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Oh I’m on some sort of roll …can’t sleep and I keep finding some amaaaazing buys ! Headed over to N-Core and saw that they have a newww group gift out (well new to moi) Some awesomesauce boots ina  yummmi fudge brown tone..as always with n-core no worries about fit etc..easy to use HUD…this is how they went on my trotters straight outta the box yay! No group join fee either which is way cool and much appreciated..

The new hair-do I’m sporting is from Dura..its a celebration gift and comes in a few shades , looks equally good on guys ! Actually, there is another hair style out right next to this one, it’s for the boys but will work for us chicks…head on over and take a peek, I saw some realllllly lovely new do’s out also ! The bench Im lounging about on I won on a lucky board at MMG, it’s an amazing store, Zan intro’d me to it when she was looking for a new home to buy (and she DID, and its stunning, and I hate herrrr !) anyyyywayy..the place is chocka-block with low prim goodies for your home & garden. I bought some adorb drapes for the nursery while I was there also…its a place Im gonna haunt from now on…seriously lowww prices too!

celebration hair: Dura

Eclipse boots: N-core

bench seat: MMG

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Make Him Over

As you might have guessed, I’ve been out and about, trying to do the Make Him Over hunt that started last week. I haven’t been able to get all the way through it yet but I have found a few goodies to show you here.

The first picture is a mix of a few gifts. The hair is from Shag and is called Black Jack. A wicked little wavy kinda mohawk that you get in two colours: powder and shadow. There is a colour changeable streak that runs through this ‘do and there is a huge amount of tints to choose from. The Stomp glasses are from Kumaki Glasses Style and have a large amount of fabulous options in the menu and there is also a Nylon Belt Watch included in this gift! The shirt is from Sartoria and as you’d expect from them, it is just too cool. Great design, it comes on multiple layers and has well-fitting sleeves and body prim. The jeans are Poison’s entry into the hunt and are fabulous. The Dos70 jeans come in two different waist heights: one normal and one lower plus some sweet looking sculpted cuffs, the texture is gorgeously done and has some wonderful creases around the waist and backs of the knees. You can find all these brilliant gifts by following the links below:

Hair: Shag
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style
Shirt: Sartoria
Jeans: Poison

Next is the hunt prize from Hermony. You get two for one with this gift as it contains both the Oversized Beanie as well as the NRD Tanktop. I was super pleased to get another one of these beanies as I like them a lot, with there being two copies for different attachment points you can wear this with a hair of your own or you can use the tattoo layer hairbase that comes with it like I have. The tanktop has a great look, I love the neon greeny colour of the image against the black of the tank itself. This also comes with a sculpted body part to give it that extra bit of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: Hermony

A couple of more gifts to finish off for today and it seems I found another hairstyle, this time from **Dura**. This is quite a different style to what I’m used to and, to be honest, it took a few minutes for me to get my head around it(it also helped that I finally got it sized right too!) but once I had, thenI started to like it. The MHO Limited Hair comes in a script resizer version and one with no such script. The Bicolor tee is from Acid & Mala Creations and is superbly casual (great for wearing with those jeans I mentioned earlier). It comes on all different layers and features lovely looking sculpted sleeves and the bottom of the shirt.

You can find these two gifts here:
Hair: **Dura**
Shirt: Acid & Mala Creations

I would say that all of these items I’ve shown here are definite must-gets and that’s barely scratching the surface of the massive hunt (there is something like 160 stores to go through!). For a full list of the stores and their links, you can take a look here: http://makehimover2.blogspot.com/p/mhoh6.html

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Knickerbocker Glory

Once in a while…when you can’t sleep…and its like 4am…and you decide it’s a mighty fine idea to flick through your landmark folder and revisit some stores…you come up with treasure . I sloped over to Hal*Hina in the wee small hours and found they had a new group gift, it’s just magical and pretty. Soft blue tank top with a flared hemline,edged in lace and the most scrumptious old floral leggings to wear with it, they have a deep lacy cuff complete with teeny little bows. Then I decided to cave in and go and collect the much blogged group gift hair from Dura…its a bit special, curly and tangled style…comes in this delicious blonde and also black…(flip-flops are an old Indie Rose hunt gift)

Go get treasure: Hal*Hina          Dura

Photo taken on location here : Deep House cafe  (its such a pretty place go and explore it!)


A Hunt by Any Other Name

Well… no. Sorry to mislead you. It’s still called the Make Him Over hunt just with new organisers but it’s still as sweet. If you remember a while ago I mentioned that the original group had disbanded but fortunately for us there were people who didn’t want to see the concept die out so we were given new groups and one of them has organised this hunt which started on the 20th of November and will continue until the 20th of December, giving you plenty of time to seek out the 83 stores involved and pick up some wicked gear.

Speaking of the gifts, I’ve collected just a few so far and here they are:

**Dura** have two hairstyles included in their MHOH 5 gift and they are very different from each other. The one I’m showing here is called ‘Emo’ and while green hair isn’t my thing, I can definitely say that this is a very well created hairstyle that lives up to its name tag: it’s very emo. The second style included is a hat/hair combination, curly blonde hair under a black bowler type hat (I’ve probably gotten the name of the hat wrong, sorry). Very stylish.

MHOH 5 #5 **Dura**

The second gift I picked up was these Basher Rings from [Bait]. They come in a version for each hand so you can be really dangerous and wear them both at the same time or be like me and wear one, either way they look rough and ready and the skull with the red stone eyes looks suitably menacing. Took me a little fiddling to get them to fit on my fat fingers but the end result was definite worth it.

MHOH 5 #10 [Bait]

For my next two stops, I’ve combined the gifts from Poison and Somapop here. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll have Faith’s posts on Poison before and you’ll also know how awesome their gear is, I made Poison my first stop for this hunt because I was so happy they were in it and I haven’t been let down. Poison is giving away their Tres60 Jeans which are dark grey, ripped, worn and wonderful jeans. They come with perfect fitting prim cuffs and include two versions: a normal and an extra-low waisted pair. Somapop have stuffed their gift box with two very different tops. The one I’m wearing is the White Skull Yo! shirt, I love the skull design and the prim sleeves are absolutely brilliant. The other shirt included is a black pullover with a white shirt beneath, very different from the skull shirt but still very cool.

MHOH 5 #47 Poison
MHOH 5 #68 Somapop 

Next on the menu for today is the ‘Camo Stud’ outfit from Thalia’s Fashion. It’s a wicked simplistic outfit featuring a black combat shirt which comes in a long-sleeved and short-sleeved version and urban camo cargo pants. Both shirts come on all shirt layers and the pants come on the pants and underwear layers, definitely an outfit worth getting for its versatility and the ability to mix and match it with other clothes. The fact that it’s well made doesn’t hurt either.

MHOH 5 #60 Thalia’s Fashion

Last but not least for today comes a gift from another store we’ve featured before on this blog: Schwarz. Gelsi has put together this gem of an outfit that includes a white dress shirt and black leather pants. The white on this shirt is very crisp and stands out so well from the leather pants, I love the contrast. The shirt also has a nice little black and white pattern running along the inside of the collar and the buttons  and includes prim cuffs and a collar that will fit with no trouble. Same goes for the cuffs on the black leather pants which are shiny and have that lovely smooth leather look to them.

MHOH 5 #72 Schwarz

So there you have it fellas. A few selections for you and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this cool hunt really. Of course, I won’t be stopping with just these items and neither should you. For those who like  starting hunts from the very beginning, the first store on the list is here:
MHOH 5 #1 Pocket Mirrors


A Sacred Change

It’s been a while since I’ve worn both a new hair and new skin at the same time and I had completely forgotten what a huge difference it makes to your look. But as they say: a change is as good as a holiday so I went out and took some pictures of a couple of group gifts for you guys.

The first one obviously is the skin and it’s the group gift from *Sacred*. It’s a version of Wavie Haller’s brand new skin called ‘Robert’ and it was supposed to be included in the normal pack but fortunately for us, he decided to use this one as a group gift instead. I really like *Sacred* skins so obviously I was very happy to go and grab this one up, and even though I found it was very different to Ethan, the one I normally wear, I still thought it was a wicked looking skin. It’s quite a light shade but I don’t tan that well anyway. The details on the body and face are wonderful, not over muscular but still very nicely defined. A nice moustache for Movember as well. Also included are some viewer 2 layers for eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and lip shadows. It’s only L$50 to join the group – absolutely worth it.

The second group gift is hair from **Dura**. I’d never been to this store before but from what I’ve seen so far, I like it. There are three different group gifts you can pick up from the store once you’ve joined and all are very cool looking styles. The one I’m wearing today is simply called ‘group gift’ and it comes in both brown and platinum.

So hopefully you’ve got room to join these two groups (make some if you don’t!) then run on down to the stores and check them out. *Sacred* have a very cool line of skins and shapes available and **Dura** have a lot of different styles of hair to choose from for both guys and girls. Both stores sell their gear at great affordable prices considering the quality. Take the trip today and make a change.

Get the gear here:
Skin  – *Sacred* Group Gift – Robert (To join the group just check out Wavie Haller’s profile and click the -Sacred Skins- group and join, I couldn’t find a group joiner in the store itself)
Hair – **Dura** Group Gift (You’ll find the group joiner right near the entrance where the group gifts are)