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Rinse and repeat


I’m just dying in the heat wave we have here and have lost count of my daily shower tally recently. When I was shown this new shower by [CIRCA] I wanted to LEAP right in ! Natural stone has been used to give it appeal that will fit in a bathroom situation or for outside. I especially liked the water effect, which is soft and subtle and looks SO real. Poses for singles, and couples that are very “showery” , animations you’d find true to life…great for better immersion in your Second Life. The plants are also included, super low prim yay! You wont find those awkward looking sides to [CIRCA] plants either, where your eyes go dizzy trying not to see the “sides”, that type gives me a headache , these are pretty and seamless and believable.


Nowwww onto something I delight in big time….wall art ! My heart went all squishy when I saw these peacock wall decals. 3D and incredibly beautiful. They aren’t linked so you can arrange them as you wish, at 3 prims each a real prim bargain. The framed prints are also new, totally summery feel…you will find the shower and all the above at The Home Show event of which [CIRA] is a sponsor.

CIRCA Endless Summer Hunt gift FREE!_001

At the main store check the hint giver for The Endless Summer Hunt and you might be able to grab yourself this darling little coffee table. It comes complete with the casually flipped open magazine, seashell & starfish and also a vase of flowers. So often these little decor items are overlooked, and they make suchn a huge difference to a room…get your hunting goggles on and find it ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

[CIRCA] @ The Home Show

[CIRCA] mainstore

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Dream On!

I wishI’m English so I’m going to moan about the weather.  It’s the middle of Summer and I’m sat in my living room under a throw with the fire on.  The picture above is what I should be doing at this moment.  Until then I will have to settle for some SL fantasy fueled by an unexpected Sub gift and hair I forgot I had.

Snapshot_004In my need for a bit of sunshine I may have gone a bit heavy on the sun setting in this photo but what the heck.  The hair is from Mina and is called Silvia.  Can’t remember buying it but where ever it’s come from I adore the juicy colouring.  Each pack comes with a colour hud so this and all of her hairs come with a lovely selection in each pack.

Snapshot_010The outfit I am wearing I almost didn’t open because it’s another “Romper” outfit and I should imagine we all have plenty of them but because it came from LMD (Leri Miles Designs) and I know that shop contains such quality well textured outfits I thought I’d check it out.  Sweet, more like a retro bathing suit and if you look closely you can see the knitted pattern.  Just a handy little outfit that you can wear loitering on a beach and if you want to pop somewhere to check something out you wouldn’t have to change.   That’s the great thing about Sub or Group gifts as it acts as a reminder to pop in and see whats new and at the end of the month I’m popping back to grab a couple of new items she has as they’re so lovely. fresh and summery.  Until then if your strapped for cash then like me grab the Endless Summer giftie (the hint given is “Look for the bunny”) easy peasy and if you find it it’s a crisp green mesh summer dress.

Mina I decided to check out Minas main store to check it out and she has created a beautiful sim for people to enjoy.  Half beach and half fields, very pretty and very photogenic so I decided to take a snap of this hair, Veerlie, in my normal Nam skin and prim setting so you get to see one of the colours in more normal lighting.  This is on special offer at The Deck so it’s under a 100ld.  She’s stinted on the price but not the colour hud options.

Mina @ The Deck

Mina Mainstore

LMD (Leri Miles Design)

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Topless Photos!

RaspYup I bet that got you looking.  My excuse is that because of busy RL these excellent Freebies have been sitting and waiting since Monday to be posted so I took the best shots I could and in this case since I wanted you to see close up the lovely details I took it “topless”.

IceThe skirt is the Freeness in this picture but that stunning coat was a FLF goodie (Fifty Lindens Friday) the reason we don’t blog FLF is because the goodies are up for such a short time we wouldn’t really be able to do them justice but you’d be a fool not to either join the FLF group or at least slap the Sub board for one of the shops which regularly promote their items through it and then you will get the note sent out with that Fridays list.  The jacket is from Drift and it’s so super cool and ice cream colours that at whatever price is is now back up to it’s worth it.  Special mention to the fact that it’s an excellent Alpha fit no gaps. The skirt is the Freebie mesh with a tie in the front which makes it more of a sports/exercise looking skirt but again the colour match to the jacket was just so good so I thought I would team them together.

BrownAnd yet another skirt freebie but check out that adorable mesh see through top.  Thats a Freebie from A&C Sweet.  New shop to me and again I’ve not had much of a chance to scout around the shop but I did notice it’s BIG on the Boobies so Lola fans out there need to check it out for sure.

TopYup another skirt.  OK so all the skirts come from Blueberry and apart (from the last white one, it has a light grey pin stripe) are free to join Group Gifts the last skirt is Blueberry’s  “Endless Summers Hunt offer and in fact now I’ve gone back to get the LM she does actually have 2 boxes out so looks like that not only can you grab all the excellent shop quality Free to join Group Gifts but also 2 hunt items.  Don’t worry if you don’t need more skirts because there is a total of 11 group gifts out inc tops and dresses (group gifts in the back of the discount dept). Happy to pass on the hunt clue as it’s freely given so it’s “don’t forget to check out all the counters” but also don’t forget to check out the whole shop because this is real good quality stuff

PS. My next blogged item with also be from this shop as I was happy to find that a cardie that I had wanted on a previous visit is now in the discounted section and I will also be doing the new hair do in Ice Cream photo.

Lenox and Blueberry

A&C Sweet

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ArisAris Lively outfit - Juxtapose Endless Summer hunt FREE!

Another Summer release from ArisAris…who always seem to make just want I want to wear in real life. Absolutely adore this new outfit consisting of a skirt with belt and a blouse style top…its called “Lively” and there are two colour versions of it to choose from (or get both!) Above I’m wearing the white option, it has a great chunky border print, LOVE the loose belt around the skirt…great finishing touch! My casually held flip-flops are part of a set of poses you can grab for free from Juxtapose…its their gift in the Endless Summer Hunt…3 poses for girls, 3 for the guys.

ArisAris NEW! Lively Degrade - Juxtapose Endless Summer hunt gift FREE!

Heres the other option in the Lively set…which I think is my favourite…its got a slight pinky tinge to the skirt that drains down to the hemline…and a floral motif on the blouse…thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris inworld store

ArisAris blog

ArisAris market place store


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There be Fairies

Aww wouldya look at me…all sweet and fluttery…SO unlike myself ! The outfit above is from NiNight creations..and is their gift offering for the Fairest of All hunt that begun recently..theres squillions of great stores in this event…all prizes are just 5L ! My outfit comprises of a sweet two-tone blue mesh dress…sparkling delicate wings and of course a wand. Sooper lovely ! While I was out hunting, in my usual rubbish fashion…I was searching  JeSyLiLO for their gift and just couldn’t find it ~le-sigh~…however I did stumble upon the skin I’m showing, which is their gift in the Drafted Hunt…just 5L for this darling…Im not a huge pale skin fan..but I thought it looked lovely with this outfit…

Ohhhh I also literally walked over another hunt gift while I was at NiNight creations, it’s the gift for the Endless Summer Hunt and cost me zero Lindens hurrah! Gorgeous orange tones in the summery maxi dress…just perfect for strolling along the shoreline…trust me, if I found it…you will too…just walk in the main entrance et voila!

NiNight Creations

Fairest of All Hunt Blog (lists all stores and hints)