgive me.(Freebie).

I popped over to Entice to stand in front of the LBs and hopefully as I work through all my notes/notices I could win those shoes I’ve wanted for ages only to find they’ve now been removed from the LBs, F**K!  (Yup I know the last thing I need is another pair of shoes but I’m an addict!).

Anyhow you have to walk through the shop to the back part, beyond the pond, to get to the LBs but in the entrance is where you find the Entice Group Gift, look to your right when you go in, and I spotted this.

A stunning gold strapless dress, although the title says “tan” to me it looks like a muted gold.  I have to be honest and say I’m not sure if I’ve already shown you this before but I’m too lazy to scroll past all the old posts or to check Flickr but I do know that this wasn’t already in my invent and this IS a keeper so it should have been there if I’ve already shown it but if I am wrong then “sorry not sorry” because this is gorgeous.  I’ve had fun with the sim setting and a bit of photo editing but the gold texture of the dress is 100% the fit is perfect, the top has been shaped so it suggests perky boobs.  Comes in all the mesh bod sizes and more as I see new names such as Eve and Tonic coming up more and more.

You do have to have a linden to spare because although it is a Free Group and a Free Gift you have to pay a single linden to get it, so click and pay NOT click and deliver, and once you’ve paid not only this dress but the Linden is sent back to you.