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Outside chores (free hunt gift & free hair)

gacha garden & FREE Basta outfit_003

I’ve been a little busy tidying up my garden at home ready for Winter, hence here I am in SL replicating it as usual! I headed over to the Gacha Garden event today to take a chance on some Analog Dog hair – only $50 a pop and thankfully after three goes I landed the rare light blondes yay! If anyone wants light reds or dark browns I’ve left them out at the cafe on our sim Dreamworks – you’re welcome to them for free as I would never wear them. My outfit is courtesy of Basta, its their gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt. The hints can be found on the blog website listed below – it took me an age to find this prize but I REALLY liked it ! Mesh skirt and sweater with a fancy bow at the waist, all sizes included.

update: The hair is gone, so glad someone is gonna get some use out of it !


Dirty Turkey Hunt blog & hints

Gacha garden


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Dipping a toe into the Dirty Turkey (freebies)

Dirty Turkey Hunt gifts FREE!

One of my all time fav hunts has begun – The Dirty Turkey hunt has become a fixture for me each year. I dipped a toe in and came up trumps with two prizes straight off the bat. The posture collar is from DUH!, you get two versions – one with a ring and one without. The outfit is from Mooh, lovely neutral beiges – skirt and cardigan. I’m wearing it over my SLink Physique mesh body – great fit! Hunt blog listed below that contains all the landmarks and hints – get crackin!

The Dirty Turkey Hunt Blog

Hair by Elua