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Fly with me.(Subscribers Gift & Mention of Freebies).

Subscribers gifts which just turn up out of the blue act as a great reminder to visit the shop which has sent it out and that is why I hopped onto the broomstick which was sent to me from the Dutchie shop and flew over to check it out.

The LM should take you to the shop and there is such a nice variety of styles of decor, on the back wall are the sort of small decor items which really finish a home off such as kitchen ware.

The larger builds such as houses and the “Adult” shop are spread over the sim. I fell back in love with the houseboat, if you’ve not seen that then you’re in for a treat.

As for the “freebies” in the entrance there isn’t anything new but if you need a pile of cash, some condoms and a bin bag then this is the place. There are other gifts as well as something that if you don’t use or know about then it’s an SL game changer.

As we all know we all start our SL lives off with the camera angle hovering above us looking down at a very unnatural angle. You can adjust that with your camera hud but I alway find that I have to keep on resetting it etc so I use a very basic and simple camera hud which lowers the angle to a much more natural way. In fact when I log back in I might just test the free Dutchie one and then show you the difference.


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Home & Garden Expo – Dutchie !

HGE Dutchie writers desk NEW

Dutchie is at The Home & Garden Expo – and I’ve got something a bit special to show you from their new stuffage that’s for sale there. This is the writing desk and it’s really neat and versatile. Coming in at only 8 prims for the whole thing, materials ready and 100% mesh – yum. The nifty thing is not only can you choose from two different colours in the menu, its got heaps of rezzing props for the desk itself andddd that add to you. Its asks permission to attach objects (sometimes hidden under the menu so make sure you look!) In many of the poses you’re either wearing a pen, a glass of wine and even a scrunched up ball of paper that you throw away. Its comes in PG and adult versions, The pg version has 19 solo animations plus one sequence which is totally cool !

HGE Dutchie writers desk

If you’ve got a modern home and want a bit more of  a high-tech style, this little gem has it, you can go from pen & paper to desk top computer in a flash. I’ve placed this in our “holiday home” that has views of Paris from the apartment windows – it looks absolutely perfect. Thanks Froukje ❤

Dutchie @ The Home & Garden Expo

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Dutchie Subscribo gift - wringer FREE!

Absolutely beautiful subscribo gift from Dutchie today, the vintage wringer. Its mesh so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see it correctly, it’s also made utilising the new “materials” type thing..which Im told gives added realism to objects. But not to worry, if you don’t have the graphics card that will run advanced settings, this little item still looks fahhhbulous in the usual viewers ! Li only 7 !


NB: It seems you could only get a copy of this subscribo gift if you were already subscribed…better join up now so you dont miss anything else !

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Youre so vain

Dutchie Vanity- mesh 12LI

Player bought me thee most fantastical V Day gift this year…it’s a mesh vanity unit from Dutchie. Gawd I love it…not only is it amazing to look at..all baked shadows and rich wood..but its also low prim. At just SIX prims its a real must have for anyone who loves to sit and pamper themselves. The top has a scattering of bottles and lotions and cosmetics …and there are eleven single animations for things such a drying your hair, putting on makeup,painting your toenails etc..PLUS..heaps of wearable goodies to go with the poses…as you select each pose you are automatically given the wearable item…topnotch ! Available on the market place (with lots of photos to see) and also in the mainstore.

Dutchie mainstore

Dutchie Vanity on the market place

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Glamour Puss

Shhhhh, don’t tell on me…but I sneaked  into Zan’s brand spanking new home to take these photos…its really luxurious and gorgeous..and I knew this new frock from CandyMetal would be wonderful to drift about inside it…was I right?! After Id snooped through her undies draw…checked out her fridge…I got down to business and slipped one of the new range of these draped mesh gowns on…gawd…I felt so posh…beautiful styling…stunning draped back…they come in plain satin also..but but but I just loved how the sequined variety looked..the shimmery top almost melting into the lower half…divine!

The front is a classic look…I couldnt decide wether to add some long loose pearls or not…I felt the elegance of the gown was enough..especially in the sequined version….these come in a whole heap of different colours…I especially liked the red also..thanks Emychan ❤


Decor items : POST

Haigue Home by Dutchie

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Sheer unadulterated…luxury

For some time now, I’ve been craving a really really pretty robe. Something to slip into between blogs…something that still says “glamour” yet isn’t overly revealing…and that something arrived today ! Dutchie sent out a group notice to let us know that they had this new robe out. Its satiny silky but not the high sheen sort…and something that usually strikes fear into my heart “all prims” …I hopped ,skipped & jumped right over to check it out. I chose the *salmon* colour, it’s very very subtle shading, I put all the pieces on and was stunned that instantly it fitted…no messing around…no prim fiddling… went on…and that was it ! The secret is…”choice” and dammed good creating. In the box were options…resize scripts, or not..pieces for those with larger or small bust sizes…and hurrrah an alpha for the derriere …so no poking out places where you shouldnt be poking out from…

I’ve never owned a piece of clothing that comes with its very own AO before…I wasnt at all sure about it because I love my own AO..but its sooper awesome ! It has a good walk and the poses are seamless and smooth…ensuring that your robe looks perfect all the made taking the photos for this blog simple dimple…and I liked the AO so much I might just use it in place of my own….if you want to own a piece of old hollywood glamour go get it at Dutchie…oh and…*faints* check out her beds…I fell in love with the old antique French style one…its a large store, the gowns are on your right as you enter…but go scope the rest of the many things to lust after !

Go get glammed up: Dutchie

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Go Dutch

I had a little gift plop into my inventory today from Dutchie…its an artists easel,stool, and a table with little pots of brushes & tube of paint…lovely animation and a brush to wear..seriously one of my favourite summer gifts…join the subscribo and pop over to make it yours.the usual to buy price is actually over 500L  this is a sooper generous pressie…have a wander while you’re there,it’s a vast place and there’s oooodles of pretties to see..thank you Dutchie!

Go get arty: Dutchie