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Unsublte.(10Ld Marketplace)

I will admit that I have for once deliberately cut out some of the shoes in this picture.

I got this outfit from the MP, yes I MP whilst I slurped my morning coffee and listening to the news, and found what I’m hoping are some decent items for even decenter(sic) prices and I will admit that this 10Ld offer hasn’t disappointed.

Obviously, you will recognise the style of pants, a pretty common template in SL but it’s a great style and the colouring and shading are excellent. The top is ok and I hate the shoes lol but then you will know by now I am not a fan of those stacked style shoes.  So they’re already binned because before I logged out I put on a plain cropped sweater and changed the shoes into flat sneakers/trainers and for just 10Ld I’ve changed it to something that is much more my style even if it’s pink.

PS. Only available in the MP and fingers crossed the rest of my MP purchases turn out to be as nice.



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Coco for breakfast.(Freebie(s)).

An easy start to a Monday morning but I have to confess that by just using 1 picture I’m also being lazy because there is more to this new outfit from Coco Design.

The pant legs are nice n baggy, cropped at the ankles, the back is open and strappy and you see none of this in my picture because the doorbell went, an email I’ve been waiting for finally turned up, my cats were going crazy and I needed my porridge.  So basically once I’d taken this picture I logged off and sorted my RL out.

We all should by now know Coco Designs pretty darn well as they have a wall of GG’s set out and of course a lot of them are oldies, yet still, goodies so if you’ve not got em time to get em and of course now this new one.  I have to say that there is a bright red dress on the wall and I simply cannot remember if I’ve blogged it or not as I can’t work out if that’s also a new one but if you need a nice new party dress it’s pretty perfect.

PS The clogs which are a Coco Gift will go with this outfit perfectly.

Coco Designs

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Be sociable (freebies).

This is a sneaky freebie because in fact it’s the  demo for the Bella knotted tank to but So.Vintage hasn’t emblazoned it with the word demo(yet) and so basically this is a really neat knotted t shirt which is just plain great quality. I mean just look at the swirling around the knot.  Of course if you want any other colour than this off white then you will have to pay for it but this is a definite keeper for my invent. BUT the demo is the label hanging from the nude version of this shirt not the white one on the rack so be aware of that.

Make sure  to join her free group because she gives out weekly Group Gifts.  I managed to grab last weeks GG which was an excellent mesh dress but it’s now changed to this sweet lacy skirt and there is still a pair of boots waiting in the group notices, not tried them on yet.  So if you want the top and skirt and weekly great gifts then no hanging around TP now!


And now for something completely different.


Normally this sort of shortie Chinese tunic dress is the last thing I would buy not matter how good the texturing but check out this……


…Ta Daa, I Did not expect something so naughty from this shop but of course like me you could team it up with a pair of panties, not included, or of course be totally outrageous and shocking especially since you don’t expect this dress to be so open. At 125 Lds a bargain and although there is a choice of colours I loved the blue even though blue is one of my least fav colours but it’s so crisp and pretty and then naughty.  Lots of demos set out so pop over, join the group and grab all the gifts and demos.

A couple of lovely shops set on a skydome, stuffed with shorts, tops, skirts etc and I tried on so many demos and all are such good fits and pretty

Social Vintage

Social Vintage Marketplace

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Delicious Coco.

Thought it was time to go back to a great shop I know, Coco, and Woo Hoo lots of Group Freebies (group is even free to join) and some new ones to me.  However sorry this lovely oversized scrunchy  jumper with a ruffled undershirt is not one of them, someone has just walked past me wearing the red coloured one and now I wish I had bought that one! I usually don’t wear it with the mutton sleeve because that’s not my taste but it looks great with or without this prim.  A bargain 100Lds.  Non mesh and in fact lots of their clothes and shoes and absolutely gorgeous bags are non mesh so available to all.

This is FREE and MESH.  The same pose is deliberate because I realised something that’s rather nice about this lovely simple mesh linen style dress with a shirt collar and that’s when you sit down there isn’t a vast amount of invisibility up your skirt.  Just so simple, plain, sweet, wearable and free so it’s perfect.

Lovely ruffled shoes…FREE!

Rock chick look.  Semi free as well.  These jeans, Loose Style Denim, are so rude! and yet so fun to wear. It’s a shame you can’t get non mesh clothes in demo mode often because you will be able to see how well the prim opened zip and belt look.  Not free but at 100Lds for sheer cheekiness they’re cheap.   The jacket is the freeness and non mesh although you just wouldn’t think so.  I grabbed all the freebies and trust me there is some great quality items on offer ven though I have several outfits from this shop from drapey dresses to flowing linen shirts.  They have stylised but so wearable quality and affordable clothes. So check out the small discount section upstairs then join the Group grab the goodies and then still have Lindens left to do a bit of guilt free shopping.  OH and remember a small and fleding mesh selection but mainly non mesh so good for everyone.

OK popped back and STILL got temped by the most divine pair of strappy heels.  Time to TP out of here I think.

Coco Designs


Tempest strikes again…

Tempest Dungarees Green Freebie

Ahh so I was meant to be working…but…got a notice from the Tempest group (blogged the gorjuss dress from there earlier today-see below)…it said there was a gifty awaiting us in the store..soooo just for you guys (yayaya) I headed over to check it out and awww its dungarees, I have a real fondness for them too..come complete with a bra top to save your blushes, very cool details also..Head over and check the store..its still under construction, but has quite a lot of stuffage around to see yay!

Taxi to go : Tempest