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Weekend Sales !


Woke up and got the sale flutter in my belly ! Coffee in hand, logged in to Second Life and listed all the sales I’m going to hit. Here they all are incase you want to do a few – there are SO many bargains to be had . So far I’ve made one purchase in The Saturday Sale – gorgeous shelf unit from Fetch, only 1Li including all the décor on it *faint*. Say hi if we bump into each other !

Wanderlust Weekend

The Saturday Sale


Miix Weekend

30L Saturday

Energy Weekend Price

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Weekend Sales!

Weekend Sales @ Ecru & My Bags

Well blow me down with a feather! Ecru have a dress in the Wanderlust Weekend Sale – this is Kody and comes in a few different colours. Sizes inc: Maitreya & petite, Legacy & Perky. At just $50L its a winner for me. I’m also holding one of the two bags I bought from MyBags by Mila – two colours out on offer for the EBento sale (I bought both colours!) just $75L each, they come with a hand pose, arm pose and no pose options.


Wanderlust Weekend Gallery

My Bags by Mila

Ebento Gallery

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All the Sales I’m Doing!


Its Saturdayyyyyy! I love that Saturday feeling, I know the weekend sales have begun and I’m going to hit them hard !! I thought it might be useful if I share with you the events I shall be attending. (If its not useful tell me) So in no particular order here they are:

The Saturday Sale

EBento Weekend

$30L Saturday


Wanderlust Weekend

Energy Weekend Price

Happy Shopping ❤


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Energy Weekend Price – Free !

Energy Weekend Price FREE

Itssssss the weekend and that means SALES! I spied this little cutie at Nuna Luna for free – just join the Energy weekend price group (which is free) et voila. Vast array of mesh body fits inc. Check out the gallery for this event – lots of gifts, 50% discount, $25L gacha etc etc.

Energy Weekend Price Gallery

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Catching snowflakes.(Cheapie, Freebie(s) & Discounts).

This snowflake is the last bit of snow on our sim and it has to go just like this sweater/cardie.

I got this a long time ago and even though it is what I call a “classis SL design” it has stood the test of time with the detailing and quality of the texturing.

It actually comes with a skirt which I binned after I’d blogged the outfit the first time. I do remember the skirt being just as much of a quality item as the top so you may consider it to be a keeper. Only 3 Lds as well. You will find this and other gifts for other cheap or free groups on the wall in the room on your left.

The actual Petry Model group costs 50Lds to join and in the entrance you will see some really good discounted items but only for group members.

As for the glasses they were a random pick up from a shop called “Ohemo” I missed them the first time I visited as they’re on a shelf at the side of the stairs. These glasses come with 3 different frame colours and a M/F fit. There is also a couple of pairs of very nice looking earrings.

PS. As I was LM grabbing I spotted that on the wall behind the desk in the Ohemeo shop is a freebie for one of the BIG freebie groups. I didn’t grab it as I needed to log out plus I do like to leave you with a suprise.

Petry Model.


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The party is over!(Freebie).

I’ve falling into the “rabbit hole” which is the wearing of fleecy pants/joggers as I’ve eaten/bloated myself out of my jeans. The pair I have on now are so big I could do the “Hammer Time” dance. I’m not going to wait till the New Year and today I’m back on track with healthy/yummy food and no regrets.

A nice simple oversized snowflake sweater from the Emerald Couture shop.

You should recognise this shop as I’ve blogged a few items from here but if you don’t, turn left and the last isle has walls of Group Gifts and promos. On the wall at the back are also Lucky Chairs.

EC (Emerald Couture).

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Mina’s as well! (Mina FLF Offer).

I went to Mina’s to see if she too was having a sale and SHE IS!

A 50% storewide sale, you pay full price and get the 50% refunded back to you. This big sale goes on till Monday which is good as the place is heaving so you will have plenty of time to try those demo’s out and treat yourself to some really fine hair.

But I’d rush for this FLF offer.

This is “Leslie” and she’s is my pearly princess hair.

A piled on top classy hair with the addition of those pearls just makes this the perfect dressy up hair.

You do get a style hud with this hair and if you want you can lower the piled up look and remove the pearls or make the pearls more irridecent etc

I’ve put the link to the Seraphim blog so you can see the other FLF offers as well as an extensive list of all the shops holding sales and it’s a big list!

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog for all the FLF pictures and LM’s.

Seraphim Blogg for all the Black Friday Sales.