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Green with envy. (Freebie).

It’s RAINING it’s dull and PISHING DOWN! A typical Summers day in the UK so allow me to tart up the picture of this freebie because I am suffering from SAD! (seasonal affective disorder).


Again because I’ve gone all out with the editing this isn’t the actual inworld colour but it really is a lovely green ombre colouring, my fav colour.  It comes from Kaithleens and I went over to check out her Discount shop where everything is just 50Lds and this and I believe there might also be another Group gift set out but I have blogged that one before, are to be found.

OK I’m going to check the weather forecast because you never know I might just be able to get my bathing cossie on and some time sun tanning in the back garden…LOL!!!

Kaithleen’s Mainshop (you can also get the GG from here)

Kaithleens Outlet shop

Blogging SL, second life, Virtual Fashion Feed

Super Kawaii Hunt

Round 1

We all know the big hunts going on but there are many smaller ones with some seriously lovely yummies on offer.  This is the Censor Kawaii Hunt and each item, you’re looking for a cupcake, costs you only 20Lds which is so cheap but if your very low on funds this hunt offers you a picture of what exactly is on offer so you can pick and chose.  And I chose this pink dress.  It’s mesh, it’s cute and it’s pink and what more can be said.

RoundLooks like the picture has been cut in half but that’s just one of the strings from a balloon in my lovely balloon room.  This is 2 hunt items, first the mesh shorts.  A mix of denim and floral fabric makes this more than your standard pair of mesh shorts.  You get 2 floral pattern choices and both are sweet.  The Lola Tango top is a separate hunt prize and again only 20Lds for each item.

Round 11

Sadly not hunt items but I couldn’t resist because how cute is this little underwear set (170Lds) and then there is the hair (150)which comes with the hair dryer and poses sooo cute sooo cute Faith had to run off and buy the hair. Now look at the skin because this is a Group Gift from Censor so join the group and grab a skin so you could get yourself a new skin, shoes, and outfit from as little as 40Lds.  As soon as I go back to get the LM I will be trying on their skin demos because they’re not sticking to the standard, from what I saw they have skin with cute red noses, gawky teeth, smiles and pink cheeks skin that has just that little touch of individuality.


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