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Cheap nasty trash.

I’m off out RLing today so I thought I’d do a very quick post of some really interesting decor items I picked up last night.

Yes, I have quite a few wells, pumps etc but this one is perfect for my back yard. 50Lds and only 1prim for the whole thing.  Great texturing and detailing even down to the old dry leaves in the bottom of the well.

I also picked up this tray of rusty old tin.

Again 1 prim and only 20Lds.  Actually, I wish I’d checked the Marketplace shop as there are sets of this sort of junk for only 60Lds.

I’m giving you both the inworld shop and the marketplace shop and I suggest you visit both but for different reasons.  The marketplace shop shows clearly the items for sale while the inworld shop is a ragtag of jumbled up mess but the inworld shop is based on the “The Great Fissure” sim.

OK, What I want you to do to when or if you go to the inworld shop, is go to your maps and check out this and the neighbouring sims.  Then I want you to fly around them all.  These sims have been up and running since I was created in SL.  They’re for people who want to Roleplay and also for people who don’t want to Roleplay lol.  These sims make amazing scenarios for roleplaying and it is encouraged but they have been created for people to come to take pictures, relax, join in with others or sit on their own navel-gazing.  The only thing that is asked of you is to not bother people, keep your danging bits covered and NO weapons. I do know that at one place you can get free weapons to use if you wish to have a “Barney” which is Geordie slang for a fight and of course clean up anything you have rezzed but for roleplay sims they’re so relaxed it’s very much a case of “you do you boo”.

Razor Bird The Junk Hole @The Great Fissure

Razor Bird (Marketplace Shop)

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Nasty, Dirty,Cheap Sh*t.(Marketplace).

While I was on the Marketplace I found a shop called “Siden” and because there wasn’t a link to an inworld shop I decided to buy a couple of demos, 0Lds of course, to check out the quality and the quality is excellent. I then spotted when checking the creator’s name on the demos, Sooden Ren, that there is, in fact, an inworld shop.

The inworld shop really is just to give you a hint of what’s on offer because there is a lot less in the inworld shop than there is in the Marketplace shop but it was nice to see it inworld.  I know what I’m showing you is almost pretty standard for a grunge/dystopian type shop but since this was already set up I just pointed and clicked.  The Marketplace shop has so much more in it and much more unusual items such as a barrier made up of kitchen tables, a skybox which looks like it will make a pretty good backdrop for me or for someone who likes to live and play in that sort of environment and many more big and small things and all very reasonably priced.

You seem to be able to get a demo for everything so I’m logging out of SL and fetching myself a cup of coffee, putting Judge Judy on the TV and scrolling through the Marketplace shop to see everything before I make my mind up.

Siden Marketplace



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Indulge me, no freebies, no nothing but maybe some inspiration.

Vanity, Vanity all is Vanity so I’m just going to show you a few pictures I took today of the 2 new sims created by Lauren Bentham.

The Arranmore sim is dark and foreboding.

OMG, you can see even the light glistening on the ruts in the mud!  The attention to details is amazing.

I’ve got that building but when I had mine rezzed out it was nowhere near as stunning, I think the lighting cracking overhead helped.

I took these 3, and so many more on the Arranmore sim but these next one are taken on the Netherwood sim which resembles the wilds of an English countryside.By this stage, I was feeling queasy from the jealous bile that was building up inside my chest and by the time I took my last picture I was a sniveling wreck.

OK, I’ve pulled up my big girl knickers now and stopped sniveling.

The thing is these sims are so photogenic that if you’ve never tried to take pictures in SL or you have but the results have never been to the standard you would like then try here.  The landscaping, building, and windlight have created beautifully photogenic scenes that will allow anyone to be able to take pictures to be proud of.  I promise you although I’ve framed my pictures I’ve done no photo editing I just cammed and snapped and each and every picture was a keeper.

Here is a BIG tip and I have told you about it before but it’s a way of taking 1, 2, 5 or even 100+ pictures and not have them cost you a single Linden.  When you take a picture in the pop-up snapshot window select “save to disc” and then another window opens on your computer and you save it into whatever folder you want to keep your SL pictures in. This is FREE and it means you can take as many as you wish and then chose the best and if you want them inworld then you do have to pay the 10Lds to upload them into SL.

Can you imagine framing and hanging your own photos on your wall in SL or have them as a background on your computer etc?

I have paid to join all 3 sim groups, the Baja sims, Arranmore and the Netherwood one and there is another dystopian sim which I’m going to assume will also be a paid for group but this token one-off payment gives you rezzing rights but of course keep it small, simple and clean up afterward.  Considering how much time, effort and expense that these sims cost Lauren Bentham the group fee’s are more of a token of gratitude than anything else.

PS.  At each LM there is a board with all of the sims and so you can TP from there and check out each one.

Arranmore (Dark and Scary)

Netherwood (English Countryside)