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Going out with a Bang

Free vest & sweater combo - Free Boots - Le poppycock pose NEW! - Free hair !

I’ve been doing a little last-minute gift shopping in world today, and headed over to Gabriel for uhmm – well shhhhh – but something for Player. Anyywayyy I noticed a veritable haul of group gifts. Seriously heapssss! The group is free to join , and there is a board right at the entrance . I stuffed quite a few gifties into my bag, the vest & sweater combo above is divine no? Even comes with a pocket teddy with a Santa option aww! Honestly I’m not trolling Zan – It feels like I’m stalking her at the moment – I had this Dura gift hair and she pipped me to the post dammit *shakes fist* . Such a lovely style with a braid that goes over and flicky uppy fringe.

Free Boots

Another Gabriel gift is these boots, rather nice and come with a pair of heart splattered leggings (in mesh). Look carefully around the entrance – there are two areas full of gifts, from clothing, bags and jewellery – some for the guys too ! (I’ve been buying Player clothes from here for years – really really REALLY great gear)



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Dream the dream live the reality. (Freebie)


Normally when I do a skin I don’t fiddle with Windlight or any other setting but sod that because tomorrow this will be MEEEE, ok a bit more plumper, darker hair and the bikini is a definite no no, but my aim is to spend the weekend on a beautiful beach with a good friend, my kindle, ice creams and lovely fish and chips for tea. I am a simple girl at heart.


However this is probably the reality, rain cold and constant popping out to the shops to grab snacks to while away the time.  I’ll let you know which turned out to be the reality on Monday when I return.

So the skin I am wearing is a FREEBIE from Mire and I have to be honest and say not only do I know little about this shop but what I do know is the skin not only comes with cleavage/no cleavage layer but also /SLink & hands/Phat Azz/Lolas/Womeh Appliers and a shape.  I know I’m not showing the skin off as it really is but it certainly costs nothing so pop over and check it out for yourself.

The hair is also a Free to join group gift from Dura.  There are now almost only 2 shops where I get hair from now one is Mina’s and the other is Dura.  Time is short so in brief this is a unisexed hair, comes with a whole load of colour and is resizable.   Doesn’t get much better really.

Ok off to pop another few items into the washing machine so a really short post off me (lucky you lot lol).

PS if the LM doesn’t take you direct to the shop when you rezz turn left and keep on walking to almost the end.



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What timing, I was just about to pop back to another of my Fav shops in SL and check out their new stuff, with fingers crossed, when a note is sent out with my favourite word “SALE” going on at Paradisis.   TBH since I already own a whole wardrobe if their clothes already there wasn’t much that I didn’t already own but of course everyone can squeeze a new set of undies into their invent especially when the prices have been slashed.


First temptation is this sweet/sexy bra and panties set called Ma cherie.  Comes in all layers and a camisole top option.  Lovely texturing from the creases in the knicker elastic to the laced up front.  So cheap at 40Lds


Lola alert.  This one is called Blossom and not only did the 45Ld price tag make it irresistible but it’s not only all layers and stockings but Lola Tango ready but again looks equally as sweet without Lolas.  For those who don’t like or can’t use mesh then Paradisis is perfect for you because as far as I can tell apart from the shoes do not stock mesh clothes and trust me as a Mesh Head myself their clothes do not lack for that because they have managed to make sculpted attachments for their clothes that are so smooth and well blended in you wouldn’t believe they were sculpties.  Lots of lovely undies and some subtle naughty clothes.  Apart from the great sale going on they still have shelves out packed with cute little shabby chic bags with free goodies in them for you to grab.

Hair Dura

Close up of the hair I’m wearing in the second photo because it’s a Group Gift (free to join) AND in celebration of Dura’s 3rd year in SL.   know I go on about all my “Fav” shops but yes just like RL in SL there are shops you know you will always find great stuff and Dura is one of them.  A hair shop packed with mens, women and a whole lot of unisexed hairs.  Very unique and individual styling.  Even though I grabbed the freebie I still bought 2 other hairs as I just can’t resist and if you look closely the hair in the first photo is also one of theirs.  I wear Dura hair so often it appears in a lot of my photos.  Affordable at between 100-130lds but that is for a single colour fat packs are available.  Nice to see that this group gift hair actually comes with quite a lot of colour choices, a total of 14 from  Irish Cream to Platinum) as well so it give you a chance to try them out at your leisure



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Guy Fawkes !

 Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder
treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason

    Should ever be forgot!
    Guy Fawkes and his companions
the scheme contrive,
    To blow the King and Parliament
    All up

Yes hooohahhhh, its bonfire night here in England…Guy Fawkes and his chaps tried to blow up the houses of parliament…and epically failed…we get to celebrate this occasion each November the fifth. Fireworks…huge fires..and tasty hot treats to wolf down as we make merry…(actually I did mine last night heyho) I wish Id had a sweater & scarf like the ones I’m showing above..its was soooper cold…this is CandyMetal’s November group gift…theres also a pair of shorts in the box…and a non mesh version of the scarf….My hair is also a gift…stonking generous fat pack of hair tones from Dura..not sure how long this will last, so better dash !

More news….boots ! Lots of pretties , jewell colours and a classic black & brown pair. Something for everyone I guess…..lovely fit and mesh, so you get choices of size  (small/medium was good for me and I’m pretty standard) Totally love love LOVE the brown…yes I have finally got over my black & white fetish *winks*…head down and grab up your gift and check those new releases out ! Thanks Emychan ❤



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Touselled Elegance

Still looking for “that updo” I so want but until then look at this, how lovely is this hair.  It’s so reminiscent of Bette Davis or Elizabeth Taylor and for the first time in a long time a man IMed me and complimented me on my whole look (and no he wasn’t propositioning me).  Dura is a name new to me but seems to be well-known by others who know their hairs and I wish I had known about it a long time ago.  Dura doesn’t seem to name their wigs but give them numbers instead so this particular one is Dura-Girl 31 and cost 360Lds for a Dark Brown fat pack which added up to a total of 7 shades of brown from light ash to Black and resizeable.  Inworld you can also buy a certain amount of single wigs for 120Lds but  inworld or Marketplace you can grab all the demos you want for free.
And Boys get yourself over there because they give equal wallspace to some great male and unisexed wigs that have a touch of uniqueness to them.

Dura Inworld

Dura Marketplace

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Oh I’m on some sort of roll …can’t sleep and I keep finding some amaaaazing buys ! Headed over to N-Core and saw that they have a newww group gift out (well new to moi) Some awesomesauce boots ina  yummmi fudge brown always with n-core no worries about fit etc..easy to use HUD…this is how they went on my trotters straight outta the box yay! No group join fee either which is way cool and much appreciated..

The new hair-do I’m sporting is from Dura..its a celebration gift and comes in a few shades , looks equally good on guys ! Actually, there is another hair style out right next to this one, it’s for the boys but will work for us chicks…head on over and take a peek, I saw some realllllly lovely new do’s out also ! The bench Im lounging about on I won on a lucky board at MMG, it’s an amazing store, Zan intro’d me to it when she was looking for a new home to buy (and she DID, and its stunning, and I hate herrrr !) anyyyywayy..the place is chocka-block with low prim goodies for your home & garden. I bought some adorb drapes for the nursery while I was there also…its a place Im gonna haunt from now on…seriously lowww prices too!

celebration hair: Dura

Eclipse boots: N-core

bench seat: MMG