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Change of mind. (freebie).

I LOVE these shoes and they are FREEEEEEE and the icing on the cake is you get a total of 6 flower colours in the pack!  You will of course need SLink High feet for them.  They come from B!asta and are so easy to find hunt item.


I’ve left the picture unedited because the flowers look so artificial which is how they were meant to look.  That light texturing in the flowers reminds me of one of my Hubbys old work shirts which I’ve cut up to use for future crafting projects.  In a way this shoe reminds me of the many Pinterests which show you how to tart up an old pair of plain black heels.


These are the enMESHed into Summer hunt gifts and what you’re looking for is an Ice Lolly.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

It’s over! (Freebie).

I was over at Ayva’s Attic and spotted that there is a few hunts going on at this moment so I had a little stroll around and found a few of them with relative ease, the one I’m going to show you is the “enMESHed” into Summer Hunt item win and it’s the number 19 one as there are 2 lollipops for you to find (click them for easy hints).


I’m only showing you the one item, a mesh bikini set, and leaving the rest for you to find as they’re either free or just a single Linden and sometimes unpacking hunt prizes can be a relaxing way to waste some SL and RL time.

Sod the diet today, my Deguasta box is turning up and I have ice cream in the freezer and a “to-do” list as long as my arm so time to treat myself I think.

PS this comes with the 3 Alpha options ie top, bottoms and one for both together which means I’m binning the top and keeping the bottoms as they make cute undies.

Ayva’s Attic