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Christmas Cheer Hunt

Ohhhh my first Christmas hunt of 2012 ! The Christmas Cheer Hunt is on..I just had time to do a couple of locations and I’m so thrilled with the prizes. Above I’m wearing the gift from Cupcakes Clothing…its a fantabulous mesh holiday apron, with mixing bowl and spoon which is wearable and contains a pose…plus a jolly Santa hat. I’m standing in the Winter Garden from  Emma’s @ blue moose…at 41 prims it wont break the prim bank and its sooper lovely…

Snow gently falls….and the trees are gracefully scattered about in the snow laden grass. There is a gazebo to shelter in with a warming fire, a blackbird sings from the safety of the fence….its such a peaceful scene…and it can be all yours if you find the prize ! Youre looking for a mini stocking…more info and hints on the blog, good luck !

Christmas Cheer Hunt blog

Cupcake Clothing

emma’s @ blue moose