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Last coupla days for The Domus Fair !

HED Dress NEW! Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

The Domus Fair event ends on the 30th of this month so hurry along to take a peek. I’ve been a couple of times and still notice new items. It’s not like a traditional fair or event, but more like a gorgeously decorated home and everything is for sale. It’s really lovely to walk around and see the pieces laid out like this. Above is part of the set from Cleo Designs, the couch is so summery with its rattan body and creased cotton seat pads. You can also change the texture of the freestanding  cushions which is a nice extra. Low Li and crammed with couple, female & male poses. My dress is from HED, strappy little number with some lovely detailing on the bodice.

HED Derss - Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

Closer view of the sundress – which comes in a beautiful selection of tones, plus the sideboard and cushions detail from Cleo Designs.

The Domus Fair

H.E.D market place store


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We’re all going on a …summer holiday ! (freebie inc.)

Dench Designs - by the seaside bench 40L 4 prims NEW!

I’m almost going to BURST with excitement, only a few days to my summer vacation ! With that in mind I’ve gone all beachy and summery in my SL mood. So much so when I spotted a gorgeous little beach house for free on the market place, I snapped it up and begun rummaging through my “to blog list” for items I could show off in and around it. I found this glorious bench seat at Dench Designs yesterday, go check that store out, its full to brimming with reasonably priced and low prim items for your home & garden. What I SO enjoyed about this is the hilarious animations and sound effects ! YES, really a bench with sound effects – coolbeans – you neeeed this ! It has couples and single pringle poses, one of my favs is above “feeding the seagulls” , not only do birds rez, but you’re given some bread to wear and scatter andddd you get seagull noises – utterly fab.  Just cant believe this cost me just 40L ! Player and I loved the “drunk” couples pose too – go try it out, you’ll chuckle I promise. Btw my leggings are by 7th store and are fitted mesh – new release and in a range of smashing patterns and block colours – this blue pair are my favs as they look like washed out denim.

New stuff_001

Next an event that’s ongoing, “The Domus Fair”, %Percent have this absolutely stunning bench on sale, it’s so perfectly finished I couldn’t stop staring at it. Especially the wrought iron work at the ends. The cushion is plush velvet, and the poses are really lovely (couples and singles), its super low prim and comes in a range of colour tones. The vase of flowers is also on offer , they co-ordinate really nicely with the benches actually.

Zinnias gacha beaded drapes - various colours - open & closed

You can just see behind me in the last photo these scrumptious beaded drapes from Zinnia’s, this is a new gacha item and you get both the closed and open style in each play. only 2 prims each which is brill. This is the Luna shade, the sol is also rather lovely, go try your luck! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Domus event

Last up are these from Serenity style, part of what looks to be a set for the Domus Fair. Perfect for your home or maybe a beach house, they just scream summer to me. Light woods used and shabby framed prints, I adore them. The beach house I took these photos around is a great freebie on the market place. It’s by Moon Falconer, only weighs in at 18 prims and has working doors to boot. I really liked the deck outside, which creates a lovely place to sit or fish from.

Domus Fair

FREE Beachcombers cabin (market place link)

Dench Designs

7th Store