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Home & Garden Expo part trois

HGE Culprit 1 USE

More from the Home & Garden Expo ! Today I want to share some items from Culprit with you. I saw this villa on Flickr awhile ago and was super impressed. Its different and makes you want to twist and turn to see it from loads of angles . I spent ages playing with my windlight settings (and crashing because my graphics card hates me). In short if you’re looking for a unique build, or a special home – this is it. It has two levels, the ground floor is open, with arches leading to covered areas. On the bottom floor a beautifully simple pond decorated with Lilly pads is set into the paved floor. Its got soft and gentle watery noises – nothing that will have you reaching for the volume button!

HGE Culprit Villa

Upstairs are two spacious rooms or spaces, its airy and flows nicely, I thought perhaps a bathing area and bed chamber would be a good use of the areas. Everywhere you glance is another detail, another perfectly worked texture. The choice of colour and textiles is pretty outstanding. Even the gates open with a subtle swing, yes – I did play with them, something like a poorly chosen door script would set my teeth on edge – no worries here though !

HGE Culprit collage

It was enjoyable just being in this space, as you can see I couldn’t stop snapping away. The light just works so well through the windows and archways I was ever so impressed and a little bit giddy with excitement! Culprit has quite a few new items on show, like this fabbo brass lantern. I cammed inside and was delighted to find that the awesomeness extended actually inside such a tiny space.

HGE Culprit Brown leather seat

Ohhhh just one more thing from Culprit ? You’ve got to check this out – Not only some lovely poses for lounging about, but but but it’s just so pretty. It comes in brown or sleek black leather, my favourite is the brown, it has a really “lived in” look to it, like people have rolled around on it for years. Low low low Li and deliciously stylish – what’s not to love. Thankyou Eku ❤

Culprit @ The Home & Garden Expo 2014

Flickr isn’t working for me currently – will upload later



Splash out (dollarbie & SALE!)

coldLogic martin - Pollen Giselle hair MG marbella bangle & earrings SALE!

More news from coldLogic, make the most of the last remaining days of summer and treat yourself to this sweet little frock. Its called “martin” and comes in a few lully colours. I opted for white as I was feeling all pure & innocent this morning *wink*. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body, as you can see it really is thee perfect fit ! My hair is from new-to-me store Pollen , it’s located inside the Maxi Gossamer store , only a handful of styles at the moment but I really liked them all ! Fingers crossed for more to come. Of course while I was in MG I had to take a peek at the flash sale items. It said for the weekend, but as of 10.30am GMT its still on – so dash if you wanna pick up some real steals – I certainly did !

coldLogic NEW! Dollarbie dining set - KoiKoi shoes NEW! Mina hair llse

This is “sanders”, also from coldLogic. Id call it a day dress but if you wore a hat and glammed up it would also make a lovely partay outfit. I’m prancing about in the lavender tone which is sooper pretty and feminine, teamed up with my new KoiKoi shoes “candy snake”. I’m wearing one of my all time fav hair-do’s from Mina, its called llse, such a natural style which makes it über useful.

Dollarbie dining set

The sweet dining set is by DH, really low prim and only 1L – it also gives out a cup of splosh to wear – love ! Perfect for a smaller home or to brighten up a dingy corner.

DH minimalist dining set


coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


Pollen (in the back of the MG store

Maxi Gossamer (sorry if the sale has ended by the time you read this!)



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21Shoe – are you ready?!

KoiKoi - 21Shoe !

Yes…yes…yes its 21Shoe time again! 21Shoe is an event where you HAVE to be speedy, it lasts for just 24 hours from the 21st of the month . Each participating designer has two pairs of fabulous shoes on offer for the price of one, for just 24 hours – don’t miss out!

koikoi 21shoe

KoiKoi are in this month, and have two styles for the Slink high feet on offer. On the left is “Candy Snake”, slip on mule style with a cross over front. Such a perfect pair for summer, whats not to like about pink shoooz! On the right is “Little black shoe”, grab these – you will wear them a LOT, classic styling, for all seasons. Thank youuu eku ❤ Shout out to ZOZ for the “elegant curve”  SLink pedi and to Somnia for the “Chevron” pedi on the left – love them !

KoiKoi mainstore

21Shoe Blog



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Renting a Home in Second Life (Part 4)

Fairy Unique Rental -House by Culrpit

I love doing these rental posts – it’s a real treat to scoot about looking at homes & spaces. My fourth port of call was Fairy Unique Rentals, only a couple of vacancies when I arrived so I used the rental board to teleport up to them. After uhmming & ahhing, because they were all SO pretty, I chose this one above. It’s really roomy and spacious, with a wrap around balcony downstairs, a conservatory and a brilliantly enormous bedroom area. (This home is made by Culprit btw , link below if you wanna buy one – its called Dragonfly cottage) I stumped up the rent for a week, read the notecard that I was given and waited for a group invite. The group joiner bot thinger was on strike I think, so I dropped the landlady a note – next day I got the invite AND she added my lost day back onto my remaining time – sweet ! The rental layout is unusual and I liked it. Each home is on its own grassy platform thats suspended in the sky, abundantly decorated with gorgeous flowers and plants. You also get 150 prims for your own gear. When you pay the rental board down at the store level , it’s automatically covered up , so no one should really bother you. I didn’t notice a way to lock the doors and to be honest I would’ve preferred that option , as the rental agreement says “no security orbs”. I know I know privacy isn’t really applicable in Second Life, unless you own your own Sim etc…but I do like to lock my doors, it just makes me feel better?! Cant say I’ve been bothered at all, and I’ve hung out decorating for the last three days.

Fairy Unique Rentals collage

I popped over to Cleo Design and nabbed a few treats for my new space , the couch I’m sat on is sooper cozy (and has pattern change options) I seem to recall it was just 55L ! As you can see above the house also has a large conservatory space, it’s just begging for some benches and plants. The rent per week for this home is a very low 250L, I think, but I’m not sure that all the homes are around this price point. Big thank you to Happyholly Grigges who is the land owner and landlady , such a lovely welcome ❤

Fairy Unique Rentals

Culprit Dragonfly cottage – market place link

Culprit Store

Cleo Designs

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Bit of what you fancy (inc freebie)

KoiKoi Group gift for Slink high feet.

Always brings a smile to my face when theres free shooz about ! KoiKoi have these darling dotty peep toe heels out as their subscribo gift – free to join also. Totally lovely, and of course PINK ! You need the SLink high feet to wear these btw. Nip over and grab a pair, bet you don’t leave without snapping up some others too.

HED Summer swimsuit, with slink hand & feet polish appliers and HUD for colour change

Whats a girl to wear with new shoes? New bathing suit of course. This delightful little number is a new release from HED – the store appears to be market place based only currently and I don’t spy any demo’s there – however all the gear seems very affordable. The swimsuit is part of a set called “The Aloha Summer set”, you get a HUD that has seven fabric options yay! Plus earrings, necklace and matching appliers for Slink nail polish – toes & feet.




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Dribble alert

21Shoe - KoiKoi - Shanghai & Siren both for 295L (Slink high feet)

Ok gals, its time to sprint, to dash with your cash, cause you really really don’t want to miss the 21Shoe event ! I’ve got the candy from KoiKoi – the fix of high heels always works ! So what’s the deal right? 21Shoe is on for just 24 hours, the participating stores have two shoes on offer for the price of one ! For example, the two pairs by KoiKoi above are only 295L – you get BOTH ! yum yum yum…(these are for Slink High feet btw)

KoiKoi 21shoe event NEW! - coldLogic - clawtooth

So heres me with them on my trotters, trying to look all serious and modelly – this is “Shanghai”, a slingback design pump . I adore slingbacks and always feel such a  princess in them. They also work so well with a multitude of outfits, anything goes really, Capri pants to slinky dresses.

KoiKoi - coldLogic - clawtooth

This is “Siren” in glossy red and glamorous gold, very strippystrappy and delicate.  Dont forget, this offer is on for only 24 hours – then POOF GONE! Thanks Eku ❤ In case youre wondering, my fantabulous hair is an old style by Clawtooth, the scarf is attached and has texture changing abilities and I LOVE it ooodles. My dress is part of the latest release from coldLogic, blogged earlier in the week – called Jolie.


21 Blog


coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

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Frocks & Heels

KoiKoi - Salsal shoes - SLink High foot coldLogic crane top and capri pants NEW!

I’ve been rooting about in the coldLogic Spring release and found a few more items Id love to share with you. This is the “crane” Capri pants and shirt, they come as separates but team up perfectly. The pants have a geometric type pattern on them which is really funky and fresh. The blouse is such a flirty little piece, slightly flared and halter neck, its a dead cert for spring & summer , can be dressy or casual. My shoes are from KoiKoi and are called “Salsa”, I went a bit off piste and fiddled about with the HUD to create some fun-tas-tic colour combo yay!

KoiKoi - Salsa singles or fatty pack

You can colour each strap, heel and back of the shoe – so if you’ve got the fatty pack – you’re in for a treat. These are for the Slink high feet, which you will need to buy before you can wear these gorgeous shooz.

Argrace NEW!

My hair is sooper-fresh new from Argrace… I’ve been loving the latest new releases and usually dash over there to treat myself to them ASAP. This is Kaoru, you get a choice of resize or not, and the sweet bow has a colour change HUD, I am totally addicted to the baby blonde !

coldLogic NEW! Argrace NEW!

This is “warbler” from coldLogic, and I adore its simple lines and clean cut good-girl style. From the sweet Peter Pan collar, to its A – line skirt, I think its just terrific. Lovely swatch of colours to choose from, all Spring time classics. My hair is another new release from Argrace. Its called Haruka and is a lovely windblown affair.

KoiKoi - Tahitti - singles or fatty packs

This is what I dibdibdib – dobdobdob pinkie promise cross my heart swear on my next currant bun – was wearing on my feet in that photo above ! I just didn’t happen to like the full length photo I took (h.o.n.e.s.t.l.y.) These are also by KoiKoi and are called “Tahiti”, the newness is in the colour finish, brilliantly done by Eku Zhong, they really do come ALIVE in your face – dead scrumptious. (These are also for the Slink high foot btw)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

koikoi store

Argrace store

Argrace blog