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The Creative Spark – New round!

Oh gawd what a few days – my new’ish car has broken down, andddd I’ve got a cold. Lifting my spirits up with the latest TCS round is always a sure fire winner though and this round does not disappoint. I’m wearing one of the sets from Luminesse above, this is “Floramist Moondust”, you get the necklace and earrings in the box, and for the duration of this round you will save a massive 50% – just $75L for the set. I’m going to return later today to see if this comes in anymore colours, might grab another set if it does ! Other pieces available in this round PLUS something for the guys. I’ve given the link below for The Creative Spark blog which shows all participants.


TCS Blog

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While you’re there !

While you’re at Luminesse snapping up those masks – grab these adorable little Lady Bug earrings that are right by the front door. Just $3L and utterly cute ! I actually noticed that there are heaps of really good deals on many items – so have a mooch !


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The Creative Spark – Luminesse

Wanted to share with you just a couple of the items that Luminesse has out for The Creative Spark. I’m wearing the Melora Head Wreath – and the Gadina Adorina Set – both have resizer scripts so you can get a super fit. Lots of other pieces are in the TCS offer so go have a moooch.


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Super Kawaii Hunt

Round 1

We all know the big hunts going on but there are many smaller ones with some seriously lovely yummies on offer.  This is the Censor Kawaii Hunt and each item, you’re looking for a cupcake, costs you only 20Lds which is so cheap but if your very low on funds this hunt offers you a picture of what exactly is on offer so you can pick and chose.  And I chose this pink dress.  It’s mesh, it’s cute and it’s pink and what more can be said.

RoundLooks like the picture has been cut in half but that’s just one of the strings from a balloon in my lovely balloon room.  This is 2 hunt items, first the mesh shorts.  A mix of denim and floral fabric makes this more than your standard pair of mesh shorts.  You get 2 floral pattern choices and both are sweet.  The Lola Tango top is a separate hunt prize and again only 20Lds for each item.

Round 11

Sadly not hunt items but I couldn’t resist because how cute is this little underwear set (170Lds) and then there is the hair (150)which comes with the hair dryer and poses sooo cute sooo cute Faith had to run off and buy the hair. Now look at the skin because this is a Group Gift from Censor so join the group and grab a skin so you could get yourself a new skin, shoes, and outfit from as little as 40Lds.  As soon as I go back to get the LM I will be trying on their skin demos because they’re not sticking to the standard, from what I saw they have skin with cute red noses, gawky teeth, smiles and pink cheeks skin that has just that little touch of individuality.


Censored Blog

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Fifty Five !

Fifty Five Lindens yay! Pink Label is in Fashion Alert today (and only today) The blue sequin dress above is just 55L, as are the Sheena matching boots ! The dress is a cheeky little number, with a butt cleavage back, silver jaunty scarf and flouncy ruffly cuffed sleeves…love love love the boots..easy messing..and a really pretty dark midnight blue with silver accents..

Plussss a great big stonking fat pack of these lully earings, yes you guessed it…fifty five Lindens! Really liked these, and I rarely wear them in SL..fabbo colours and very useful addition to your SL wardrobe!

While I was at the store I noticed that the rather lickabubble olive tone of the newly released patchwork leather boots is on offer for just 75L..(usually 129) go gettum!

Dress,earings,boots: Pink Label


How complete do you want it

Sometimes “complete” means jeans and a tee..sometimes it means jeans a tee and sneakers..but at Pink Label it means a whole bunch more! There are new goodies on offer and boy-oh-boy the “complete” outfits are seriously…stuffffed with gear ! Above is one of the looks packed into the Azure Leopard box,shorts,tee,shoes,dress,bracelets,choker,earrings *phew*..

Sweet little dress with a snug bodice & flared skirt..both outfits look fabbo with the matching Dana heels…lotsa options on the shooz for metal colours,skin tones etc and sooper easy to use. The co-ordinating jewelry is lully..I so love the Azure colour..summery and fresh..

Another option in the new range of complete outfits is the “Snow Leopard” set. Very crisp and cool…great shorts that cling to your derriere…

Personally I love the Snow Leopard set..but uhm…well the Azure blue is also hot…plusssss I kinda loved the other colours too..but you know what? If you’re as indecisive as moi, it’s not really a problem..each set..the complete thing from shoes to just 89L *faintsdies*…

Other news..Talena has hidden two shades of her rather splendid Dita heels in her store for only 25L! Your job is to find themmm -my fav ever shooooz from Pink Label! If you’ve got grabby hands over the jewelry sets above, there is a one-off set in black & gold placed out for sale at an incredible 10L..stop gawping and get shopping !

Go be complete: Pink Label


Purely Polka Dots!

Purple Moon: Daisy Gown & Polka Pumps - 55L each (Thursday)

Awesome deal for you guys!  Purple Moon has two of it’s latest Boho House designs on special promo for 55L Thursdays!  The Daisy Gown in brown is set out for 55L, but only for today!  The matching Polka Pumps in cream & orange are absolutely perrrrfect to wear with it, and are also set out for 55L!  The dress has a fabulous alpha layer to hide your breasts so you don’t have to worry about resizing!  The textures are just phenomenal….I love the happy feel of the polka dots!  Be sure to take a look around the rest of the Boho House to see all the fabulous new designs!  I also have on the Feather Earrings in Gold, available for 10L in the Boho House!  Don’t forget…this deal is only good for today so hurry on in there!

Taxi to Purple Moon’s Boho House