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BLURGH!(Freebie, Gifts, Discounts etc).

I have to admit I’m struggling a bit today as I have a touch of food poisoning which is honestly not that bad but just bad enough to make everything BLURGH!

So it’s time to leave my fantasy me inworld and my real me is going to nest in a comfy chair, with a throw, a mug of coffee and a sick bucket.  I’m going to pull the blinds down and watch back to back horror movies until I forget how blurgh I feel lol.

As for the dress, this isn’t the best pose to show you it but you can see the pretty floral pattern is overlaid with a netted layer there is a ruffle of this net at the front and a bow of it at the back.  This is a FREEBIE from the “The Point” event.  It’s one of those events where there are gift bags out for us priced from 0-10Lds and some do have pictures of what are in the bags but a lot do not.  Normally I’d grab a few bags but since I’m working on a budget this month I’ve just picked up one of the Free Group Gifts you will find on the wall at this event.

OK, see ya later and hopefully I will be a more happy bunny instead of moaning minnie.

PS.  I’ve put the LM for the sim I took this picture on.  Chances are you will have already visited but just in case you haven’t it is, of course, the stunning “Yorkshire” sim and it so beautifully landscaped it’s idiot proof if you want to take a pretty picture.

The Point

Yorkshire (Sim)