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What timing, I was just about to pop back to another of my Fav shops in SL and check out their new stuff, with fingers crossed, when a note is sent out with my favourite word “SALE” going on at Paradisis.   TBH since I already own a whole wardrobe if their clothes already there wasn’t much that I didn’t already own but of course everyone can squeeze a new set of undies into their invent especially when the prices have been slashed.


First temptation is this sweet/sexy bra and panties set called Ma cherie.  Comes in all layers and a camisole top option.  Lovely texturing from the creases in the knicker elastic to the laced up front.  So cheap at 40Lds


Lola alert.  This one is called Blossom and not only did the 45Ld price tag make it irresistible but it’s not only all layers and stockings but Lola Tango ready but again looks equally as sweet without Lolas.  For those who don’t like or can’t use mesh then Paradisis is perfect for you because as far as I can tell apart from the shoes do not stock mesh clothes and trust me as a Mesh Head myself their clothes do not lack for that because they have managed to make sculpted attachments for their clothes that are so smooth and well blended in you wouldn’t believe they were sculpties.  Lots of lovely undies and some subtle naughty clothes.  Apart from the great sale going on they still have shelves out packed with cute little shabby chic bags with free goodies in them for you to grab.

Hair Dura

Close up of the hair I’m wearing in the second photo because it’s a Group Gift (free to join) AND in celebration of Dura’s 3rd year in SL.   know I go on about all my “Fav” shops but yes just like RL in SL there are shops you know you will always find great stuff and Dura is one of them.  A hair shop packed with mens, women and a whole lot of unisexed hairs.  Very unique and individual styling.  Even though I grabbed the freebie I still bought 2 other hairs as I just can’t resist and if you look closely the hair in the first photo is also one of theirs.  I wear Dura hair so often it appears in a lot of my photos.  Affordable at between 100-130lds but that is for a single colour fat packs are available.  Nice to see that this group gift hair actually comes with quite a lot of colour choices, a total of 14 from  Irish Cream to Platinum) as well so it give you a chance to try them out at your leisure