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Feels like a Monday.(10Ld TeleportHub GG & Mention of Free Hunt).

I had a rotten nights sleep so so far this morning my RL has lagged as much as my SL life has because when I logged in 70% of my invent was gone!  Although relatively easy to resolve it did take 3 tries, then I decided to do the “Snow Queen Hunt” as it has some of the shops I love involved in it and the first on the list is “Wicca’s Original” and I hunted high and low before I gave up.  Not completely empty-handed as I did pick up this TeleportHub Group Gift and I can tell you about the boots I’m wearing.

This outfit comes in 3 pieces, top, skirt and a thin metal chain.  I did spot that there are other colours in the full-priced section so if you want to try it out before you grab it then just try on one of the demos.  As it’s a TeleportHub Group Gift that means it does cost 10Ld but well worth it.

Special mention to the boots.  The Wicca group cost 99Lds to join and in the main entrance are new Group Gifts but you will see a TP in the floor which takes you to the older Group Gifts which inc these boots.

I’ll put the link to the Snow Queen Hunt Blog for hints and LMs, no pictures so hopefully, some nice surprises to be found along the way.

UPDATE: What a little smarty I am, I checked out the Wicca’s Marketplace shop and typed in “Witch” which is part of the hint given and it came up with a selection of items which suggested to me I should look in the SHOE department and I did and I found it and it’s Maitreya only lol.  So no I can’t show it to you but at least you should be able to find it for yourself.

Wicca’s Original 

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I’m lazy and greedy(oodles of FREEBIES).

TBH I’m not being lazy but just overwhelmed by the VAST amount of gifts that have been set out at the Enchantment event.  I won’t tell you what the theme of this round is but I think you can pretty well guess what it is from this Yellow Brick Road.


Simply follow this road as it winds its way past all the stands and most of them have CAKE and I love CAKE esp when the CAKE contains a giftie.

I had actually started to unpack everything I had grabbed but by the 4th item, I realised that not only was there way too many good things to show you but also that time is running out since this event finishes on the 31st.  That means you do have plenty of time to go grab but just in case you have other plans for the next few days I didn’t want to delay this post any longer.

PS There is a massive selection of tempting stuff to buy from witchy clothing to decor items.  I didn’t splash out this time but I did grab a few LM’s of shops I’m not very familiar with plus a couple I have not visited in ages so that’s my Sunday sorted.  Have a great day everyone.


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The Little Mermaid

SSD Little Mermaid set

Sax Shepherd has a lovely little set of jewellery out for an event that I haven’t actually heard of before. The Event is called “Enchantment” and features all sorts of unusual and pretty items, from decor to clothing and everything in-between. Sax has the “Little mermaid” collection for sale. It consists of a Maang Tikka (the head-piece) and earrings.

SSD Little mermaid HUD

The HUD allows you to really personalise the pieces with heaps of options for pearls, metal tones and stone colour. If your curious about my maid get up, its by Kei Spot – I love this store and every Tuesday there are 30L items out for grabs. This mermaid set was one of those items ! Its full price now but really worth getting anyway. There is an animated version of the skirt that makes your mermaid tail swisssssh, it also has a wearable lyre.

Enchantment (opens tomorrow the 14th)

Enchantment blog

Kei Spot

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Mittens (Freebie)

blonde Just lately I’ve been so spoiled with not only cheap, brilliant skins but all those extras which make them so great ie Appliers but the reason I’m wearing the cute gloves is because these 2 free skins, a pale and tanned version,  don’t come with any appliers.  That doesn’t distract from great skins though and they do come a flat, cleavage and XL cleavage tattoo boob layers. Surprisingly the Amachi group is free to join so slap and join and you can get the skins from either the board or through the group history.


Not just showing off my bum but the lovely big hair from Mina and how the ends have a lovely curl flick to them.


The first hair is called Roos and is offered at a 25% discount BUT this wild and windy hair,  Roosje, is Mina Nakamura’s gift for the Enchantment Sleeping Beauty fun thingy!

The reason I called it a “thingy” is that they have changed the ways the Enchantment event is being run.  Instead of having everything with a fairy tale theme for sale  in one place, each shop now has a special themed and discounted item in their actual shop.  If you love it then buy it and in the pack you will get a stamp card wear this card and check out all the special items in the other shops.  You don’t have to buy if you don’t want to but just make sure you get your stamp card stamped.  Then when you have a certain amount of stamps you go to a special place and select which one of special items  you want. In this case it’s this wild and curly hair. Mina says in her note that this is a one off never to be sold in her shop so damn I’m so chuffed that I have this now.

Check out the Enchantment blog to see not only how easy it actually is to do but there is also pictures of the big prizes and that black dress is going to be MINE! (once I’ve filled my card).


Enchantment Blogg and info

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I feel bad!


Only about the previous picture I used to show off the amazing Red Riding Hood Gown from the Pepe stall at Enchantment.    Love my pomegranate skin (old shop now long gone) but I can’t help think it distracted from the brilliant colouring of the dress so I’ve put on a classic pale look and retook the photo.


However check out the table and chairs that I picked up at the same time.  The table comes in 2 versions one with the lace table runner and one without.  I bought the darker coloured set but there is also a lighter one.  Just gorgeous and I can see this set in a wooded scene with the table groaning in goodies because at 3prims for the table and 2 prims for each chair (all are copy) that should allow you plenty of prims for decor items however this set would look just as equally gorgeous with minimum decor such a  jug of wine and a couple of glasses.  450Lds for the lot and for mean old me to part with so many lindens means it’s pretty darn lovely.  This is from the Ohmai stall again at the Enchantment Event.


Honestly I nearly always forget to mention a great load of poses, both static and animated.


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I wasn’t going to go to the latest Enchantment event because I knew I would pay (in Lindens) but I had seen this dress so many times in  Flickr and each and every picture made it look so gorgeous and I caved in.

PaybackThe theme for this event  is Little Red Riding Hood and of course there is a big choice of red dresses in all styles and shades, and of course baskets galore but much more than that. Decor items, jewelry, poses, props, hair and on and on all laid out in a lovely wintery wood.  This particular dress is the one that grabbed my eye because of the stunning red ombre colouring.  Comes with a choice of hood sizes and even the largest one doesn’t look like you have a potato sack over your head.  Has a modern cut out back to it and of course comes in a demo for you to test out first.  Comes from Pepe and because to me it was at a most reasonable price, esp for the glorious colouring, of 300Lds.

What I’ve not take a picture of is the new outdoor table and chair set I’ve bought from the Ohmai stall because that s exactly what I thought when I saw it.  A more costly 450Lds but low low prims and I can already see this set out on the sim somewhere for people to enjoy.  Promise I will try to get some pictures taken when I have some free time.