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Spending Paper. (Updated LM)

SkinI got a notice through from jomo about its new skin.  Called “boy skin Thin 033E”and as you can see it’s a very clean neat skin with great shading.  Come with 2 skins bald and with head hair and as you can see not that much body hair either.  It also includes a shape but I’ve not worn it and I’m wearing my shape from Tableau Vivant which I managed to buy it a sale which is over now.  There wasn’t much difference between my shape and the one in the pack.  Wasn’t too keen on the lips with this skin but a quick edit and I am so happy with the over all look that this will be the skin that I wear most of the time.  Jomo does womans skins as well but I’ve not tried them on for obvious reasons but I think Zan will have to.  If you’re not looking for a skin but want free stuff then walk to the back of the shop up the stairs and there is a whole load of Lucky Boards and free stuff.  Quite a mix of things from junk yard trash, to traditional costumes, household stuff etc and most you don’t have to be a group member but a couple of the Lucky Boards you do.  I’ve picked up the free Halloween skins which I will do soon because they’re pretty impressive.

pantsI don’t usually check out groups or notices I just click them shut but this one came out while I was bored in SL.  A big sale on at EhR and everything I saw seemed to be reduced to 30Lds.  Lots of men and women’s stuff.  These jogging bottoms came from there, I got another pair in the more saggy ass type.

beachI actually bought more than I can show you because at that price and great quality I got as much as I thought I would find use for.  The jeans and top come from there,  Excellent quality and so cheap it’s made me feel better about spending all my Lindens on the skin.



EhR (Marketplace but DO NOT BUY from here as the sale is only inworld but you can see what is on offer)


Sail away…

I’ve got a thirst to explore lately..and realised that in all my four and a bit years in SL I have never been to the Blake Seas sims..Ive heard people saying how beautiful they are …but have been quite happily pottering around my own sim’s on whatever water craft I grab out of my inventory. Sooo today I coerced Steve into accompanying me on a voyage of discovery ! Half Hitch looked a likely candidate,it has a small rez area (in the water don’t panic) so I could rez up a boat..and off we went *squeee*…We arrived in the quaint little harbour and mooched about..its very shabby chic..and picteresque…old boats, bouys bobbing in the water..and bright pink beautiful jelly fish dancing around in the sparkling waters below…I was enchanted.

The world would appear to be your oyster once you’re here, we found a free pretty little yacht where we landed (url is below) and after we snooped about the island, we rezzed it up and set off…

We sailed for ages..our little boat bravely navigating around a huge war ship at one point, dropped anchor at a couple of pretty coves and tiny islands along the way..I think we sailed across approx 6 sims with little or no lag and no sim crossing difficulties….it was just sooo relaxing. Check out whats below you, the ocean bottom had many types of plants & sea creatures, I grabbed hold of a sharks fin and swam with it for a few. I also noticed that Half Hitch have daily boat races..forgot to jot down what time of day though, but pop over and you’ll see the signs…grab a boat or rez up your own and have fun!

Go get salty: Half Hitch rez zone