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The Beautiful One

TBO Wine Box

Zan Bless her heart sent me a gorgeous gift for our new home, not only is it low prim but it suits the style of our home purrrfectly ! A wooden case that opens to reveal white, rose and red wine. If you touch a bottle you get given a glass of that wine to hold and drink – sweet ! This is from TBO (The Beautiful Ones) so I had to pop over and see what else they had on offer.

kokolores & free dress_004

TBO isn’t big on decor items to be honest but but but I noted a fab group gift by the front desk, so joined up (its 25L to join) and snagged this dress. You pay 1L for it but its refunded straight away. Sunray pleated skirt and a tight bodice in jersey. Ohhhh my hair is by KoKoLoReS and is called “Belinda”, if you pop over to check it out please take note of the new colour HUD’s for 2015 !

kokolores & free dress_012

I also bagged myself these sweet floral jeans for just 10L, you will find them in a vending machine behind the desk right at the front of the store. The top is part of a set that I couldn’t resist, Eva boho – *shakes fist at Zan* . My hair is “Anouk” from KoKoLoReS and is on sale at we ❤ roleplay event at a reduced price of 225L.

kokolores Belinda hair NW - TBO Eva boho outfit 99L

It’s so so adorable how could I not buy it ! Interesting thing is I’m wearing my Slink Physique body and yet I didn’t have to use any of the alphas for the top and only one alpha for the skirt . I did snap up a few home items also while I was there which I will show off later.



Eclectica (for necklace photo 1)


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Hunt time !

LUXE Paris Freebie mesh dress - Eclectica new!

Yes yes I’m back on a limited basis and just had to share a t’riffic hunt with you that’s going down at LUXE Paris. The teeny LBD above I found in the main store under the tree as a gift, its adorable and so twinkly ! Lovely design and a superb fit – go grab it , its ideal for partays.

LUXE Paris free gift pj's

There are gifts for guys too, but obviously I wasn’t looking for those, however I really would like Player to go over and hunt down the pj’s above – they are unisex and sooper snugglybuggly. Two versions are in the hunt, these plus some Santa patterned ones.

LUXE Paris Freebie - Hunt prize

I also found this skirt and blouse which I absolutely love. As they are separates you could mingle them in with other items you already own, tres chic! You’re looking for a wrapped parcel, the signs in the store show you. Teleport to the main store and there is a big old sign handing out landmarks to the hunt area. You have to search around the snowy scene to find them – good luck !

Eclectica NEW

Btw, I’ve missed SO much blogging whilst being trapped in bed – Eclectica sent me a couple of sets – and I think I’ve missed the events – but no fear Tiffy Vella usually has them out in her main store afterwards anyway. The set that really caught my eye is “maruska”, really funky design and so easy to wear. The metal and stones both have colour/texture change.  Thanks Tiffy ❤

Luxe Paris 


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It’s all in the details

Eclectica NEW - Versailles Baroque jewellery

I love finely detailed pieces, sometimes I get a bit “blah” about things I’ve bought, they are nice but they don’t stand out, know what I mean? Well feast your weary fashionista eyeballs on these beaut’s! This jewellery set is new from Eclectica and Tiffy Vella the designer has totally outshone anything that I’ve seen recently. Its called the ‘Versailles’ Baroque jewellery set, and it’s just SO gorgeous – I haven’t taken it off yet. The set comprises of earrings, necklace and a ring. Sunflowers adorned by little sprays of metals and then tear drop shaped stones dangle at the ends …the fantastic thing is that Tiffy has left this modify, so you can edit colours to your heart’s delight, even the ribbon – got a special outfit and want your set to co-ordinate? No problem !

Eclectica RING

There is also a matching ring included and I don’t usually wear rings (apart from my wedding one obviously) but this one is so sweet and very summery. If you purchase this set at the main store, unusually you can also grab yourself a demo. Not many jewellery stores do that, its refreshing and makes choosing SO much easier. You can also send items as a gift – pssssst Guys! Mental note for special occasions, you can buy here for your special person ❤

Eclectica NEW coldLogic NEW!

Thats not all, there’s more shoes , for the Slink high foot this time. Dead glam and super sparkly. These are the Blenheim stiletto’s and they come in a huge array of colours and finishes. Listen up this is the important part – some of the colours are only available at the moment in the L’Metallique Event that is running until the 9th of September. These are the gold on gold, the gold on black and the silver on black versions. All other tones are on sale at the main store and on the market place.

Eclectica NEW !!

Here a little close up view so you can check out the intricate design. The centre and smaller stones have a menu with a large choice of colours. I absolutely adore the Ivory pair ❤ You can get blue and green, black and purple and more.  Try a demo and see the pretties up close. Thanks Tiffy !

Eclectica store

L’Metallique Event

Eclectica market place

Eclectica blog

irelan dress by coldLogic

YUI hair by Argrace

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I’m all blue


Eclectica NEW

I’m having a bit of a blue craze the last few days, just a friendly note so you don’t wonder why I’m picking almost everrrrrything in shades of bleu ! Above are the fantastical new sandals from Eclectica, called  ‘Whitsundays’ Resort Sandals – they are mesh anddd you can actually edit the colours a little to get the exact shade you wish for. Of course you can also edit the size maually – which is sooper handy. (Not that I had too btw) I chose the stunning aquamarine tone, but there are oooodles more to choose from. Available at the current round of  L’accessoires, and will be in the main Eclectica store later. These are for use with the Slink flat feet btw.

coldLogic NEW release - Eclectica NEW! - Argrace hair

Had to get another coldLogic item in, because I am entranced with it all at the moment. I’m wearing the lundy shorts, a little more tailored than the other styles, with a sweet embroidered motif on the side of each upper thigh, the larose bra top is such a winner with them. Lots of colour choices or of course the good old quantum pack. My jewellery is also from Eclectica, its called  “perenelle”, ever-so pretty and romantic. Hair is by Argrace – I am that stores stalker currently ! This is quite an intricate style and has many different ways to be worn, its called Shiori – go check it out !

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

Eclectica store



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Free mesh outfit - Maxi Gossamer sandals -

I found this sweet mesh harem style pants suit the other day – totally forgot to try it on DOH! I was pleasantly surprisedwith it – its a group gift and the group is free to join – although I did have to fiddle with my chubby legs a little to get the band at the bottom to fit ! Nice touch of purrrple takes away the “all blackness”, perfect for a beach stroll or to lounge around in. My sandals….hmmm….well…I TRIED to resist them – seriously!

Free mesh outfit

They are by Maxi Gossamer and are currently for sale at this round of Collabor88. At 488L a considered purchase perhaps , you can’t buy them in single colours – so the all-size-fits-one is the only option. However, for that princely sum you do get 12 bead colours and 16 leather options.(Slink flat feet required btw) I’m really chuffed with them and know that they will get a LOT of wear over the coming months. My necklace is an old favourite from Eclectica, check out the new store, it’s crammed with deeelicious sparklies !

BN Designs

Eclectica store

Eclectica market place


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Get your paws on this

Hudsons Gift FREE - Eclectica necklace

Hudsons has a new group gift out – and that’s always a cause for celebration. Bold ethnic print in greys and fresh white – such a lovely frock for slipping on to mooch around the pool, glam it up with heels or slouch about in flats, either way you choose to wear it, it’s a winner ! The group was free to join last time I looked, so dash over and grab it up – don’t forget to take  a look around the sore while you’re there, as its chock-a-block with goodies ! My gorgeous necklace is by Tiffy Vella @ Eclectica, its a mesh piece “relic” and you can change the stone colours by touching it – nine choices in total !


Hudsons market place store


Eclectica market place store

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Pretty Little things

coldlogic swan buff - truth hair lolita, eclectica necklace

coldLogic has released a mahoosive new collection of Spring time goodness, seriously, its huge! There is so much to see, and as always great value for money. There are frocks and Capri pants and shirts and t-shirts, even full outfits that you can mix-n-match pieces with. I’m going to split it all up into a few posts so I can share all the pretties with you ! Above I’m wearing “swan” in buff, its  dainty wee dress, with a row of blooms under the bust area and strippy strappy straps over your shoulders. Three tiers of ruffles glide around your hips.

coldLogic NEW Loring blush & mocha - Truth hair Harriet

I wriggled into “loring”, I just adored the blush and mocha combination. The skirt looks like soft cotton and the blouse part (which is joined) a little more silky. There is button detail alongside the light draped bow that hangs loosely from the neckline. Its a deceptively casual look, that’s so nicely executed it feels rather swish. If I saw this in a department store, Id kinda know from the elegant lines it was going to cost me some serious cash !

coldLogic NEW esch blush - Truth Harriet hair

Heres one of the full outfits, which I think represent such a good deal. A lightweight jacket over a springtime dress, but wait – it’s so much more ! You can wear the jacket on its own or the dress on its own, or the whole she-bang together ! There is a lovely palette of spring time tones in this , demos freely available on the market place or mainstore. Thank you coldLogic team ❤

Eclectica NEW!

If you’re curious about my necklaces in this blog post – here’s the low down. These darling timepieces are on offer at The MadPea steampunk gacha fair, and all are by Eclectica.  They really are heirloom pieces, something you’d always keep, or give to someone super special in your Secondlife. There are fob watches for the guys and necklaces for the girls. Make sure to look at them closely, the clockwork parts actually move ! The tiny cogs and wheels all spin, isn’t that just adorable?

Eclectica - NEW!

Heres a few more that you can win, there are commons, rares and ultra rares – good luck ! Thanks Tiffy ❤

All clothing by coldLogic

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

All hair by Truth (lolita hair is at collabor88)

Truth mainstore

Truth market place

Necklace by Eclectica

Eclectica mainstore

MadPea Steampunk gacha fair

Eclectica blog

Eclectica market place