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No need to thank me, thank Shi instead. (Dollarbie Fatpacks).

The name “Jellyroll” tinkles a little bell in the back of my mind but if it wasn’t for the heads up off Shi I would not have found it or the Dollarbies for sale on the Marketplace…THANK YOU.

The jeans are the “Weekender” ones and I’m wearing the summery pinstripe version but in the hud, you get a total of 20 shades and textures.  There is also a nice delicate chain belt as well which you can see better in the next picture and yes I have also changed the colour of the jeans.

Loving this top, it reminds me of the sort of top ballerina’s wear when working out. Another fatpack of colours makes it such a generous and handy bargain.

If you need more shoes then check out the “Princess Heel Shoes”.  Are these items “Scandalize” quality? Of course not but I’ve paid more for less quality so I’d totally recommend you get these for yourself.

I also picked up the “Anna Sweater” but even the right fit for me was not a good fit and now that I’m checking the MP shop again I see that there is an “Anna Sweater Set” which is the sweater with a matching skirt so maybe the skirt in this pack is designed to be high enough to cover the breakthrough.  I’ve not had a chance to try that version out but for 1Ld it’s worth the risk and of course you can wear both the skirt and sweater as separates so if it’s still a bad fit then I’m pretty sure the skirt will be a good fit.

I also got the “Veronica Mini Skirt” but managed to get the demo version, I still tried it on and although it has that sharp edge to the hem the texturing is really good and teamed up with a jumper and leggings a winner

In the MP shop, there is also a lot of Dollarbie hair.  You all know I’m super spoilt with my Mina hair but not everyone has the budget for hair or wants to spend much in SL, and I don’t judge anyone, so if you want some interesting hair, because they do seem to come with some very interesting colour packs, then try them out for yourself.

There is a link to an inworld shop but in all honesty, I doubt there is an inworld shop…but I will be checking that out next time I log in.


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Check out my “Fany”.(Dollarbies).

At first it may appear that the title of this post is pure “clickbait” but I promise you it’s not, “Fanny” in the UK means a ladies naughty bits but “Fany” in this case is a really lovely pair of shoe with POM POMS and we all know pom poms make everything better.

So a really pretty pink but you also get a black pair as well.  I don’t think there is an inworld shop because I picked these, and so much stuff, off the Marketplace so you may have to log in there but I promise when I log back in I will check to see if there is an inworld shop.

You get SLink and Maitreya fits.

PS.  For once I’d NOT recommend you rezz these to use as decor as they were something like 130prims..a bit ouchy even for a sim owner lol.


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Just not for me.(Maitreya Only Dollarbie).

These shoes have been on the MP for a long time now but because they only come in the Maitreya fit I’ve just ignored them but now I know a few of our readers do wear Maitreya I shoved them in my shopping cart and for only 1Ld some people out there are going to be happy…just not me.

There are other, Kawaii Dollarbies in this MP shop but it’s the Gacha resale items I’m scrolling through.


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Time to say goodbye.(Dollarbies & New Mina).

A whole bloddy sim and still not enough prims!  Actually, it’s the fault of all the amazing landscaping creators there are in SL because most of the prims seem to go on plants and trees and grass etc and even though they’re so low primmed it can sharp add up but dammit our sim is looking glorious but now we want a pool on our sim and so I’ve decided to sacrifice my studio.

Truth be said I rarely used it in any case so it’s not much of a loss and I have a much lower prim idea as a replacement.

I’m wiping away my tears with a couple of Dollarbies, from my fav shop Loordes of London.  In the area with lots of offers, “Steals and deals”&  “36Ld Saturday” etc are lots of hunt items ie an arrow, flowers, and each one cost a single Ld and contain a mix of things.  In this case, I bought the Cute and Curvy Hunt item which gave me the dress and the April Showers Hunt item which gave me these shoes.

Obviously, there is more than these but if you just want these 2 prizes then click on the hunt item and it should tell you what hunt it was for and TBH at 1Ld for each prize just buy them all.

The dress comes in standard mesh fits and alphas but easy to wear with a mesh body and the shoes in the 3 main mesh feet fits.

Now for the barnet.

Check out the back, all those random strands is what makes this stand out, can you see the ones which are curling back up? Anyhow I won’t rabbit on because I’m a total Mina bore but scroll past Faiths recent posts and you will see more pictures of this hair plus info on the New Mina Group Gift.

This hair, Celeste, is very similar to one I already have called June, but they are different you just need to try on all the different hairs to make sure you get the one that makes you go “Ooh that’s the one” before you make your choice.  Celeste has that big hair swept back look of the 70ties to me and of course the fabulous natural way the hair strands have been formed it looks as good from the back as for the front.  This new hair is next to the reception desk and cost 300LDs but woah you now get 15 shades in each colour palette.  You can almost age Mina hair by the size of the colour palette, her oldest ones have 5, newer ones 10 and the newest 15 and the shades in each palette are really different.  Anyhow simply click on the picture and try the demo and then simply click on the colour palette of your choice and pay.

You will notice above the picture is a sign for “FaMESHed Go” which is a new way of bleeding us dry with temptation.  You simply Add it, it will then ask you for permission to TP you just say yes and then you can see the list of shops that have something brand new out and you click on the shop name and if you’re allowed the TP then it will just do that

Loordes of London

Mina Main Shop