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Sad Dollie (Hunt Item).

Perseverance pays and it’s taken me 3 visits to Dollie* to finally find this hunt prize but I wanted it so much.  There is a very clear hint given and of course as soon as I spotted it was a DOH moment.  I popped this off the shoulder knitted jumper over a pair of my legging but it works just as well on it’s own or even over jeans.

XXXSad Dollie

I love Crystaldol’s shop Dollie* some lovely new designs which are hers alone and you won’t find else where.  I’m particularly fond of the open and flowing shirts and in fact I not only own 2 of them but also skirts and tops from here which will be in my invent for a long time.  There are group gifts and I have shown you some of them previously but since then this is now a paid for group but at 50Lds a cheap price to join so go check out the Group Gifts and you may think that is a good price for whats on offer.

I also spotted some sweet and yet bloodied smocks for the up and coming spooky period were entering so if you want a suitable blood splattered dress then check Dollies out.

As for the hunt check out the links I’m going to give you and you can see most if not all of the prizes and WOW so much!  Everything from a Tractor, that’s my next hunt item, to nails, poses, home decor absolutely brilliant and of course FREE.  Remember though you may not wish to find that particular prize but sometimes a hunt can take you to a shop you’ve not checked out before and there maybe other things there which make you go “oooo”.


The Autumn Effect Hunt Hints&Lms

The Autumn Effects Hunt Pictures


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

OH Phil!

OH PhillipI bumped, humped and grinded my behind into his face and yet Phil managed to ignore me, looks like I have to pay my own tier fee this month.  What I should have done is stand up and flash the front of my skirt which because of the unlacedness means you can flash a little bit of muff (like me) or if you’re a good girl some pretty undies.

OH Phil! I went for the freebies at dollies and yet again ended up being tempted (the skirt above was only 100Lds so that’s hardly a bank breaking amount).  This dress is the freebie and is a  lovely striped cami dress. A basic tight-fitting dress with a draped top half.  As always with dollies this is shop quality texturing and not some naff cheapie brought in.  She is offering not only this colour but if you wander around her Brand New Shop and hunt out the little red dollie logo name dotted around you can get this colour and the rest 5 diff colours in total and they’re so bright and lovely I’m going back for the green and brown ones later.  You do have to join her group to grab the freebies but you’d be daft (that means silly) not to as she has some lovely group gifts out and the group if free to join so it’s a win win situation.

Bag use

OH Lord I almost forgot about the adorable clutch bag.  It slips over your hand and when I zoomed in closely you can even see the zipper tab.  Best of all comes with a colour changing hud.  This doesn’t change the main bag colour but changes the bow.  3 different colour choices makes it a lot more versatile and economical than a single bag on its own.  I’m not an accessory sorta person I even forget most of the time to use them in pictures but loving these simple and yet detailed little bags.  I still have my prize money from Boom left over so time to pay them another visit.  OK so I’m now standing in Boom and WOW what a selection of colours you can chose from for this little bag.  Too many to list tbh.  All are beautifully textured and so tempting from subtle browns to juicy colours. 125 a single bag but for a small amount more, 200Lds Princess pack, you can get 3 shades or if you’re feeling flush then the Goddess pack at 800Lds will be for you and thats a massive amount of colours and hud variations. I’m sticking with being a Princess:-)