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Egg Hunt – Free

Egg Hunt @ Tiar FREE corset

Headed over to Tiar this afternoon and found a few prizes in their Easter Egg Hunt. Just go in to the store and look for those eggies! Touch them and your gift is sent directly to you – perfect ❤

Egg Hunt @ Tiar Free

There were a few gifts for the guys too, really love this bright Easter yellow dress and the corset with panties above – great gifts – thanks Tiar!!


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Wrong LM.(Freebie).UPDATED.

I thought the LM was going to take me to one shop but I ended up at another shop.  I used to own a lot of items from the G Field shop but I will admit I’ve not visited this place in years so I can’t wait to click publish and then I’m going back in.

And yes I’m still wearing my Crocs.  I think I might just keep them on till I find free shoes so get used to them lol.


I’m NOT wearing my Crocs anymore because I found new shoes! So when I logged back in I rushed back to G Field and now I remember why I previously owned so many items from this shop!  Some pretty feminine blouses, skirts, dresses etc with a hint of retro classyness.  I’ve picked up a whole load of demo’s as well as the other FREEBIES which you will find in one of the rooms at the back.  There is a copy of this dress but in black and white, a couple of gowns and although both of them are seasonal ie Christmas they will be as good in the future as they are now and also shoes.  A pair on their own and at least one pair with the one gown I tried on.  If I’d any more time I would have liked to have shown you them but it’s time to log off and go do something else for a while but I’d hate for you to miss the other freebies.

PS.  If you decide to buy something make sure to try the demo’s as the sizing in this shop is a little bit random.

G Field

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Gift Idea !

Aphrodite Store Easter Eggs male & female - contain gifts !

I’m always stuck when it comes to getting gifts for Player (Zan is heaps easier!) However, I think Aphrodite store has you covered for Easter. They have just released these fabbo Easter Eggs, not only fantastic as décor but the recipient can open them and find a whole heap of Easter gifts inside ! There are different coloured eggs, be sure to buy one for the right sex though, some are for guys, some for girls. They have some really unique surprises inside, such as 50 year old whisky in a presentation box that actually opens and closes. Chocolate cigarettes,  a mesh gown, a stunning bouquet and my favourite thing everrrrr…..a bottle of perfume that animates you to spray it all around ! (There is cologne for the guys) You also get a chocolate treat to wear andddd…something I havent taken a photo of because you SO need to see it – is the most darling little bunny hiding inside an egg – when you touch it the bunny wriggles about and offers you a selection of candies ! *dies with excitement*. Absolutely terrific idea – HINT HINT HINT…Id be so chuffed to receive one of these !

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite Blog

Aphrodite market place store


Spruce up your space

First time I’ve ever covered a “SUYS” item (that’s “Spruce up your space”) and what a way to start…Cleom Bailey designer & owner of Cleo Design let me snoop over her set , I have to say I’m awed. Above I’m just doing a little bit of needle point in the rocking chair..(you can also knit or just laze around ) All props are given to you by the chair..and its stuffed with great animations,darling little needlework basket is also in the set, as is the rug…not only this butttt.

ALL of this too! Isnt that just fahhhbulous??? Such great details on everything, texturing is beautiful..and the poses in each piece are  plentiful & wonderful! The whole set is just 150L,certainly a great deal to spruce up your space…but that’s not no no I’m not done..

Cleom also sent out  her subscribo members this sooper gift ..the bench has both male & female poses (read the notecard that explains how to get them) There are two mugs with choccy eggs in…plusss..

This deeelightful eggy chair, squillions of poses and colour change for the seat pad,it comes with the sun flowers too! *phew*…theres always lots going on at Cleo Designs…head on over and take a stroll…there are special galore..Happy Easter Cleom & thank you! p.s If you want my Easter sneakers..get them here for 1L

Go spruce up: Cleo Design


Easter wishes from Argyle Anonymous !

Ohmaiii there I was minding my own business , when out of the heavens dropped a little bundle of yellowness right into my lap! Swan Ling designer @ Argyle Anonymous has made this butter-wouldnt-melt outfit for group members as a gift …it’s called “Frolic” and its sooooo yellow and flowery…I ❤ it more than chocolate *gasp* .I will certainly be rompppinggg around in this today! Biggg Eastery hug for Swan-thank you! Just join the Argyle Anon group instore and look in the notices to grab your copy..and donttt forget to check out the rest of the awesomeness while you’re there…its all pretty much irresistabubble !

Go get romping: Argyle Anonymous


Poised has the Word

Its Easter Sunday…well just! Happy Easter ! Hope you have a fantastic day full of surprises…and hopefully here’s your first…an amazing gift from Poised. Its called “Word”, you receive four colour ways and its has BOOTS *faints* , not just BOOTS but awesome boooots..Im wearing the barbie version (naturally ) it’s all fabulous and pink and lilacy.

 Just head over to Poised and collect your gift box…thank you SO much Poise Collins *snuggles her*
Go be a Barbie girl: Poised


Poised for success

CoLoRize Silver pants & Smooth top in white

yumyumyum I got goodies from Poised..and I’m lurving the new CoLoRize pants..two cuff versions, hippychick flares & boot cut, slung good and lowww..matched up with one of the new Smooth tops in white (cause Im boring that way ) The pants & tops come in a gazillion freshhh springy shades..seriously check these babies out *gasp*…

CoLoRize Pink pants & smooth black tee

Oh oh oh pinkness…you can grab up the smooth Tee’s in packs of 4 for just 100L,they have that fab poised sheen to them so you can really dress them up or down..the pants are 200L per shade..well worth the cash as you get two different styles with the cuff versions.

Spring Pressie from Poised !

Saved the terrrrific news till last..the ever generous Poise Collins has set out a gifty for all the girls! Its FUN…three colours of shorttttt shorts and 3 different cropped tanks..omg the pink dinosaur one is SO cute ! Fell in love with the “be original” tee & charcoal shorts..

Go get pritty: Poised