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The Boho Culture Fair is open for a few more days and you need to rush over – shop and collect all the brilliant gifts. Rur Life have a sensational  pants & top out for you .

Ducknipple have a lovely top with multi colour Hud.

This complete look is by Vaxler – you get the belt, skirt and top – plus the Hud for other patterns and colours.

Last but not least this gorgeous dress from ArisAris, with a  Hud containing 5 other patterns! (Most of the gifts I found were free, some cost $1L, and most did have fits for mesh bodies & standard av’s.)

The Boho Culture Fair

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DiscoFound a great club to DJ in but as you can tell DJing isn’t my thing.  Couldn’t help but use this photo although you don’t really see much of what I’m wearing.

drunkGot to get me a better girlfriend or at least one that can hold her booze.  Joking aside a great but simple look for a bargain price.  Jeans, shoes and top all for 100Lds.  The top is a high neck and comes with a colour changing hud so you get 5 different colours and  all the sizes are included in the pack.  What I like best is that they all fit together.  The cuffs of the jeans fit over the sneakers and the top fits over the jeans.  Nice button detail on the collar and shoulder and even the bottom of the shoes have a scuffed worn look.

Comes from XLS and although they have a few at this bargain price there is not so many for men but since most seem to come with colour changing huds you get a lot of different looks for very little money.  I know that Zan has blogged one of the women’s full outfits and still has them because they’re just damned good basics.

Ducknipple, XLS, 20.Five  Marketplace

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Yes I know a truly bad title to this great  outfit, chances are Faith will pull it, but I love Ducknipple and the one thing it proves is that if you have a brand name that stick in a persons mind then thats a good thing until someone like me tries to make a bad joke.  What isn’t a joke is this whole outfit, not just the mesh jeans, mesh shoes and mesh top but the whole outfit for….95lds!  and I didn’t even include the excellent geeky glasses and great necklace that come in the pack, 3 Alpha layer choices so you can wear each piece on it’s own and even a ref shape inc.  You get this outfit from the MP and the first thing you will see is that this isn’t the only great pack they have because they have various full outfits on offer for the same great price and undoubtedly they will all also be the same great quality and everything I can imagine is very mix and matchable.  I can also highly reccomend you visit inworld as they have a health discount section but apart from that a really lovely and well laid out shopping area.


Ducknipple inworld

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More Men Only

I’ve been opening more boxes from the Men Only Hunt and came across a few more items that caught my eye.

The jeans, shirt and tattoo I’m wearing above is all from Spearsong and is an awesome outfit. The muscle shirt is fantastic, I like the way it moulds itself to your torso tightly. The tattered jeans have just the right amount of ripping and they also come with bunched cuffs.

My favourite part of the Spearsong outfit is the amazing Hellbound tattoo. You can wear this with either clothes layers (ie. jacket and gloves) or the whole shebang on the tattoo layer. I told you yesterday I love expanding my tattoo collection and this one is sure going into that. The hat I’m wearing is another hunt gift from [Loud] and is a very cool and well-made Winter Cap, love the grey and black pattern on this. My mouth piercings are from Sour Pickles and are pretty super, I like them even though I don’t generally wear piercings much.

Finally I’ve got this absolutely brilliant top from Ducknipple. It’s called Peno and I simply love it. The layers can be worn separately if you wish and look wonderful by themselves but even better worn together. The design on the Skull13 layer is grungy and great and both tops come with sculpted sleeves, bottom and collar. Definitely one of the stops on this hunt you should make a priority.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Shirt, Jeans and Tattoo: Spearsong
Picture #2: Cap: [Loud] | Piercings: Sour Pickles
Picture #3: Shirt: Ducknipple


I Want Some More MHO

MORE!? Yes there’s much, much more! Another Make Him Over Hunt post and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this wonderful institution (can we call it that yet, an institution?) Anyway, on with the show.

First up and no I’m not being lazy, I resent that implication 🙂 What I’m doing is showing the Make Him Over Hunt gift on offer from .::Poise::. which is a wicked little set of props for photos (or whatever). It includes the ‘slob’ tv, watching football of course, what else? A can of beer for relaxing and the ‘slob’ chair are also included. The chair comes with 3 in-built poses, all along that slob theme.

Secondly we’ve got the Make Him Over gift from Gabriel which is the ‘Drape Shirt’. As you’d expect from Gabriel, it’s a great looking top, loose looking with the edges of a white shirt underneath showing through. The creases and shading add to that ‘loose’ look and it also comes with sculpted cuffs and a stole (and attached necklace) which is colour changeable to either black, grey, brown, blue and red. You can wear this top either untucked as I’ve shown or on the shirt and underpants layer for a tucked in version.

Next is one of my favourite gifts from this hunt so far: the ‘Foebel’ grey from Ducknipple. You’ll always find some brilliant casual clothes at Ducknipple and this is definitely no different. I love ‘layered’ looks and plaid and this top has both. The prim cuffs, collar and ‘bottom’ of this top all show slight hints of the plaid shirt beneath the grey sweater and it looks awesome. The grey sweater itself is cool too with variations of the colour throughout and a wonderfully warm looking texture, it looks fantastic with jeans and pants both. This is another gift from this hunt you’ll need to go get.

Lastly for today we have the bright red short-sleeved ‘Shelter Me’ hoodie from [Bait]. Once again, another layered top with the white shirt hanging out underneath the hoodie. But with this gift you also get a version of the hoodie by itself that you can wear your own layer underneath with (or nothing at all!). I love the bright colours of this gift and the prim cuffs and hood look great and fit well, the hood comes with a script resizer to make those slight adjustments if need be.

Get these gifts here:
Picture 1: MHOH 4 #135 .::Poise::.
Picture  2: MHOH 4 #140 Gabriel
Picture 3: MHOH 4 #145 Ducknipple
Picture 4: MHOH 4 #152 [Bait]