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Renting a Home in Second Life (Part 4)

Fairy Unique Rental -House by Culrpit

I love doing these rental posts – it’s a real treat to scoot about looking at homes & spaces. My fourth port of call was Fairy Unique Rentals, only a couple of vacancies when I arrived so I used the rental board to teleport up to them. After uhmming & ahhing, because they were all SO pretty, I chose this one above. It’s really roomy and spacious, with a wrap around balcony downstairs, a conservatory and a brilliantly enormous bedroom area. (This home is made by Culprit btw , link below if you wanna buy one – its called Dragonfly cottage) I stumped up the rent for a week, read the notecard that I was given and waited for a group invite. The group joiner bot thinger was on strike I think, so I dropped the landlady a note – next day I got the invite AND she added my lost day back onto my remaining time – sweet ! The rental layout is unusual and I liked it. Each home is on its own grassy platform thats suspended in the sky, abundantly decorated with gorgeous flowers and plants. You also get 150 prims for your own gear. When you pay the rental board down at the store level , it’s automatically covered up , so no one should really bother you. I didn’t notice a way to lock the doors and to be honest I would’ve preferred that option , as the rental agreement says “no security orbs”. I know I know privacy isn’t really applicable in Second Life, unless you own your own Sim etc…but I do like to lock my doors, it just makes me feel better?! Cant say I’ve been bothered at all, and I’ve hung out decorating for the last three days.

Fairy Unique Rentals collage

I popped over to Cleo Design and nabbed a few treats for my new space , the couch I’m sat on is sooper cozy (and has pattern change options) I seem to recall it was just 55L ! As you can see above the house also has a large conservatory space, it’s just begging for some benches and plants. The rent per week for this home is a very low 250L, I think, but I’m not sure that all the homes are around this price point. Big thank you to Happyholly Grigges who is the land owner and landlady , such a lovely welcome ❤

Fairy Unique Rentals

Culprit Dragonfly cottage – market place link

Culprit Store

Cleo Designs