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Unhinged Festival- part quatre

Latest items to show you from the Unhinged Festival…and some of my ultimate favs…if youve been missing Pixel Dolls since their store closed earlier this year…nows your chance to grab something special..a dress is out for this event that you really really don’t want to miss !

It’s a reworked dress using partial mesh and its rather fabulous…there are a myriad of ways to wear it…long..mid length…mini…high neck,plunging .neckline…endless ! In the box are also jewelssss in gold & silver that compliment the dress, trust me…GET it !

I so adore these deadhead moths by timetwist, you can collect them from the gatcha machine , lots of pretty colours and a rare one! My glorious heels are from YS&YS…beautiful shape, towering heels, easy to use HUD for skin etc..totally adorbs. Latest addition is the slipper chair by Umbra et Lux, gatcha again and soooo many designs to win, literally stuffed with sweet poses and sooo low prim its criminal!

Unhinged Festival

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Unhinged Festival part deux

If I didn’t see you at the opening partay yesterday….booooooooo! You missed a whole heapa fun…good news is there is more LIVE entertainment today hooohaaaah! (check the schedule on my first unhinged post below or look at their blog page for more info) Got a couple more items to show you from the shopping fandango…and ooooodles more to come in the next few days – this event lasts for a month , so PLENTY of time to feed those gatcha machines, ohhhhh also…dont forget you can trade your gatcha items with friends (or if you’re really lovely give them as gifts) Anyyyyhooooo above I’m wearing one of those divine SAKIDE skull dress in blue, which happened to match up so well with my fabbo  Candybytes Boleyn Boots ! Theres squooodles of colours of these boots in the gatcha machine and SO reasonably priced you will be sure to want a few…day & night colours…I was Zans best mate for five seconds when I gave her a pair I had duplicated !

Geometry have these tops out for the event also “Eku tank”, millions of colours to choose from, you can also wear it as a cropped style…two tops in one, love that !

They also have this sooper sweet little mesh apron style frock up for grabs, it has a real fresh and country design…absolutely loads of colours to gawp at ! (feeling a little like Scarlet O’Hara in this shot lol)

Last up for this morning is this terrific mesh dress from {MV} The Jolly Roger dress and matching boots…nifty plaid pattern and a large range of tones…tiny teeny skull motif’s on both, torn fishnets complete the look…

zoooom in on my delish necklace, it’s very detailed and I just want to wear it alllla-the-time! By H0R…they have a few other items out for sale too…but this one…its totally fabulous…and I adore it. I will trickle feed more from unhinged over the coming days…stay tuned and get shopping!

Unhinged Festival event

Unhinged Blog (all info plus a brill video of the event location to see)