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I’m SO (not) excited…(Big 50% Sale@Pumec & Reduced Group Joining Fee).

OK, I am lying as I am very excited about the sale going on at Pumec and the reason is is that I wear virtually all the time the Pumec Agatha skin.

I’m using this picture from a very recent post but if you scroll back through my posts in virtually all of my pictures I’m wearing my Agatha skin and the only time I’m not wearing her is when I’m showing you a freebie skin and you all know that is rare.

Obviously, windlight, editing and makeup can change the whole way your face looks but even worn without makeup to me Agatha is a beautiful skin on her own right.

I will let you into a secret, not a big secret really, but I used to be a blogger for Pumec.  This was in the time before well before mesh head so I doubt they even remember me as our blog was so small at the time.  I don’t know if I just stopped blogging or they just stopped sending me items to blog but it was nothing like a falling out thing it’s just what happens as most shops/sellers in SL, they naturally like to change their blogger’s list to bring in new faces and styles.

I did buy Agatha for myself because I was hunting for a skin to match my beloved Lelutka Greer mesh head and Pumec Agatha were a perfect match.

I’ve also thought the Pumec range was most reasonably priced considering the quality and if my memory serves me right Pumec was also the first skin shop where you got the full pack of appliers in a hud as standard!  There was a time when you bought your body skin then you had to pay extra for anything else such as mesh hands/feet/Lola Titties, remember them?  BTW They are still active in SL as I was at their shop only a couple of days ago..  Again this is a long time ago now but Pumec was just always that bit more for your money.

BTW the Pumec group joining fee has also gone down from 400Lds to 99Lds which I’m assuming which is like this sale,  temporary.

Now I have very mixed feelings about the group. I’ve been in the group now for several years at the 400Ld price tag but sadly for me personally the gifts for Lelutka have been very limited and I’m pretty sure it’s been the gift skin hasn’t actually changed in maybe a couple of years, so I was actually just about to leave the group and I probably still will BUT check it out for yourself as there are a reasonable amount just for various skin/meshes.  There was a time when the group gifts were pretty generous but I think between the lack of Lelutka gifts and most recently the gifts have been items such as very bejewelled ears which just aren’t to my taste.

PLEASE I am NOT bad-mouthing the Pumec group or range of skins/accessories at all, I have very fond memories and I am hoping that there is another Lelutka skin that I can fall in love with as much as I love my Agatha.