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It’s VD Day. (Mention of freebies ‘n’ cheapies).

OK going to try my hardest to make this a short post, but no promises.

A little lingerie set from Dirty Princess, free GG and super sexy panties and bra set but a rotten fit for my SLink body which is why this is a long shot because I could not take a close up without all my SLink flesh breaking through. I promise you I’m not boob flashing, the outfit has sexy sheer lazy panels which is why I look like I have very pink boobies. So not sure what body it’s meant to fit, prob a Maitreya but it cost nothing to try it for yourself.

The shoes are also freebies from the SL frees and offers group but you pick these up at the Legendaire shop entrance.  There are other paid for GG’s as well as some excellent discounts and scattered around are heart-shaped boxes for only 10Lds each.

Then I treated myself to these from one of the stands just outside of the Legendaire shop.

I’m not usually a big fan of these thick soles shoes but they have their uses and I thought these with that bow had a retro vibe to them plus with the 10 colour hud they’re going to be a handy pair of go-to shoes and only 67Lds

If you speed read this post it will deffo seem much briefer than it actually turned out lol.  The reason for quickness is I do believe the Dirty Princess gift is a Valentines one so you might want to grab that quickly.

PS. That’s my new gym/sports hall and sorry it ain’t free but at only 15 prims it was almost perfect for what I wanted, it’s a skybox and I want a land based one.  Anyhow I can’t wait till I’ve got time to shove all my gymmy stuff in there and pretend I’m a gym bunny.

Dirty Princess


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Another “nope”.(Freebie).

MEH! So ok yet another item which is Maitreya fit only and sadly in this case I can’t get it to fit my SLink body and feet but it’s just too good to ignore and again, of course, YOU may have the right mesh body.

Yup, I just rezzed them in front of my backdrop and snapped, 11 prims in total if you’re interested.  You get 2 options this pair with the silver accents or a gold pair.

You will find these at a shop called “Dirty Princess” and I don’t think the LM will take you to the shop with the clothes so when you TP in turn to your right and it’s that one.  Ignore the “VIP” tag as we’re all VIP’s which means it’s still a free to join group.

PS if you haven’t got a mesh body and are thinking of getting one then don’t let the fact that a shop/designer only puts out a mesh fit for 1 shape because it takes them time to create fits for all and I have to be honest and say SLink is the mesh fit that you do find most often is the chosen one when an item only has the 1 fit.

Dirty Princess

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These boots were made for an A** Kicking (Freebie).

As promised in my last post I grabbed the Dirty Princess Group Gift and here they are in all their latex glory.


Are they latex, rubber or leather?  Doesn’t really matter because they’re that good but check out the back of them.


Since I’m not inworld I can’t remember 100% the details but I do believe you will need SLink High Feet, that’s because that is what I am wearing, but you do also get the different sizes so you get a nice snug fit around your leg.

Since I left my AV stood outside of the Dirty Princess shop when I get back inworld I’m going to actually go inside, the GG is just outside of the entrance, and risk being tempted because I remember from my last visit this is a shop which has such a mix of the seriously sexy with casual wear.  I also remember than the entrance room is rather packed and it looks like that’s all there is but go further in as this is actually a big shop with a ground and first floor.

UPDATE.  Now that I’m wandering around Dirty Princess I’ve remembered that as well as a shop packed with sexiness of the clothing kind there is also a shop packed with sexiness furniture.  Thats in a seperate shop so once you’ve checked out the clothes go pose hopping in the furniture shop.

PS Check out my last post for the non free but seriously sexy dress I was wearing which comes from Dirty Princess.

Dirty Princess

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Having a moment!

Woo Hoo I finally I managed to get myself into the latest round of Collabor88 and it was well worth the wait even though it cost me BIG Lindens, I have No Regrets!


I really am NOT a cheap B, no matter what Faith may say lol, but both of us are long time SLers and we have spent more money inworld than we would ever admit to not just our OHs but even to ourselves which is why I now like to hunt down the bargains.  But as I always say is that the more you save the more you have to spend because the less money you waste on just “stuff” then allows  you to splash out when you come across something that just has that WOW factor and I ended up buying 3 homes and some furniture from here and I was so pleased that a lot of the shops/designers seem to have excelled themselves this round with some brilliant new textures and designs and it was unbelievably hard to resist buying myself a load of new clothes.

So when I said in my last post that I was so impressed with this dress I was going back for it I really meant it.  As it happens there is a selections of textures but all in the pale/nude palette and I was super lucky that I have the perfect shoes to match and of course a Mina hair.


Check out these killer curves.


Humma Humma Humma! Because I’m constantly picking up clothes to show you I keep a small amount of clothes which are either just so good I couldn’t bin them or great basics to be wearing on my search for a new look and since most of my Linden spend are on hair, homes and decor items for an outfit to make me hand over cash for it has to have that something that grabs me and this dress definitely had it and it is a keeper for sure.

Don’t worry Cheap B will return in my next post and as it happens I’ve just checked out this weeks 50Lds and again the shops and designers have excelled themselves and I’ve picked up a few treats and I’m going to get the bargain hair and GG posted as quickly as poss to you don’t miss out and of course don’t forget that at the Dirty Princess shop outside is an excellent pair of Mesh Boots.

PS If you didn’t see it Faith posted on my last post about Dirty Princess and I was right she and PD had already been to Skyler Lebed shop Dirty Princess to snag some sexy goodness, I just knew that this is a shop she would love BUT even if you’re not into the “Vavavoom” there is some excellent casual looks as well.

Dirty Princess


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No going back (Freebie).

In no way am I going back to Sᴋʏʟᴇʀ Lᴇʙᴇᴅ (skyler.lebed)shop Dirty Princess because I will cave in and become a Kardashian or as I call them the Karashittians!  OK First the Freebie Boots, you find them on a board outside of the shop and since they’re labelled as Decembers gift I suggest you haul your AV Ass over there because they could be gone by tomorrow.  100% Quality so pleased with them.

XXXBoots use

Then I decided to have a wander inside and part of me is glad I did and the other part wishes I hadn’t.  At first it looks like a small shop as the entrance way is pretty packed with stuff but if you wander deeper into the shop both downstairs and upstairs this is a pretty big shop and it’s PACKED with temptation!  It’s not often I walk through a shop and end up with about a dozen Demos but there was so much that tempted me and tbh I also just wanted to check out the quality and this is good stuff!  There is a latex mesh dress which has such a perfect metallic sheen it looks like it’s been polished with Brasso.  If you’re a Kylie fan and would love to have the same hot pants and vest she wore for her comeback smash single Spinning around then this is the place to get it from.  The funny thing is that you have the seriously sexy ie crotchless lingerie right next to casual comfort like an oversized shirt belted at the waist and yes I tried on both and loved both but it’s the Kardashittian(sic) outfit that is screaming for me to go back and buy it.  It will give anyones AV all the Vavavoom you can handle without having to add a mesh bum or boobs and even my skinny assed AV looked stunning.  Fortunately the Demo contains all of the SL sizes and the Mesh body sizing inc curves! and extra curved version.  One thing for sure is I’m going to send Faith the LM and tell her and PD to get over there if she’s not been before and I bet they come away with a whole load of stuff.

OK so of course as I went back inworld to LM grab I noticed that in Skyler Lebed profile she also has a furniture shop and OH Lord even more temptation!  This shop seems to be mainly made up of sofas and beds, there is probably more but my SL time ran out but not before I had time to try out a few of the Single poses but I could see that all of the furniture has an extensive adult menu.  What got me “oooing” and “awwing” was the sizing.  The beds here are 4 posters or french in style and big big big BUT not either joke size or prim heavy or textured garishly.  These are the sorts of pieces that you would see in a large build, a castle or estate or even a modern skybox which has a lot of space to be filled with a piece or two of statement pieces.

I’ve also found Dirty Princess on the Marketplace and I’ve put the link for the Kardashittian outfit and damn it’s cheaper than I thought so I’m definately treating myself to it next time I’m inworld.  Sorry there isn’t any pictures of the beds and sofas I have a feeling that because they have very adult menus in them and that means people would have to log in to the MP to check them out thats why they’re not there.

PS although the menus contain lots of naughtiness I as a singleton also appreciate the friends and single person poses.

Dirty Princess

Dirty Princess Marketplace

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Dirty Princess

Dirty Princess For Slink Physique

Just slipping in another little find that I purchased for my new Slink Physique body – why YES, I am obsessed with it ! New to me store Dirty Princess has heaps of clothing and shooooz for Slink mesh body bits hurrrah! I fell in love with this sultry set called “Madame Fleur Princess Lingerie”. It’s so feminine and so gorgeous I had to have it, at 150L for the whole shebang is a real deal. I picked up my hair on the bigass sale day that Damsel fly had aweek or so ago, it’s called Fiona and I love the swept back styling.

Dirty Princess