Surrender to Pink

coldLogic grohl coat NEW

Ok, I finally couldn’t bear it any longer. I had to slide myself into something pink from coldLogics new collection ! I know I know I’ve been on the pink wagon for hmm…uhm…almost THREE whole days, but but but pink is so me, so pretty – I finally caved in. This is the new “grohl” coat, a traditional style with a colour twist. It makes you feel all safe and warm and cosseted from the November chill. Other scrummy colours available, however I vote pink as the bestest . Lovely thick turn back cuffs and jolly peg style buttons, with a cord to attach. I really liked the subtle piped edge too, also has a neat hood at the back that doesn’t interfere with long hair-do’s.

coldLogic grohl coat, Knight leggings, Fri.day boots, D!VA hair NEW!

I’ve been lounging about a lot in the new coldLogic leggings called “knight”, super easy to wear and go with SO much. Its kinda hard to resist them to be honest. These are the chocolate colour other shades are available in store or on the market place. Thanks coldLogic team ❤ My boots were a fantastic Fifty Linden Friday offer from fri.day, if you’re not signed up to the FLF group do it so you don’t miss out on the deals (its in my profile if you want an easy way to join) The laces, metal bits and socks are all colour change, you can get them at full price in the store. My newwwww hair is from D!VA at this round of collabor88, and I adore it. I’ve bypassed the last coupla styles they had at collabor88 as they seemed a bit samey to previous ones. However this one is to.die.for !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog




Sunday Swim

Keresma - High waist Retro swimsuit 95L - D!va hair collabor88 - )[MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_Fashionista(white)

I popped over to The Fashion Collective this morning and snapped myself up a big pack of swimsuits! They are by new-to-me Keresma and for just 95L you get TEN colours via a HUD. Lovely retro styling, highwaist bottom and halter top, fav colour is  red! I’m also wearing my rather fabbo wristwatch from Mandala that I treated myself too at this round of collabor88, plus the D!VA hair, YES I did spend rather a lot in this round !

Keresma - High waist Retro swimsuit 95L TEN colours! kokolores Tousled hair NEW!

Here it is in classic black & white, I’m wearing it with my Slink physique body but I really feel it might fit better without it – I was too lazy to take it off ! I’ll fiddle around with the alpha layers later. Btw my hair is from KoKoLoReS and is called “Tousled”, lovely shoulder skimming style in a multitude of colours – currently available at The Theme Park event.

The Fashion Collective

The Theme Park


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Hunting Pumpkins and a spooky free home !

Paradisis Hunt Gift !

Paradisis and friends on the same sim are having a pumpkin hunt – some great gifts to be scored ! I’m showing the selection of gifts to be found at Paradisis that make up this superb halloween outfit. You get the sweetest little mesh dress, that comes in bloody and clean versions, stockings, boots and a cute bow for the front of the bodice. My hair is a free group gift from D!VA , free to join the group also…while youre there at D!VA …

D!VA FREE Halloween hair - wings optional

why not grab up this Halloween hair do too ! You can wear it with or without the wings, sooper pretty….oh and btw…

Paradisis Hunt Gift - RC-Cluster bat on a string (black,brown & grey bats included) D!va free hair!

RC CLuster is back on the grid with a small store over at Floorplan yay! This gives me a great excuse to break out some of my toys from there, such as these “bats on a string”, 25L for a pack of three bats to wear on your finger – they boing uppppp and dowwwwwn.

Linus Humphreys the deserted House FREE (also comes with a winter version)

The delectable house I took these photos in and around is actually a freebie…I know right?! By Linus Humphreys and such a great build. As its mod I did lighten it up a little as it comes in a VERY dark, like pitch black colour and it didn’t show too well in the photos. However for Halloween its perfect. Lovely details inside, such as a flickering television, mop & buckets etc, plus the eery sounds of crows circling from above is played. There is a handy sculpted ground cover and the garden is part of the set, complete with trees, wood pile at the rear. Not only that but you do get a winter version included , quite the deal.


Paradisis blog for hunt info

Free deserted house

D!VA hair

RC Cluster

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Horror & Fashion

CIRCA & Pinkcherry NEW!

Yehyehyeh,…who says you can’t do horror and glamour together?! I don’t really get into Halloween, for me it’s not a very English tradition, however I am rather fond of a good cemetary…weird I know but I find them a fantastic source of social history and ever-so peaceful. Sooo here I am, visiting the grave of some long-lost relative. The open grave scene is by CIRCA, and blimey its pretty damm good. With its sleek raven perched on the spade, slightly open coffin and brill headstone, it’s a winner for setting an atmosphere. This can be found, along with other spooktastic items at the Horrorfest Event that runs until the Nov 8th. If you peek really really closely, you might see my new outfit from PinkCherry…

PinkCherry pencil skirt dress - pesca shawl - FREE D!va hat with fur pompoms

If like me your eyes aren’t that good here it is ! Simply divine, the pencil dress, split up the thigh with a saucy leopard print insert, I love it heaps. My shawl is from pesca, I don’t recall what event I snapped it up at but it is available in the mainstore now, comes in a few pretty tones and at just 85L its a steal. My hat is a group gift at D!va, still there, group join is free also. Its got sooo many options for colour and furry bits your head will spin !

PinkCherry knitted cardigan & boot cut pants outfit NEW!

Another new release from PinkCherry is this knitted cardigan set, gawd I lurve this, it’s SO moi. Beautifully styled cardi / jacket sits on top of a bootleg cut pair of pants. The buckle on the jacket is especially lovely, as is the texture on the pants. (This and the pencil dress) does come in other colours, go see go see !

Pinkcherry knitted cardigan outfit

Here is a long shot so you can see the trousers a little more, love the shape of hem, and it sits so easily over boots yay!

Circa @ Horror Fest





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Its all Red


Ive got some great news ! Lilly Juno the designer at Immerse (formerly known as Prism) is now making mesh clothing…andddd its on sale ….andddd its rather deeeeliciousss..I wanted to share this beautiful long dress with you today, there is more on offer at the store though. The creasing and texture is really superb, all hand worked by Lilly herself. Having often had time to chat to Lilly, Ive come to know that shes a perfectionist…maybe even a little (and she will slap me for this !) OCD !!Howver that just means that we will find her clothing range as perfectly executed as her decor…which is also brilliant.


Had to show you the back of this dress,O.o very risque and feminine…exposing the curve of your spine, definately a man pleaser…the dress comes in a whole range of colours…pop over and take a peek at the whole collection so far, thanks Lillykins ❤

WoW Skins Michela NEW ! D!va hair

My newwww darling skin is a release from the WoW Skins store…never known such a prolific desinger ! This ones called Michela…and has many many makeups and options…of course its also has the Lola Tango applier yay! Such a reasonable price too, at 400 per tone or 2000L for a stonking big fat pack…demos available. My hair is the latest from D!va at collabor88, just 188L per hair colour..two versions to wear, you get both hurrah! The flowers can be worn or not, plus they are texture change…I ❤


WoW Skins


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Hope for Sandy…shes such a D!va !

ArisAris NEW - Sandy dress & shoes WoW Skins Hope mid tone (lola tango applier included) D!va_001

OH la la lotsa goodies to share with you today…Ive got a spring fresh new release from ArisAris…50’s style dress called Sandy, which also comes complete with some sooper pretty matching peep – toe shoes ..the HUD for the shoes is SO easy to use, I got a great match in about three seconds, you also have pedicure colours galore. I especially liked the leather belt with the dress…check out the texture..gorgeous !

ArisAris Sandy-  WoW Skins Hope mid tone - D!va Asami hair

I’m wearing a skin from WoW…its called Hope (and  has a Lola Tango applier in the box ) I sooooooo love this look…there is a shape for it but I’m wearing my own as I’m not a big big fan of pouty mouth shapes ! The lip colour really coordinated with the pinky red of the dress…there is a gloss in the skin box too which gives you added kiss appeal….beautiful eyes and a lovely bloom to the cheeks….a real keeper for me. (I’m showing it in the mid tone btw) My hair is a new release from D!VA…and its dead clever…its really three styles in one…available at Collabor88 currently for 188L..you can wear the bun on or off..plus you get a mesh pony tail to add more swishhhhhhh!


WoW Skins



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Hello Angela

Milo’s dainty little hands must be smoking hot…causes she has been creating up a storm lately ! Heres another new mesh release from Bubblez…called Angela ..fresh new frock…white background printed over with black spots…and layers and layers of ruffly goodness all over…I also treated myself to some new hair at collabor88 , it’s from D!VA and is called Manon…fantasssstic that you can wear the head band (or not) change the band colour, jewel colour etc…only 188L…ohhh almost forgot…Im also wearing the August group gift from Filthy..such a beauty it is , but sadly has no name…poooor little skin ~le-sigh~…..small group join fee applies..but really…try and afford it…each month there is a fahhhbulous gift…totally worth it..