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Get crushed! (Freebie, Cheapie & Even Cheapier & Mention of Mesh Head).

There is a lot going on both at Scandalize and in this post so first the Freebie….and then you can ignore the rest if you want.

This outfit is from Scandalize but it’s a “Mesh Body Friends” gift and I do believe there are other gifts for this group, 4 in total, and that is a free group. These gifts are on the same wall as the Scandalize ones and the Lucky Boards.

There is a 50Ld offer just on the wall to your left as you walk into the shop, I’ve picked that up but not had a chance to check it out and I’ve not had a chance to even start looking for the Bunnies because YES there is an Easter Hunt going on.  A big poster shows you the prizes and each costs only 15Lds and I can’t wait for this place to calm down as I’ve earmarked quite a few things as I could do with more clothes for my new shape.

As for the “Mention of Mesh Head”.

The Akeruka shop has a Group Gift out for its member which is a brand new Mesh Head.  I know this shop reasonably well because when I was upgrading to a mesh head I fell in love with one of theirs but in the end didn’t buy it.  This isn’t a free group I think it’s 150Lds which is an amazing price for a quality mesh head.  Sadly though I couldn’t see any demo’s but as you can imaging like Scandalize this shop is also a bit laggy with people trying to get this mesh head.  I will return later when it’s calmed down to see if there is a demo for me to try.



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Go back.(Freebie).

I’ve just done a couple of posts about freebie skirts and finally I now have a Freebie top to match them, and so much more, but this time the top comes with all the mesh bod fits and a full 15 shade packed Hud!

I’ll put the link to the post about the skirt I’m keeping so you can check it out if you haven’t already seen this exc freebie.

The top comes from the On9 event but you will find this gift on the Avie stall and you don’t even have to join a group to grab.  I almost walked past it because as far as I could tell I didn’t see any other gifts set out but I could have missed them.  So on the stall, or rather the wall of the stall, is a small gift back with this EXCELLENT top in it.  Finally not just a quality textured item but one that comes in all the mesh body fits so I’m happy but I’m even happier with the EXCELLENT 15 colour Hud you get with it.  Once I relog I’m going to check out the main Avie shop as fingers crossed you never know if there is some equally as generous gift there, cost I’m a meanie lol.

The On9 is a nice sized event, big enough to have plenty to tempt you but small enough you don’t get lost in the madness.  One item on each stall is at a discounted price so if you like something and aren’t fussed over the colour then check them all out to see if the discounted version is to your taste.  There is more than just clothes as there are shoes, hair, poses and decor items.

PS There is also a Gift set out on the table at the back for the Free On9 Group and I’ll leave that one as a surprise but it is a lovely decor item.



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