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It’s worth a click & more.(MM Prize).

This turned up in my invent this morning and I could not for the life of me remember picking it up.  So I went back to Poeme where it came from and I had forgotten that I’d clicked on the MM Board (Midnight Madness Board) when I was there grabbing the wellies.

This is really GOOD, so good it’s a KEEPER, even though it’s blue lol.  What you can’t see is down the back there is a nice big hood.

I rarely do MM boards but for this prize, I totally recommend you give it a click. It only needs 35 clicks in total and since they also have those fab wellies out I have a feeling a lot of people will be checking out the upstairs and that’s where the Lucky Boards and this MM (Midnight Madness) Board will be found.

The Poeme group does cost 1Ld to join.

PS.  Noooo so as I’m LM grabbing I’ve spotted this design and if you want to buy a different colour texture then it will cost you 199Lds and there is an old rose textured one which is gorgeous!