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Names Babii…Babii Bond

So..it looks like a harmless little cabinet…yes? Low prim sure…pretty but unassuming…but you know..nothing like realllllly sooper special and shiny…and then, you click it…

Voila! It’s like a Bond gadget…*squeee*..magically a whole desk appears before you. Complete with desk lamp, chair & lap top. Whats even more ingenious is, it takes up no more prims…oh yes indeedy…wether its the little cabinet or the whole shebang…its only 7 prims ! The desk even has a sitting pose so it’s actually useable. Gotta love that…want more good news? Wellll this nifty little item will cost you just one Linden dollar…your mission is to FIND it…the retractable desk is Lok’s prize in the dollar for dollar hunt, it’s not easy peasy to locate but the hint given is pretty clear. (Click the hunt board at the entrance for the hint)

Retractable desk : Lok’s

Hunt web site: Dollar for Dollar Hunt

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Im a seductive snow bunneh

I’m a lucky bunneh..Player came to Seduce with me (its alongside FA creations)..and found the  prize that I epically failed to get in the dollar for  dollar hunt ! It’s this complete outfit, avec boots,vest skirt,scarf, belt  etc…tres Chrismassy! Little patches of fluffiness around the wrists and collar..and some sooper smart plaid fur trimmed boots…it was VERY hard to find.an Im not gonna spoil stuff by saying where it is exactly..but..youre gonna have to look in some small tight spaces!

Seduce outfit: Seduce

Hunt web site: Dollar for Dollar Hunt

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Fireworks and a dollar

The dollar for dollar hunt is under way and Ive found this from FA Creations..remember I did a post about this store a little while ago and their fantastic “walk of freebies”? ! Anyway..this was hard won..threeeee visits to find it ohhmaigosh ! I know I know Im rubbish at hunts..but seriously..this was harsh! Im sooper glad I found it though..totally worth the hunting. You get a complete outfit..with shirt,wooly stockings, and poncho style jacket and boots! Its awesomesauce….the hint is “take a rest and sit down”…and youre looking for a tiny dollar bill…check out those sofa cushions girls!

Hunt web site : dollar for dollar hunt

Outfit: FA Creations

Fireworks stand : Crackberry