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Danger Noodle Hunt.(Mention of Freebies).

How could you not love snakes when they’re renamed as “Danger noodles”?

I’ve just had a pleasant time TPing here there and everywhere which is how I ended up at the big Medieval Fantasy Faire. I do know it’s been on for a while but I didn’t know there was a free hunt going on.  So I started to walk and pick up the little “Danger Noodles” on my way.

This is a big event so I’ve managed to get halfway through and I do believe there is a total of 33 gifts to be found, I’ve only found about 6 but I am giving the clothing shops a miss.

But I did treat myself to this from the Lunar Seasonal Designs shop because at 140Lds a bargain and I’m pretty sure I will use it not just as a backdrop but maybe even incorporate it into our sim when we change the seasons esp as it comes with a Menu which supposedly allows you to change a lot of the texturing.  But I’ve not had time to try it.

Because our sim in totally white and I did want to show you the scale I decided just to use one of the poses and take a picture of it as it is in the shop.  Will be logging back inworld later to finish off walking around and then playing with the menu for this and again at 140Lds a bargain.

Medieval Fantasy Faire

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Voguing like Madonna.(Freebies, Bargains, Discount,Promo’s etc).

“Original Vogue Event” isn’t a title I really recognise but it’s one of those events with stalls and on the stalls, lots of gifts with low price tags and this was literally the first one I got and for only 10Lds I’m well chuffed.

I’ve had to smooth out my coochie as this pink skin tight bra/panties set doesn’t cover your blushes.  It’s actually an Applier outfit so you get it for Omega, Maitreya and Belleza.  Turn to your left when you TP over and it’s the first one but even if you turn to your right you will work your way round to it in the end.  I will say there seems to be a party going on with lots of dancing AVs and not only wasn’t I invited it did actually make me a bit laggy so I think I will log off for today and return tomorrow when the party is over.

Original Vogue Event

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Just warming up.(Freebie’s for MEN & women)

I’m like a lizard, I’ve put the heating on to warm me up so I have the energy to rip everything down.  I personally cannot stand starting the New Year off with Christmas Deccies still up so my “tradition” isn’t to wait for the 12th day but spend the last day of the old year cleaning for the new year.

So a quickie for this morning and I will see you later when I’ve restored my home to its unsparkly normality…apart from the lights in the kitchen they stay there lol.

The reason I’ve put “men” in bold as it’s rare to find decent freebies for men, I could be wrong as I don’t go men hunting often lol but I know one of my friends does and so he and if you have a male friend/partner etc then you will love this place.  Obviously, lots of womenswear inc this Kimono, not the fan though.  Mainly Japanese themed but not all and so pretty.  A smattering off decor and accessories as well.

If your price tag is zero Lindens be careful, I bought a lovely jacket which I knew was going to cost me 20Lds but I was more than happy with that price tag as it’s from a well-known shop and very pretty and I love a bargain.  I’m not inworld any more so I can’t be 100% sure but I’m 95% sure but everything I picked up seemed to come with a large selection of colours.

New Freebie Place

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Unbroken.(Bargain and mention of OODLES of FREEBIES).

Redeux is open and as always it’s packed with FREEBIES and of course bargain priced temptation just like this Belle Epoque headdress.

I already have this headdress, in a different colour, so I knew the quality and when I saw the price tag of JUST 35Lds I almost broke a nail hitting the keyboard to “buy” it.  It’s just a stunning statement piece and you may never wear it but just owning it will make your heart sing.  There is another headdress that I bought and I’m sure that comes with a fan as well but I’ve not even started to unpack yet, the dress is not from this event just in case you were wondering.

It basically took so long to wander around this event grabbing the freebies and a lot of the discounted items that I ran out of SLing time and I will have to return to check out the Gachas.  Later on today when my RL work is done I’m going to plonk my AV ass down and slowly work my way through all of the gifts because that’s what I find relaxing.

BTW I fixed my eyes and yup it was my fault!

PS.  I know were warned all the time not to accept random notes etc but I’ve found that it rarely happens so I was slightly taken aback when a “Christmasbot” tried to send me a note..obviously don’t accept it.  The organisers of this event WILL have chased it off but we all know they can be persistent so it was just a timely reminder to yup “don’t accept random offers”.


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Special Mention.(Hunt Prizes).

My last post was about the “Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt” and what brill prizes, even though you pay for them trust me what few I bought I was so pleased with and I couldn’t resist starting the day off showing you 2 of the bestest(sic) finds…not including the stunning Flowery Holographic pants from my last post of course.

Look at this brill skirt from Ersch.  I could be wrong but I am pretty darn sure it was only 5Lds and if not then none of the prizes cost more than 25Lds so even if it’s that price it’s still a fantastic gift.

Do NOT look at my eyes! I actually put these glasses on to try to cover up the fact my eyes are totally borked! Not sure how or why but all of a sudden my Lelutka mesh eyes won’t fit and even when removed my system eyes look as though they’re just about to roll up into my head!  Not sure if I need to get a whole new Lelutka mesh head sent to sort it out but meh I basically can’t be rat arsed.

So look at that brill hat/hair! 25Lds from Wasabii, I used to own a lot of Wasabi hair until I got my Mina addiction.  Not just the 1 shade but you get all the shade huds and some very interesting colours.  The hat has a 2 texture hud this red and a white one. Click on the hud and you can also resize it.

I won’t give you the LM direct to the 2 shops but to the “The Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt” headquarters as all the boards with the pictures showing you the prizes in each shop are there plus that’s where you pick up the Hud, you don’t need to but read the note to see why you should.

PS.  The skirt is only Maitreya fit but I was more than happy with it on my SLink Physique.

The Ho Ho Ho Christmas Hunt Head Quarters 

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Judgement cats are judging ME! (10Ld gift and mention of freebies).

I would have sworn I’d picked up a freebie dress from this event but when I logged back in I was mistaken and all I had was these judgemental cats judging me.

Sorry, I can’t remember the stall these ones came off but I do remember they cost me 10Lds.  This is another one of those events which is just the right size, a good mix of this and that and I ended up with just these cats and also some LMs of shops I’d like to check out.

PS.  Did you know a group of cats is called a “clowder”?

Original Vogue Event

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Playing with fire…ok Windlight. (Freebie).

I wonder what Faith thinks because often when she logs in she will see that yet again I’ve changed my mind and the windlight setting of our sim and so here is today’s windlight setting lol.

It might be a little bit on the dark side for pictures but it doesn’t matter because by tomorrow I will have changed my mind again.

I just wanted to show off a couple of freebies.  The shoes are one of the gifts from Reign, mocassin with a hud, check out recent posts for the details of those and of course, I’ve literally just done a post about this fab free sweater but the pants are new.

The sweater is on the “Sweet Intoxication” stand at the “The Black Friday Bazar Event”, check the last post for the LM, so of course, I’ve now popped over to the Sweet Intoxication main shop to check it out.  This sweater, remember this colour is free at the event, not the shop, is on special offer.  When you walk in look to the right and on the wall there is a few more of this ombre shade on offer for only 50Lds but there are a lot more other shades on the back wall of the shop and at the full price of 63Lds hardly bank breaking.

I’m almost finished rambling all I have left to tell you about is the jeans.  They’re the Group Gift in the Sweet Intoxication shop and they tick all the boxes.  Lots of fits, quality texturing, very wearable and although you can’t see it because I’m sat on my tush there is some nice detailing on the back, a zip and some light embroidery on the pockets.

Sweet Intoxication