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The Bone, the Off-White, the Ivory or the Beige?

SF Design have the perfect shirt to start the working week off for this edition of Monday Mania: the beige Business Shirt with Ties. I love my business shirts, whether in SL or my real life, I’m a fan.

This shirt is super, the beige looks brilliant and the detailing is fantastic, especially the shading and creases around the chest and the buttons. It comes across all layers so you can wear this anyway you wish. You also get three versions of the collar with tie attached with this shirt: the long flexi tie that I’m wearing above and two tucked-in ties, one shorter and the other a bit longer. All three come with a script for resizing should you need them. The sculpted cuffs look sweet, not only do they fit perfectly but the cufflinks are gorgeous, going nicely with the colour of the shirt itself.

As always, this shirt will cost you L$25 for today only, for a shirt like this, that’s a total bargain right? You can get it at this price from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Lucky Stripe

I am usually quite unlucky when it comes to those so-called ‘lucky’ chairs and boards, the A’s just don’t seem to come up for me so I usually don’t give the boards and chairs too much of a look when I see them. However, while I was at *Muism* yesterday to pick up a new pair of jeans, one of the lucky chairs came out with a ‘anyone can win’ message and I jumped on it.

The prize that was on offer you can see above: the  Stripe OS Shirt in Navy. This is a beautiful smart casual shirt, I do like my stripes and the colour of these are a fantastic, really lovely shade of blue. The bottom of this  is pretty short so you might need to wear something under it (or high-waisted pants) but it still ends up looking awesome. You also get three different looking sculpted collars to choose from with this top and it also comes on all layers.

This is definitely worth being patient for and hoping for your letter to come up. However, the prizes seem to rotate and there are some for guys and girls. Go check em out and good luck!

Get the gear here: *Muism*



Right now over at the J Island mall they are having themselves a little hunt called the ‘J Sim Ichigo Hunt’. A lot of the stores in the mall have hidden a little strawberry inside them and once you find them, you can get some very cool stuff for just one linden. Faith and I ran around like mad hunting strawberries and tonight I’m going to show you one of the items I picked up.

It’s from ::Mr Poet:: and I was excited to find it because they sell some of the most gorgeously made clothes around. Their hunt item is the ‘Dot Neckerchief and Pink Shirt’ above. I’m a fan of pink tones in clothes, I just like the way they look on me. The texture on this particular shirt is kinda rough-looking, almost like linen, the stitching looks brilliant as do the creases. It comes on all layers and includes the sculpted cuffs, collar and the bottom part of the shirt which might be my favourite part of the whole thing, it just hangs so well. Of course, I can’t fail to mention the neckerchief. I’m usually not such a big fan of scarves, I can just never seem to get them to fit without stretching them to unnatural looking sizes but this one was much better and it looks great . Remember, you’re looking for a little strawberry to grab this sweet bit of kit, it’s not hard to find.

I couldn’t leave the store without buying the ‘Knitted Coat’. I can’t say whether it’s a new release or not, all I know is that I never saw it before and it was only L$60 so I was grabbing it! The knit texture is lovely and warm looking and it also includes the bottom part to the sweater, the cuffs and the collar which is amazing, the laces are part of the collar and fit in perfectly with the neck. This coat is a steal and is also available in black.

added by Faith: omg, I left his side for no more than 30 seconds and he sneaked in a sly purchase! He didnt say a word!

Get the gear here: ::Mr Poet::  (This SLurl might not take you exactly to ::Mr Poet:: but that’s not a bad thing as it’s an awesome mall to snoop around and there are other hunt gifts to be found)


The Smart Set


Considering I just made it to my third rez day here in Second Life (and completely forgot about it) you would have a very hard time convincing me that things don’t get better with age. To make my belief even stronger, you have stores like Alphamale, which has been around since 2007 and keep on releasing better and better gear for guys. I was down there last night to pick up a couple of the newer items and thought I’d show them to you today.

First up is the ‘White Smart Shirt & Charcoal Jeans Set’. A white dress shirt and jeans are a favourite of mine, especially when they’re dressy looking jeans like these. I love the dark blue colour and the creasing near the waist is really well done. The jeans come in two different versions, high-waisted or low-waisted (I’m wearing the low ones here) and the sculpted belt comes in the same two versions which saves loads of time playing with the fitting and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a wicked belt in its own right. The shirt is beautiful and crisp and comes on all layers so you can wear it untucked or tucked in. The cuffs and collar are all script resizeable and look lovely, especially the collar, it fits seamlessly into the shirt itself and has a wonderful look to it.

You can also pick up the ‘Smart Shirts’ in a range of fantastic colours and I couldn’t go past this peach one. It has the same gorgeous attachments as I mentioned above and the same terrific crisp look. The peach version of the Smart Shirt also has a little shininess to it that I really like, the creasing around the chest and upper arms are a little more noticeable in this colour as well. As a bonus, it just happens to go with the dark blue jeans from the above set really well also.

The Smart Shirts by themselves will cost you L$265 while the set with the jeans included is L$395 (I’m not sure but the white version may only be available in that set). Brilliant prices considering the quality of these clothes.

Get the gear here: Alphamale