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Dream on. (Freebies).

A lovely new GG of a bra from Elegance Boutique.

The reason I’m not doing one of my more “basic” poses and I’m a bit crunched up is that although this is a SLink fit it doesn’t fit! Whaaaa! yup the under boobie strap disappears into my mesh body.  This really has to be a one-off issue because at Elegance Boutique you get not just some of the most stunning lingerie and smexy clothing that I can only assume it’s a glitch with my body, a glitch with SL or maybe this just slipped past the designer.  There are all the other mesh body fits so just because this turned out to be not the best you should find that you’ve scored a neat and cute little bra with a very nice sized hud of colours and textures.

The panties I’m wearing are out of my invent and they’re still in the Elegance Boutique shop and they too come in a good selection of sizes, yes the SLink ones do fit perfectly.  They also come with a lovely sized hud and I’ve kept them to pop under clothes that flash a bit too much flesh.

There are other GG’s as well and I think maybe some Lucky Boards(?) but what I do know for sure is that you find these in the room at the top of the stairs to your right as you go into the shop.

Elegance Boutique

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Pants and Cuddles.(Freebies).

The title of this post is total “Clickbait” lol. I had to fight to get these 2 freebies because for obvious reasons as soon the details were sent out in the Freebie Groups everyone hauled AV Ass and created lag Hell but I battled through it all.

First is the “Cuddle, with that large open window and the curtain blowing in the wind it just screamed secret skybox but obviously, you can place it anywhere ie on a beach, in a forest if you wanted.

It took a few clicks but I did find the cuddle menu in the bed.

A definite retro look to the decor but if you don’t like it then although this is non-copy it is mod, I’ve already swiped the retro lamp into my invent. Remodel with caution as for example when I removed one of the sets of drawers the texture on the wall behind still had the shadowing of the drawers. Not a biggie as TBH I like the retro look in any case and any shadows of the original furniture can be covered with new if you wanted to.

Now for the “pants” or in this case panties.  I did a similar pair not long ago but in case you missed them don’t miss these as I can’t remember how many textures they come in but more than enough to cover your blushes in every shade you will need.  Mesh Bod Fits.

PS Ishara is actually a clothes shop but it often throws out an interesting build for us group members but if you’re not into a new build still go over as there is FREE outfits worth checking out.

ISHARA (Skybox)

Elegance Boutique(Panties).

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The B is back with FREEBIES of course.

I was so positive that my 2 day seaside break was going to be sunny and warm so I packed my bathing costume and sun cream when really I should have packed a bloddy coat and umbrella! Fortunately we “Geordies” are hardy souls so we didn’t allow the rain, wind and cold to dampen our spirits and although there was no way in Hell I was going to put more than a tootsie into the cold North sea but we did eat oodles of ice cream and fish and chips and yes diet is restarted today.

So when I logged off from SL I was already wearing not just a free top but also a skin which comes with a BIG selection of Appliers.  Confession time because I normally just use my Nams prim n skin setting to show of skins but I forgot lol and used edited this picture but I feel no guilt as it is a FREEBIE and a pretty damn generous one so you won’t be disappointed.


So I’m keeping this simple, because I have to unpack and dry out all my damp clothes, and although I haven’t checked that these are still out for people to grab since I only grabbed them on Sunday they should be there.

PS I’ve just remembered that Elegance Boutique has not just this but quite a few old GG’s out for people which I’ve shown you a few of previously so if you don’t want this oversized shirt still pop over as you may find another treat waiting for you.

Elegance Boutique

Alterego & Enertia