Donuts, Coffee & Lucky you

Jane *Lucky you" gift & Kusshon "First lunch in spring" bench

Bag full of “awwww” for two such beautiful gifts …I’m wearing the latest gift from Jane, the “lucky you” outfit, comprises of two tee’s (one milk, one powder) neat cut off shorts and a pair of those gorrrrjusss lil piggies darling socks ! (two versions of those also) One pair of socks has teeeeny rainbows on the ankle cuff, the other a little clover…smushyyyyyyy -love clothes thank you Janie! If you’re wondering where the donuts & coffee come into play, it’s the bench! Kusshon has left this out for us all , it’s called *first lunch in spring”. I placed it out in the garden at home, amongst the blooms and right in the fledgling sunbeams…perfect. Stuffed with great animations, touch the food and you receive a wearable munchable donut (with sprinkles yay!) and a coffee ..just right for a break from doing the chores ~strrrrrretch wriggggle~

..Take a good wander around Kusshon sooo much to see !.

Go get the goodies : Jane (group gift)  Kusshon