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Supermarket Sweep

ShuShu free sweater

Friday is always my day to get the weekly shopping in, so I thought Id do the same in SecondLife this week. I’m not one of those chicks that gets all glammed up for it, and I found the perfect comfy sweater to do the job ! This is from ShuShu (the place where I found those awesome free boots). I adore the colours on cheery and good for the season, all standard sizes in the pack and totally free. I swiped the hair from the massive sale on at [elikatira], only 75L, I think its the one and only style I didn’t already own , the sim was packed to the rafters when I went but don’t despair, the sales lasts into Feb yay!

ShuShu free jog sweats, U.One mesh cropped sweater 1L, ArisAris group gift bag

When I find a sooper bargain on the market place, I usually follow it up with a visit to the inworld store, andddd I scored BIG TIME ! The store has plenty of wearable demos, that means…it might be a selected colour (it seems usually to be grey which I LOVE) or it might only come in limited sizes, the group is free join and there are a number of gifts for you to scoop up. I’m wearing the “Good morning Capri pants”, and they are totally fabbo…really good details and so easy to wear, perfect mooching material. My bag is a recent group gift from ArisAris, isn’t it just too cute ? It has a pose, plus one without, epic.  Mustn’t forget my cropped sweater, it’s from U.One and cost me the princely sum of 1L, great store to wander and prices start from 0L up too around 40L….and YES, I’m still in love with my HOC mesh sneakers…so scrummy and have a HUD with ooodles of texture choices…KaChing !

ShuShu market place

ShuShu inworld store





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Collaborate wins again or rather I should say (e)elikatira wins. I do not claim to be a great photographer but I sure as heck try my hardest to show the items as best as possible and I hope you can see how beautifully curled and draped this very retro glam hair looks.

Every pose I hopped on this hair just looked perfect and thats the beauty of mesh.  What I also like about Elikatira is that you can buy colours in packs but you can also buy an Essential collection pack which basically covers all the main colours so you get 2 blondes, 2 browns, 2 reds, 1 white and 1 black and even the blonde, which I hardly wear, looks amazing.  So this beauty comes from Collborate and it was a lovely “purse friendly! 88Lds in fact even their full priced packs instore I believe offer great value.   But you must check out the Elikatira shop and you will  spend such a happy time trying on so many good hairs.



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Vixen mini’s go lala

Oh its been agesss since I had something to show you from Poised…worth the wait though…cause Ive got the “Vixen” mini skirt..comes in a bunch of patterns…and at 100L a pop, a real gem for your wardrobe ! I just got grabby hands over the grey plaid..sooper easy to wear , with a resizer script for that purrfect fit. Teamed mine up with this months free gift from SF Designs.”key to my heart” a natty pair of black ankle boots, with some charming details..option for resize or not…couldnt resist shimmying into a cold logic mesh sweater…”breeze” comes in various can wear the arms, or leave them out…lovely chunky bubbly knit, scrummmy..ohhhh I also scooted over to [elikatira] and checked out the new mesh hair-do’s…surprisarama I bought one ! (thank you Talena xx) This ones called “over” casual style, floppy loose plait…just adorbs. My pritty lights, came from Lisp 10L bazaar…however they were only 5L each yay!

Vixen Skirt: Poised

Key to my heart boots: SF Design

breeze sweater: coldLogic

flutter bulb: Lisp 10L bazaar

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Three into One

You do the maths..I’m useless at it…but the new “Ella” gown by SF Design is 3-in-1…mmhmm you buy one item, but its three totally different styled outfits ! Above I’m showing the sultry rich red tone …my personal favourite colour. For the evening gown you have a classic design…clinging to your torso…with a deep lace flared hem from mid calves down..beautiful top and wrist length sleeves..

The cocktail version is really kinda flirty ! This is the pristine white shade…showing the thigh skimming flexi shirt…and matching shoes…(each colour comes with matching toned pumps)

Last up, and a style that just doesn’t go out of fashion, is the short short mini…easy to wear, always look it with boots, courts, wedges whatever ! Lucious deep lace edging around your thighs…the shoes are really set off with their high shine finish..this LBD will take you anywhere ..The hardest part in all of this? Its gotta be choosing the colour, don’t forget you’re getting all three gowns in whatever you plump for, plus the shooz ! All this and only 500L…steal!

If you’re liking the hair I’m wearing..its new from elikatira , and its mesh *squeee*, just 250 for one tone pack of five shades…pay attention to the notecard and I really suggest you try the demo on before purchasing. Im wearing it without the aid of an alpha layer, luckily for moi, it was a perfect fit and shape yay!

Ella dresse : SF Design (High Society section)

Abbey hair: elikatira


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Ohmai…how did it get past my radar that [e] has a sale on ! Youd better rush because its over on 30th October ! Elikatira is turning 1 year old and to celebrate there is a MASSIVE 70% off everything *faints*…this is one of my all time fav places for I dashed over and snapped up heaps !! There are also shoooz and bootz ! I nabbed the shoes above called “move” they come in a veritable rainbow of colours..these ones are “nude”..and set me back just 55L…the hair is called “Looking” and in the sale it cost me only 66L , I know I know! 66L for a pack of five tones! Suffice to say I bought manyyyy packs *grins*, I wont say how many exactly as I know Player reads this blog and will spank me (ooo maybe I should say )…the jeans were a gift from fame.less via the subscribo..pop over and join today for more updates, the jeans are in the history number 1. The sweater was a gift from Steve for my birthday aww ! Its made bySkin Flicks and is sooper snuggly buggly..called *Hallie* I ❤ it SO much..thanks Stevie xx

Hair & shooz: Elikatira Sale

Sweater: Skin Flicks

Jeans: fame.less


Sadie Sadie married Lady

Zaara Shubh dress

ooOOoo on a trip to [elikatira] for newwww hair today, I wandered into the other stores around and found this deeelightful dress from Zaara set out as a gift! Its creamy & lickable, flows around you with great detailing…thanks Zaara, it’s a keeper ! If you’re wondering, YES I couldnt resist newww hair also, I bought one called “Mood” from [elikatira] only 220 for a fat pack of bright blondes yummmmeh ..why did I use this song as my post title? Shhhhhh its a biggg secret and Ive been banned from telling, BUT..she willl know why ❤

Go get hairy: [elikatira]      Zaara


Garden City Relief–Help for Earthquake Victims

AddiCt in bloom dress 150L

I read with a very heavy heart about the earthquake in New Zealand and was hoping that something in Second life might get going to help with the disaster. Along came The “Garden City Relief” project, set up with the help of designers from all over the grid. Every single Linden you spend goes into the pot,it’s not a fair its a 100% all profits going to the fund .

I had a good long mooch about and saw many many items Id love to buy, fell in love with AddiCts “in bloom dress” and at only 150L its very affordable. There is clothing,hair (some ONLY available at this event) Furniture,pose packs, props,garden items and more and more and more ! I think all who participate & organise in these type of events need a big squeeezy hug and a rousing round of applause you guys ROCK!

 Get over there and shop till you drop !

For more info:

Event location: Garden City Relief

There are sooo many gorjuss items for sale from designers such as :

KMADD-Maddox Dupont**Exile-Kavar Cleanslate**Stellar-Lexi Morgan**Puriangi Designs-Hibiscus Flossberg**

MOOD-Jori Watler**Clutter-Kat Alderson**Zoe’s Garden-Adele Rhiadra**Tacky Star-Aura Falta**Kouse’s Sanctum-Kouse Singh**

POSEUR-Melanie774 Kidd**[Insatiable Fashions]-AliannaMarie Gossipgirl**’No Strings Attached’-Milli Santos**

Crackberry-jemima Clowes**Snowpaws-Carrie Snowpaw**DCNY-Anessa Stine**Gesticulate-Gidge Uriza, Elusyve Jewell**

Shine-Brandy Rasmuson** -dDx-Kallisti Burns**[elikatira]-Elikapeka Tiramisu**Spyralle-Kerryth Tarantal**

Vanitas Vesture-SarahTheRed Aurbierre**Absolution- Aurora Deischer**Evie’s Closet-Evangeline Miles**[Acide!]-AcIde Innovia**

Park Place Home Decor-DeAnn Dufaux**aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod**Evaki Clothing Boutique- Taury Barbee**

NSFW Brand-Stormy Wilde**GOS-Gospel Voom*** AR – Kidz *-Anjelika Rexen**Fab.Pony-Tatianna Faulkes