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The Free and the beautiful

Boudoir gacha & Free! Exile collabor88 peaceful easy feelings

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a good gacha machine – or maybe I am addicted – either way, when Boudoir has a new gacha I always tend to dash over and try my luck. Boudoir always has such prettttty things ! Double delight as there was also a new group gift out (I have been a member for ages, so I’m unsure if the group is a free join or not – but deffo worth whatever it is) – the spring dress above . It’s just SO beautiful, the petals actually are on a separate layer that drift and float around you, there’s a big fat bow too. My hair I snapped up earlier today from the current round of collabor88, its “peaceful easy feeling” from Exile, the flower crown (which is optional to wear) comes with a colour hud so you can tie it in with whatever you’re wearing. Sooooo the gacha huh? Well I only got one double which was a result and I didn’t win the rare “boohoo” but I got a great assortment of pieces, all Easter themed. At $50L a pop not expensive, go have whirl.



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Easter Hunt

FREE dress milky way

There is a Spring Fair and Easter egg hunt happening right now at Ostermarkt, tons of things to buy and heaps to hunt. I think I’m correct in saying that there are one hundred and three eggs to find *faints* – I got to about 40 and needed a nap. Anyway this outfit caught my eye, it’s from milky way, only one size in the box , which is medium and its all one piece. Dead cute for Easter and a great fit over my Slink mesh body. My lipstick is also a gift I found from M&M, especially for the Catwa mesh head – lovely gentle tone.

FREE dress Vee's & Bag  BOKUNO OMISE - M&M catwa lipstick !

I also liked this lovely little pink frock from Vee’s, all sizes included plus a fitting for a couple of mesh bodies yay! My natty spring bag is from GLH  nice hold animation included. There were lots of guys hunting as plenty of blokey gear is in the hunt, plus home & garden. Collect your egg collection basket on the way in, and just touch the eggs you see around. The total on your basket will show how many eggs you’ve found , it also tells you if you’ve found the egg before (handy!)

Spring Fair & egg hunt

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Chocolate & Bunnies

coldLogic phillips NEW- Argrace Urara NEW

An early Easter wish from me to you, I hope you have a lovely time filled with peace, love and chocolate! I have to confess to running out of time to show you everything I had lined up – too many events, too little time I’m afraid. Hopefully I will squeeeeeze some in when I return on Tuesday. I’ve been dashing about getting ready for a short break to Belgium, never been before but I’m told they make good chocolates and grow tulips – so I’m good to go. For those of you who know me other than blogger-type-person, my brand spankin office is completed *squeeee* and I’m sat in it. It didn’t turn out how I originally thought – due in the most part to extensive nicotine staining on the walls leaking through the pristine white paint ! Anyhowwww I’ve got a sort of Victoriana look going on, with birds in flight, birds in trees and a whole lotta dusky pink (its lovely-seriously). I will just have to trim back on the bunting and jazzy frame prints I had planned and go for plainer décor pieces.

ArisAris cashmere essences NEW

I’m blithering on, usually leave that to Zan! I wanted to show you these new shooz from ArisAris before I left, called “cashmere essences”, as is usual with ArisAris, they come with a HUD, preloaded with prints,plains and custom options. You can get a really unique look all for yourself with them. I wore a plain option with my coldLogic “phillips” dress above, but really the sky’s the limit – for Slink high feet btw. Ohhh shout out for my new hair from Argrace, actually there’s a couple of new styles – but I fancied this one. Its called “Urara”, btw one for the guys out too ! (If you didn’t realise it – that’s the blogging bit RIGHT there, see it? Good.) Be back Tuesday ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

Argrace store


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Spring Festival (Hunt & Cart sale)

Gardening trolley hunt gift (has poses) Chickens 1 prim 60L each !

Ahhhh Spring has sprung and little treats abound for you at The Cookie Jar. I didn’t really have too much time to do the hunt, BUT I knew if I were lucky enough to find the one from Finishing Touches Id be a happy girly. Thankfully I did (phew pressure pressure) and the gorgeous little trolley above was my reward. It’s so sweet and sits happily in my SL garden right now. Not only good lookin but it has poses too – for fiddling about gardening and one relaxing, nice touch ! Uhm well…onto the chickens – so I was wandering about looking for Finishing Touches (my internal navigation is always SO bad) and I stumble bumbled across Zinnias store. Saw these darlin chickens and HAD to have them ! Only 60L a pop (choice of colours) and just 1 prim, whats not to love huh?. Participating stores have a hunt prize for you to find plus a cart outside with some brilliant bargains all under 100L – if you’ve got some time it’s really worth the trip.

The Cookie Jar Spring Festival & hunt

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Gift Idea !

Aphrodite Store Easter Eggs male & female - contain gifts !

I’m always stuck when it comes to getting gifts for Player (Zan is heaps easier!) However, I think Aphrodite store has you covered for Easter. They have just released these fabbo Easter Eggs, not only fantastic as décor but the recipient can open them and find a whole heap of Easter gifts inside ! There are different coloured eggs, be sure to buy one for the right sex though, some are for guys, some for girls. They have some really unique surprises inside, such as 50 year old whisky in a presentation box that actually opens and closes. Chocolate cigarettes,  a mesh gown, a stunning bouquet and my favourite thing everrrrr…..a bottle of perfume that animates you to spray it all around ! (There is cologne for the guys) You also get a chocolate treat to wear andddd…something I havent taken a photo of because you SO need to see it – is the most darling little bunny hiding inside an egg – when you touch it the bunny wriggles about and offers you a selection of candies ! *dies with excitement*. Absolutely terrific idea – HINT HINT HINT…Id be so chuffed to receive one of these !

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite Blog

Aphrodite market place store

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Easter Surprises (Freebies incl.)

FREE Bunnie outfit

I just had to share this super little gift from Boudoir with you before I head to bed. It just came out today and as I have long admired the amazing outfits in that store , I hurried across to claim my group gift ! The group is free to join btw yay! You get this adorable bunnie girl outfit, mesh body suit in yellow stripes – what could be more Eastery ! Love the floral bouquets at the bust and around the ears, on the rear is a darling little bunnie tail too. Yes, the collar is also part of the outfit. Thanks Boudoir!

Easter decorations - moving gangsta chick and Easter cat 10L each !

While I was there I couldn’t resist picking up these two little fellows. Both only 10L each, the gangsta chick – who actually jigs about and the decorated Easter Cat (I bought the doggy the other day !) Low prim and utterly charming .

Easter Goodies - FREE dress

For a more formal look, I spotted this gown on the market place , its free and so feminine. Looks equally good with or without the flexified bit on the bottom. Sharodies Design has quite a few fetching outfits so take a look at the store while you’re getting your mitts on this.


Sharodies Design


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Easter Treats

Easter Goodies 2

I decided to take a look on the market place this morning and see what Easter time goodies I could rustle up. I came away with a mahoosive haul, mostly for free , some costing 1 – 10L ! The mesh “Easter peeps” sweater by Rebelle wear, is adorable, and cost just 1L, you get two colours in the box, my basket of chicks from !GO!, was also just 1L , the chicks blink and are dead cute, it also comes with a wearable version. My hair is a free gift from Divalicious, hunt info below.

Easter Goodies 1

I couldn’t believe that this Easter scene from Chez Moi was just 10L (one of my most expensive purchases!) Its got bunnies and flowers and a ginormous basket of colourful eggs, all of which have some sweet and funny poses inside. My pooch is from Boudoir and also 10L, I have to say he was my absolute favourite thing, he even has bunneh teeth !

Easter Goodies 4 FREE sneakers !

I snapped up these Easter Bunny sneakers for a single Linden, aren’t they huggable? Really nicely made with added fluffiness on the heel.

Easter Goodies 3 FREE hair - FREE bunny makeup -FREE sweater !

Last up is a closer view of the free hair and the utterly charming Bunny makeup I found for 1 L from YaYo, you get a choice of layers, or you can wear it all together as I have.

YaYo makeup

Chez Moi

Bunny sneakers

Easter chick basket


Rebelle wear Easter sweater

Flawless Hug the Earth Hunt (free hair)