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KERRCHING (100Ld Promo & New Mina).

This dress is the 100Ld Promo from Wellmade that I mentioned in my last post.

This outfit comes as separates which I didn’t know so that was a really lovely surprise as both items will team up perfectly with other items of clothing as well. You get a really big hud of colours, I forgot to count how many but you can change a total of 8 parts of this outfit.

Lots and lots of fits as well.

Now for the icing on the cake AND the cherry on top which is this NEW Mina hat/hair.

This is the second version of this “wickerwork/mesh”? hat.  It comes with a really big hud of 12 hat shades, 12 ribbon shades and a massive 70 shade pack of hair which all of her new hairs have as standard.  This super fat pack of hair colours goes from the palest of pale to the darkest of dark and a few ombres n stuff thrown in for fun. I’ve also mentioned that now there are new shades and a shade slider for you to have fun with.

BUT you need to go to Mina’s main shop for the usual reasons.  This new hair is only available at the Summerfest event which has just opened it’s doors which means it like the other big ones will be busy so try the demo out in Mina’s shop first and while you’re there check out “Carian”.  This is the same hat but styled differently.


Mina’s Mainshop.

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Spam “n” Blogg (10Ld GG)


OMEGERD 8 year of RL/SL highs and lows, losses and gains and yet still seems so fresh and new.  We share a sim but it’s rare that we spend any quality time together, and no were not an SL couple that title belongs to Faiths precious PD (Player Dagostino) who has always been a constant in her and in a much quieter way my SL life.  We are polar opposites and yet still have so much in common plus we know how the other person thinks, the sort of thing they like etc we work so well together.  It’s been a joy.

And yes on most days Faith gets a note from me titled either “Spam”, “Spam n Blogg” “Spam n Blogg n Sim”,”Sim” or even just “Blogg” and in this way, I not only bore the T*ts off her with my rambling spam notes but we can keep up to date with anything that’s a joint endeavour.


She’s also right that sometimes she gets a note off me and I get a note off her which says “Back off Biatch” when it’s something we really want to blog and hopefully never have repeat posts, unless I do an old post as it’s still out and still brill.

Sooo today’s “Back off Biatch” note is for this excellent Belle Epoque gift and for once it FITS, almost!

You get a generous 16 colour hud, 8 pastels, and 8 stronger colours.

This green shade, my fav colour, shows off the pleating.  A lovely prim and proper dress.  You do get only the 1 size and although it doesn’t say it I think most things are a Maitreya fit.  There is just a small bit of breakthrough on the back but it’s nothing and of course if you don’t wear a mesh body then it’s of a style that would be easy to find an Alpha to fit.

The Belle Epoque group is only 10Lds to join and this is the new GG’s which is with the old GG’s so if you’ve not checked them out before it’s time to do it.  And of course there is now 5, I think, lucky boards just behind me in the lovely landscaped garden area.

If you have another 10Lds to spare then check out the Teleport Hub gift.  It’s not new and I have blogged it previously but this group is pretty good for not just telling about about freebies and bargains but a lot of shops have gifts out for this group.

Belle Epoque

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I’M SO SORRY! I’m just a complete and utter BABBLER!  !(Freebie ‘n’ new Mina).

Let me sum up this post because I just can’t help but going overboad with the Babbling! So the next sentence will sum it all up nicely for you and you can miss the rest.

Free Dress for all at Mirus, New Mina hair @Blush and Discounted hairs@Mina and all links at the bottom so feel free to scroll.

When they said it would snow I thought they were April Fooling us but guess what…they weren’t and it’s a nasty, gray, cold day with ploppy wet snow ruining everything.  So I’ve cranked up the heating and nestled down for a day of doing nothing…and for a while that inc SLing but then I remembered that yesterday I along with EVERY OTHER CHEAP B* had TPed over to Mirus to grab this Free for all freeby.  Since the notice did say it was only for a limited time I decided that I would pop in as I would hate for anyone to miss it.

Check out the pert boobies, I love outfits that give you perkies rather than gazungas LOL.

I almost didn’t go to get this because for some reason I thought it only came in 1 size and 2 colours, this cream and a black one, but I’m glad I did as it actually comes in plenty of sizes and colours/textures.  The board is just in the entrance to Miras and I think it’s calmed down now so should be easy to grab.

The hair is a new one from Mina’s and you get it from the Blush event butttttt the minute I put it on I knew that I already have a hair with very similar characteristics and I just had to hunt it down.  Don’t get me wrong this new hair, Maria, is different but what Mina Nakamura does is when she creates a style that works she works that style into another hair to create a bit like a Version 2 and sometimes it’s a lot better than Version 1 esp since now as standard her colour packs are so much bigger.  That also means the price tag is bigger but not unreasonably so and we all know the cost of great hair packs in most shops do on the whole retail for around the same price in any case.  I think they’re only cheaper when you get fewer shade options.  And of course a lot of Mina’s hairs now come with “options” which allow you to change the styling of your hair, quite often it’s the fringe, as in this case, or even in some cases you can have the hair coming down over 1 shoulder, 2 shoulders or just hanging down the back and all of that takes so much time and effort to create that you don’t mind paying what is not an unreasonable price.

Doesn’t mean to say in this case that great hair has to cost as the hair that I think has a lot of similarities to this new one is called Elin and you will find that hair upstairs in the discounted section of Mina’s main shop and that hair pack is the standard 5 shades, you obviously can chose which shade pack you want or even buy the fatpack at a discounted price as well because the standard pack is only 125Lds but I didn’t check out the price of the fat packs.  Lots of different colour packs to choose from as well.  I don’t know why “Elin” is up in the discounted section because she’s still as new and fresh as the day she was a new release I think it must be because that all of the newer Mina hairs come with the bigger shade colour packs as standard the time it would take to update her “old” stock just isn’t time effective which means WOO HOO for people who are on a limted budget because these cheaper hairs are still the best.



Mina Main shop


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It took me all day to take this one picture, ok I am exaggerating as it actually only took 2 seconds but the rest of the time was chatting with Faith and throwing up a new build on our sim so by the time we’d finished I’d ran out of SLing time and so this is the one and only piccie LOL.

Even though we have shared SL for ooh so many years now we hardly meet up for a good gossip and a building session so it was a nice treat, which non too subtly leads me onto this “treat” from NyDesign.

A simple linked skirt n top and this is when I admit I’m sketchy on the details but I’m pretty sure it comes in all mesh and mesh bod sizing plus a Hud which changes the texture of top and skirt.  There are other free to join GG’s and Lucky Chairs and there is even an Easter Egg hunt going on but today is the last day and I didn’t really have any more time but you might have.