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All in one Freebie

D!va has been pretty quiet of late but I spotted them at an event a few weeks back, bought the new style and earmarked them to scope out later. So chuffed I remembered and popped over there – new store, new layout and new gifts ! As you enter the store there is a large pillar behind the desk with a free group gift, peek around to the other side and you will find a few more. This is the 50,000 group members gift (free to join) and you get a beautiful gown and a hair-do . The gown is tremendously beautiful, I am not a gown wearer but if I was ! No mesh body sizes , but the medium suited my Maitreya body perfectly – there is a pouffey fluffy layer which I forgot to wear also – oops!

The hair that comes along for the ride is amazing – both items are named “iris”. Four ways to wear it and a fat pack of colours to boot. An absolute keeper for me – thanks D!va ❤


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Collabor88 – what did I buy? (and FREE stuff)

Managed to squeeze myself into collabor88 for a gander and decided to by the new D!va hair – purely because I just haven’t fancied any of their new releases lately and this one looked quite sweet. Very layered scruffy style that I adore – and only $188L per colour pack. My chair is the freebie, by DH and is totally gorgeous ! Just “add” it straight away et voila you are sat in style – perfect for relaxing anywhere !


Collabor88 cam sim

Free chair

Clothing by Neve available at Fameshed

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Be a sweet D!va for FREE.

I’m on a roll in SL just binning stuff which is how I ended up at D!va getting more stuff lol.

I found my “D!va” folder which was packed with very old Group Gifts and paid for hair so once I’d made the really hard decision that even though they were as good today as the day I got them if I haven’t worn them in years they need to go and go they did.

So to make myself feel better I TPed to D!va and the group is still Free to join and this hair is, at least to me, a new group gift.  Just lovely, you get a big fat pack of colour huds and although you cannot change the shade of the flower you can take it off but I think it’s a lovely finishing touch and that cream/off-white shade is a good match for a lot of outfits.

This is on the wall above the reception desk but if you look on the other side there are 2 of the older Group Gifts which I just happened to have binned.  The “Bambi” was the one that hurt the most but again I had to accept I wouldn’t really wear it so the fact that these are old should not put you off as quality lasts.


So I logged back inworld and I had left my AV at D!va’s and as I’m looking at the picture they have used of this hair I realised I’d missed something.  So it turns out you CAN change the colour of the flower AND you can wear this hair with that ponytail or remove it and have a loose bun in its place and so nice has gotten even nicer.


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Lil bit of a catch up! (Free things too)


Hiya! I’m back from my holiday and ready to roll right into something you might miss out on. Winter Trend finishes on the 23rd December so you will have to dash to get the new goodies from Neve. I’m wearing the deedee leggings that come in a vast array of colours and patterns along with the pep top.Love that you can remove the scarf and of course each pack is in four colours so you can fiddle about with your look. For more photos and info check out the blog listed below.


I haven’t had a chance to show these boots off yet, I had them from Player for my birthday and they are just gorjuss! By KC Couture and come with a Hud containing 36 colours – that you can choose for each part of the boots! Brilliant value at $149L.


Last up for today, a lovely Christmas gift from Neve , it’s a real beauty. Just join the VIP group (its free) and touch the photo et voila this pretty little frock and cardigan is all yours. You also get a nifty Hud with more colours and combos! Thanks Neve ❤ Ohhhh and yes, I had to rush over and grab the D!va hair that Zan showed the other day, it’s a freebie and so versatile. I fiddled about with it and removed the front strands, but later noticed you can also wear it as an “up do” too – brilliant! My chunky winter tights are by Sweet Tea, I love their woolly tights – in my opinion best tight maker ever !

Neve Store

Neve Blog

Winter Trend


Sweet tea

KC Couture

Fashiowl pose/prop “my deer”

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Be a D!va(Freebies).

There is one thing I’ve always said is that you have to pay good Lindens for good hair BUT occasionally a shop will have a Freebie out which takes your breath away and here it is.


I have quite a few D!va hair, lots of them are old GG’s,  and a lot of them were bought from Collab88 so bought at a super bargain price.  I wore a D!va hair in my last post and it reminded me that I should get over there to check out the main shop and lo and behold there is a new FREEBIE and it’s superb.

Called Iris, it even comes with a colour hud plus the option to wear the hair band and flowers both of which I took off but only  because they didn’t match this dress.


This dress oddly enough comes in the same gift box as the hair and D!va isn’t known for clothes so it’s a nice thought that they have added it to their group members gift.  The shoes I’m wearing are a pair I picked up for free from the ON9 event, check out a couple of posts ago.  I’m still unpacking all the gifts from that event and I know that I had some pieces of jewelry which will be a good match for this dress as well so make sure to check that event out.

The group gifts are at the top of the first staircase but continue up to the next floor as there should be a few gifts out there as well.


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Shiny Shabby

Scarlet Creative Shabby Chic_002

Shiny Shabby has flung open its doors and boy-oh-boy there is SO much to see ! Scarlet Creative has obviously had the old creative juices flowing and this darling bed is up for grabs at just 99L for a single or the fat pack of floral designs only 249L . It’s so quaint and vintage, one bed leg is replaced with a helter skelter pole of empty pots, another an old wooden box. Theres rumpled sheets and a gorgeous tree bough hanging over it. There are ten single poses and three for couples.

D!VA Nene hair NEW alaskametro Body suit for SLink Physique 25L  YS & YS 21Shoe

Naturally I snapped up the new hair by D!VA called Nene, it’s a frothy concoction with an optional headband and flowers side and top. Sooper girly and sweet. Big shout out to YS & YS , I blogged these shoes yesterday but I’m gonna do them again – its 21 Shoe today for twenty-four hours only ! Called Monaco – you get two colours for the price of one ! The other colour is a very classy suede ivory btw. Also my bodysuit , its by alaskametro – at 25L it’s ever so affordabubble, you get traditional layers but I’m wearing via the HUD for my Slink Physique body which is also included. (Omega and TMP appliers are in the box too)

alaskametro body suit

Shiny Shabby


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Yonks! (Freebies n Cheapies).

It’s been “yonks” since I last visited the D!va mainshop but when another blogger, Kiylee mentioned that they had a new Free hair out I was there in a heartbeat.  WOW check out “Bambi”.


Adorable, cute and different.  Those little hair horns are so Kawaii and yet wearable for even the “un Kawaii” lol. This hair comes with 2 versions the “horns” up or to the side and you will see that in other pictures.  The icing on the cake, apart from it being a free to join group, is that you get a whole fat pack of the colours.  I’ve not had  a chance to even count them but from my first glance it looks like you have every shade from black to blonde.  You will have to join the group but again thats FREE.  You will find this GG in the centre of the shopping area, easy to find because of the crowds of people who like us have TPed into grab the goodies.

But linger at D!va because there is a SALE going on.  At 125Lds a pack it looks like it’s a pretty generous sale so you might find something to treat yourself to.


Just love this dress, the colour, style, fit etc and not forgetting the back.


A brill freebie from Wertina.  There is also a pair of earings anyone can pick up but to get this dress you will have to join the Free group.

As I wandered around the Wertina shop I came across the discounted section, on one of the mezzanine level.  Everything seems to be priced at 10Lds or at least the 3 items I picked up.


I am not a great slogan top fan but I can’t agree more with the sentiments on this top.  Again a great fit etc and only 10Lds.  More choices available for this top.


Check out the “side horns” on my D!va hair. This shirt is also a discounted item, a simple white shirt with a bit of detailing and the lovely scrunched up look at the waist which give your clothes that realistic touch and again 10Lds, more colours available but only the coloured stripes.

Actually when I went back to LM grab and ended up buying more stuff from the discount section, a spotty skirt and a very pretty summery dress.  I also had a wander around the Wertina shop and drooled a bit.  Not cheap but not overpriced for some new designs and great texturing, even a hardened Freebie hunter like me was tempted but then I quickly TPed out.