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I am the girl who cant say no

Lingerie by Maai - sweetheart - hair by [e] collabor88

Soooo I saw this free gorgeous lingerie on flickr and busted a gut to get over and get my clammy paws on it. Trouble is while I was there I saw some MORE lingerie that I just had to have. Actually there was lotssss of lingerie I loved but this was my purchase. The set is called “Sweetheart” and is by Maai, it comes with appliers, I’m using the Slink Physique ones above. The free to join group also has a scrummy bright pink lingerie set out as a gift, don’t forget to snap it up.

FREE corset, skirt and skirt -

I also joined the lucky chair group (reached via a teleporter in store) and good lord my letter came up – doesn’t happen often ! I won this set consisting of a mesh corset, mesh long skirt anddd….

FREE corset, skirt and skirt - paper cranes collabor88 (1 Li !)

a flexi add-on if you like that kinda thang. My hair is new and out for sale at collabor88 by [e], I really loved the HUD that came with it, you get hair tones plus two tones yay! My set of paper cranes by Dysfunctional Designs is also at the event – the whole bunch is just 1 prim and each grouping of birds has a colour change feature – it’s a real must have. Collabor88 is Eight years old and this round is MAHOOSIVE!



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So much Free Hair it hurts

Free Hair

So I finally managed to get into the Hair Fair, bought the few I wanted and couldn’t wait for and then picked up a gazillion gifts! I’ve only opened a few boxes up so far so I thought I show you the ones that will be keepers for moi. Above are the three free hair do’s from [e] – yes three ! All colours included – all sweet and pretty and totally free.

FREE hair Lamb Bernice

I also collected this one called Bernice from Lamb, I actually owned this already, it’s a dead handy bob style that’s always in fashion – all colours included.

FREE hair Calico Quinn

Calico surprised me with this neat little number – I think it could almost be unisex? To be honest the event, despite being laid out perfectly was an absolute nightmare to get around, I had to wait at each sim crossing to try to barge my way in – each one was full to capacity. It really would be worth waiting till you visit for a few more days.


Hair Fair sims:





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In my dreams (inc. Free & 21 Shoe)

21 Shoe Ingenue - coldLogic carlson dress NEW - DUH! FREE Bag - [e] NEW hair Kara (colour change bow)

In my daydreams I waft fragrantly about looking just like this, and own this car. I drive around town looking glam and gorgeous – the reality is more smart car, jeans and hot & flustered though ! So so so 21 Shoe is only two days away and its now been extended to 48 hours – more time to get around the grid and snap up those two’fer one deals yippeee! Ingenue have these sweet little heels as their offer, you get both colours for the price of one. Peach and a stunning robin eggs blue, designed to fit the Slink Mid feet, Belleza & Maitreya. Dress is one of the latest releases from coldLogic, called carlson and I’m showing the eggshell tone which is ever so summery and delish! The fishy shaped bag is a free gift from DUH! It’s the gift for the ENmeshED Hunt, you actually get three colour versions of it which is sooper coolio – thanks Renee ❤ Continuing on my hair fest of late I also treated myself to a new “do” from [e], named Kara and comes with a HUD with a gazillion choices for the colour/pattern of the bow.

21 Shoe - Ingenue Laura heels (Belleza,Slink,Maitreya)

Such a cute style and very chic, perfect for showing off your pins in dresses and skirts. Dont forget the 21 Shoe event begins on the 21st through to the 22nd.

21 Shoe Blog


coldLogic store



enMESHed Hunt blog

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Beam – ing with happiness

coldLogic NEW - [e] Lena NEW - Dark Mouse NEW

Such a contrived title I know I know but hey lookie what I have to share with you today! Pretties from coldLogic, all bursting with summery goodness. This is “beam” its a two parter but I thought it was a dress first off. I love flexibility in my SL wardrobe and this hits the spot very well. I was reading the blurb (yes I do occasionally) and not only do you get a specially made set for the SLink Physique mesh body that I always wear, but apparently it also works with the Maitreya Lara for most shapes. Go grab yourself a demo and see how it goes. Obviously all the usual standard mesh shapes are included too. Its counterpart is called “haver” same design but blocky dabs of colour not floral as above – I  love them both, was a hard choice to decide which to show first tbh. My jewelry is by Dark Mouse and is called “Bohemian Flare”, you get the necklace, earrings and bangles (Left & right), very casual feel about it and the fat creamy rose that accents each piece is adorable. New hair too – I’m on a roll ! This is at collabor88 and is called Lena, by [e] – she has another style out at the event too, so go take a peek.


coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic Blog

Dark Mouse



Gifts & essential jeans

Candy floss pink cute as a button dress is the gift from Poised at the moment..head over…join up…grab it while you can! Thanks Poise xx

Nowwww for the sooper new gear…”Kaii” jeans…fahhhbulous detail…prim cuffs…and scrummy colour choices…I’m wearing the candy colour ones above (of course,cause I’m lured to the pinkness)

This pair is labelled “dirty”…great casual gritty look…all teamed up with a previous Poised group gift the “little wing tank”..Go take a look at the colour range, you’re bound to find a shade you lubs lots..dont forget to slap the MM boards,stalk the lucky chairs and join the group so you can keep up with all the latest gossip!

Ok so I HAD to go grab up that b[ELLE]issima  gift that Bella blogged below,cause the skin that was in the package is sooooo gorgeous! I’m also wearing the “soul catcher” group gift necklace from Dark Mouse…long chain and a pretty charm on the end…perfect! Liking mah wig? Gift to the [e] group called “again”, chirpy little short style that Im really loving, blondes,browns,reds & black all in the box..(there is a join fee but it’s SO worth it)

Go get prettied up: Poised                       [e] (hair)           Dark Mouse



A few days ago I received a gift from the DSN network thingy (which is ultra cool you should join it!) It was a pair of Equilibrium jeans and I adored them, great shading & prims etc…I made a mental note to pop over and check the store out, glad I did cause they are in the NIAH hunt yay! (thats needle in a haystack hunt if you dont know) Soooo I snaffled up some goodness and thought Id share ! First up the Hunt gift..these jeans are faberoooonie..gawd..they wont be off me for a while…comes with an awesome tank  & snazzzy suspenders also…click the pic for a closer view!

Equilibrium NIAH prize

I wandered upstairs, slapped the MM boards (naturally) then spotted a girly gift and a guy one…I ❤ this colour and its super smexy..

Equilibrium store gift

Take a good look around…boys theres plenty for you too plus that gift upstairs !

Taxi to go : Equilibrium