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Toggle it up with Neve

Love toggles on my coats ! The new coat from Neve is at the latest round of Itty Bitty Titty Committee – which opened today. This is called “Toggle” and has a really varied selection of packs to choose from. Chunk knits, plaids, hound’s-tooth etc. You can alter the colour of the sweater peeking out via the hud too. Fits are: Legacy, Legacy Perky, Lara, Lara Petite,

My boots are a free group gift from Hilly Haalan with a Hud of twenty colours ! Group is free to join ❤


Hilly Haalan


Surrender to Pink

coldLogic grohl coat NEW

Ok, I finally couldn’t bear it any longer. I had to slide myself into something pink from coldLogics new collection ! I know I know I’ve been on the pink wagon for hmm…uhm…almost THREE whole days, but but but pink is so me, so pretty – I finally caved in. This is the new “grohl” coat, a traditional style with a colour twist. It makes you feel all safe and warm and cosseted from the November chill. Other scrummy colours available, however I vote pink as the bestest . Lovely thick turn back cuffs and jolly peg style buttons, with a cord to attach. I really liked the subtle piped edge too, also has a neat hood at the back that doesn’t interfere with long hair-do’s.

coldLogic grohl coat, Knight leggings, boots, D!VA hair NEW!

I’ve been lounging about a lot in the new coldLogic leggings called “knight”, super easy to wear and go with SO much. Its kinda hard to resist them to be honest. These are the chocolate colour other shades are available in store or on the market place. Thanks coldLogic team ❤ My boots were a fantastic Fifty Linden Friday offer from, if you’re not signed up to the FLF group do it so you don’t miss out on the deals (its in my profile if you want an easy way to join) The laces, metal bits and socks are all colour change, you can get them at full price in the store. My newwwww hair is from D!VA at this round of collabor88, and I adore it. I’ve bypassed the last coupla styles they had at collabor88 as they seemed a bit samey to previous ones. However this one is to.die.for !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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Red is the colour

NiNight Creations Heart chair

oot oot ! NiNight Creations has a whopping huge sale on all things red , from now until the 15th Feb….youd better haul your tushies down there and snuffle up those 50L bargains ! The heart-shaped chair is one of these steals that should be a must-have on your list…stuffed with sweet poses, available in oooodles of colours . (There is a free one also if you grab the Pimp my Valentine gift)

NiNight Creations Heart shaped bed - animated

I cant believe this gorgeously romantic bed is also in the sale , I found it at the 50L price tag only at the Pure venue, in the main store it’s still marked up at 280L…what a bargain ! There are a few variations, this is the heart-shaped with candles, and its got masses of poses for lounging,reading,lap-topping (yes, that IS a word , so there) plus some snuggly couple cuddles ! When you see it close up , you’ll be awed by the brilliant texturing on it, very tactile and plush.

NiNight Creations Romper

Of courrrrse there are also clothes involved in the sale…Ive got a lully Vday themed romper to share above, its doodled all over with the Love word…and comes in lotsa colours…naturally I plumped for the pinky lavender !

NiNight Creations Duffle coat NEW!

And last, but certainly not least..a new release the duffle. It’s an essential piece of the seasons kit really…we had snow again today and gawd, I SO wished I had one of these in real life. Beautiful texturing, the fabric looks almost like hessian…perfect to sling on and get out in the snow ! Lots of colour choices on this item , so go take a peek.

NiNight Creations Main Store

NiNight Creations @ Pure (for 50L beds !)

NiNight Creations on the market place

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Its Time…

Yes, its time…frost gathers overnight, I can see my breath as I walk my dogs…for me…Winter starts here!

“WinYan” is a complete look…for only 250L you get : Duffle coat, jeans, turtleneck sweater, (5 sizes of jeans, 5 sizes for adjusted jeans coat, 5 sizes coat collar, 5 Sizes Duffle Coat, 5 Alpha Layers)

I really appreciate the amount of variations on the alpha layers, for example, you get a separate alpha layer for each piece of clothing that’s mesh…plus variants of alphas that cover the jeans & coat together etc…VERY handy. This set is gorgeous all together..but also can be broken up into seperates…I just know I will be wearing the coat with a lot of my other wardrobe items…flexible, love that. Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris market place

ArisAris inworld store

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Up the Duffle


It’s unusually chilly for an October Monday night here in Australia. Which makes it a perfect time for swaffette Firefly to put out a duffle coat for SF Design’s Monday Mania item.

Yup, for just L$25 you can snag yourself this awesome coat in glorious green. It features sculpted arms (that come in two separate attachments) and you also an alpha layer to wear that will stop your arm from poking through these which is so, so super-handy. The coat features great looking shoulder straps (which needed no editing at all from me yay) and you also get the body prim in a large size but – just as with the arm attachments – there is also a resizer scripted version that you can choose to wear if you like that better.

This, guys, is a seriously cool looking casual jacket in a great colour. For L$25 you can’t go wrong. Just remember that you can only get it at that price for today and only from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Duffle Snuffle

Bang on time for my first seasonal cold..Monday Mania time at SF Design! This week you’re being treated to a superb piece of wardrobe kit..the ever-in- fashion duffle coat. Its more tailored than the ones you see at the school gates..a lot more swishhh…resizers or not…great big cuffs to keep your puddies warm..and the sweetest toggles along the seams with leather patch fastenings..only for Monday and only from the Monday Mania board,  at just 25L you really shouldnt pass this up ! I’ve teamed it up with some SF Design stunning leather pants and slipped into one of the muscle tee’s for ladies…Happy Monday! *sniffsniffsniff* thanks Swaffette xx

Duffle coat,leather jeans & muscles tee’s: SF Design