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Sunshine & Showers

Dench Designs bench & peacock - Free tea service percent group gift - all clothing by Neve - hair Elua SALE!

Ohmaigerdddd the weather here in England is just freakish atm! One moment sun, then a shower, then hailstones – seriously. This morning at 5.30am I was actually scraping ice off my car – not a happy camper . Oh well at least tomorrow is Friiiiidayyyy! So so so – if you haven’t ever gone to Dench Designs by Amanda Dench , you really need too. Its one of those stores that you alwayssss find  a little something to take home with you. I always end up buying something and this trip was no different. I have benches galore in my inventory, but when I saw this one at Dench Designs I fell in “want” with it. It’s a fairly standard nicely made bench – howeverrrr its the animations that grabbed my attention. Amanda always adds a little whimsy to her pieces , Id like to think it’s because she is English but its more likely that she’s just damm good at what she does ! Couples and singles poses, for a picnic, chatting etc…above I’m enjoying a sammich in the Spring sun…

Dench Designs - bench - rain pose (couples version included)


…then booom outta nowhere you get a rain shower and sound effects and you’re sat there sheltering from the downpour under a blanky. Isn’t that just SO sweet? The couple version of this pose is heart melting – it really is dead cute. The bench does come complete with the peacock and some assorted shrubbery, but as its modify I detached the extras above, great if you need to save some prims! (If you need a bit of assistance in “unlinking” stuff, drop me a line and I will send you a notecard explaining how to do it.) The items in the store are very modestly priced, so you can afford to splash out and treat yourself to a few bits and bobs, plus free to join group and regular gifts are a real bonus.

Dench Designs

All clothing by Neve

Hair by Elua

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Enter colour

LUXE Paris - Maggie complete outfit with boots NEW!

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary, grab yourself some warmth and brightness with LUXE Paris ! Theres a whole load of new treats out at the moment that will bring a splash of happy to your season. I chose a couple of outfits to share with you, above is a complete look – meaning you get the whole thing, boots included. “Maggie” is all snuggly  yet dead stylish. The neck shape on the cape is gorgeous, the buttons adding even more dash. Great fit with the jeans over my Slink Physique body, other mesh sizes included.

LUXE Paris Depeche mode dress

I got a bit dizzy over this dress “depeche mode” – its got a lot of my favourite elements. Polka dots, a tight belt, red & black – whats not to love?! It’s so retro and elegant, fits perfectly over my mesh body which is a real winner as I ! My shoes were a fifty linden deal from Reign last week, you might be able to grab them still in store, but they would be full price now probably.

LUXE Paris Fashion House


Elua (hair)



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I’m all Mixed up

Neve NEW ! - boots $87L! Elua hair DISCOUNTED!

A new round of The Mix is underway yippee! I love this event and what makes it even more speshul is Neve @ coldLogic are participating. For this round Neve has some fabulous fat packs of skirts & sweaters. Seriously, there is a whole HEAP of various designs, fabric, wools to check out. You can rifle through and snap up a few packs while the event is on for a discounted price. Above I’m wearing the “Espirit dye” sweater that comes in four different tones, and the denim skirt which is in, of course, delicious denim tones from back to light blue. The sooper dooper HUD for the top allows you to take the scarf on and off – brill ! Go take a peek, there’s suede, nobblybobbly wools and floral etc to take a gander at. The Mix is run by a HUD, which you can get your paws on from the market place , linked below.

The Mix

I’m also wearing Elua’s offering “iola2” all colour packs for just  $125L per pack and from the boots “Rosie” in coal, different colours on offer for the low price of $87L a pop. My watch was a birthday gift from Player – I loved it SO much I bought another in a different colour – yes I really did ! It’s by a new-to-me store Muschi, not exactly a cheap trinket but so lush , definitely worth a look.

Our Halloween

If you were wondering what Player and I were up too last night – we hopped around the Grid looking for some spoooooky FUN! We ended up at a very atmospheric Freak show and found this guy to pose with ! Its not all about shopping is it ❤


Neve @ coldLogic


MUSCHI watch

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Anyone for hair (some free!)

Elua NEW two styles for one price - Hollis 2

So I trundled along to Chapter Four and spotted a hair designer I hadn’t explored before. They are called Elua and they’ve got a great offer on at the event. Basically you get two hair do’s for the price of one – in your choice of colour pack ! The style is called Hollis, above is Hollis2 which is my personal favourite, gotta love that sweet crooked fringe! You do also get the hairbases and a HUD with your colour pack in.

Elua NEW two styles for one price - Hollis 1

Above is Hollis 1, lovely swept back styling with stray strands whipped around your face. $250L and you get both ! Only at Chapter Four.

Elua - Kei Group gift FREE

I was so impressed I decided to visit the main store for Elua and I got a nice surprise. If you join the group (and its free to join) you can also get the hat & hair combo in all tones as a gift! Absolutely adore it , it will be perfect for the warmer months ahead no?

Elua Beth - FREE

Also out as a group gift is “beth”, just the one colour, a scrummy chocolate-brown shade.

Chapter Four

Elua mainstore