Do they exist? what do YOU think?

I’m talking about Fairys or Fae, elfins…I think they do ! So does Tala Swan who made these magical Fae skins with stunning elfin ears AND eyes!…Infact she has a competition on at the moment for you to show her what a pretty fae you can be ! The blossom fae skin is set to just 10L so you can snap it up and enter ! (if you cant find the rules poke me, I’ve got them -and I like being prodded !) Soooo here we go, check these out, click the pics for a closerrrr view!

ello poppet blossom fae

This is blossom fae and its PINK(ish) I’m not a big fan of coloured skins BUT I adore this..click for a better look at the details across the eyes, its awesomely pretty, matching elfin ears for each skin (125 each set of ears or a fat pack of them allll for 325 bargain!) Have you ever seen ears like these? encrusted with jewels that glow delicately and co-ordinate with each skin purrrrfectly.

ello poppet autumn fae & autumn elfin ears

The Autumn fae skin is sweetly orangey & gold..

ello poppet winter fae & winter elfin ears also winter fae eyes

The winter fae set of skin, eyes & ears is a hot contender for my favourite. The awesome eyes are just 5 L…yes I treated myself ! and I’ll be back for the others, totally wearable with a lot of non fae skins.

ello poppet spring fae & spring elfin ears

The spring fae skin is soooper cute..gorjusss around the eye texturing..

ello poppet summer fae & summer elfin ears

The summer fae skin completes the range..600L for all 5 skins.

Tala  along with Yasmino Gossipgirl has also organised an event called “The Little BIG Shop Fair” open from November 8-29th, in her own words it’s about…

“The Little BIG Shop Event is to encourage designers to stick together and share their talents. It focuses on established big stores helping out little shops that havent grown, by teaching them how to manage or build, and to make quality products.”

Go take a look around, you’ll find the fae skins plus HEAPS more !

The Little big shop fair

(if you land on the ground , use the url again to get up to the fair !)

ello poppet main store
Have fun

Fai xxx