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The Free and the beautiful

Boudoir gacha & Free! Exile collabor88 peaceful easy feelings

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a good gacha machine – or maybe I am addicted – either way, when Boudoir has a new gacha I always tend to dash over and try my luck. Boudoir always has such prettttty things ! Double delight as there was also a new group gift out (I have been a member for ages, so I’m unsure if the group is a free join or not – but deffo worth whatever it is) – the spring dress above . It’s just SO beautiful, the petals actually are on a separate layer that drift and float around you, there’s a big fat bow too. My hair I snapped up earlier today from the current round of collabor88, its “peaceful easy feeling” from Exile, the flower crown (which is optional to wear) comes with a colour hud so you can tie it in with whatever you’re wearing. Sooooo the gacha huh? Well I only got one double which was a result and I didn’t win the rare “boohoo” but I got a great assortment of pieces, all Easter themed. At $50L a pop not expensive, go have whirl.



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NOOB Alert (More Magic of Oz Hunt).

A big fat sloppy kiss to Betty for pointing out to me that you don’t click the baskets in the Magic of Oz hunts you click the stack of eggs on your head! DOH I’m such a noob sometimes even after all these years SLing.  So I was finally able to get my paws on some of the goodies and then rushed back to my home to take some piccies.


This is one of the KataOnik Cheeky Bunny dresses that I had really wanted to get, although there is actually 3 different textured ones since they’re all so lovely it didn’t matter which one I got.  Of course there is nothing stopping me from collecting as many eggs as I want and cashing them in for the dresses till I have all 3 in my invent.  Love how Katat0nik Pidgeon has labelled the sizing of her dresses a bit different for example you have the curvy size or the divine size and in this case I’m wearing the thin size.


Because the sim was HEAVING with people clicking those eggs and getting the goodies and hopefully also thoroughly enjoying the whole ambiance of the hunt, I only grabbed a few items.  The cushion I am sitting on is one of them and it’s again such super quality.  Comes from Pixel mode and I’ll be popping over to Tya Fallingbridge mainshop to check out what else she has to offer.  This is a long cushion with sitting and lying down poses, I’m using one of them in this picture.

Then OMG how cute are those egg candles?  As it happens you get a whole load of different eggs but in only 2 colours however you get a selection of you get a variety eggs some just the shells, broken shells, eggs in cups and in this case I’ve rezzed a whole trayful of the egg candles and since they’re also Mod I enlarged a couple of them as well.  In a dimmed light they glow so prettily and at only 1 prim each you can go crazy and rezz a whole load of them.  Schadenfreude is the shop with these goodies inside.

I seemed to have used a lot of “cute” and “sweet” in this post and I’ve not even started on whats available to buy in the “lovely” shops but this is just a hunter and shoppers paradise with so many new designs and yet again CUTENESS!

Magic of Oz Hunt sim

KataOnik Mainshop

Schadenfreude Mainshop

Pixel Mode Mainshop