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I always get excited when a new store opens…so when I heard about [Echo] I dashed right over to scope the goodies. I wasnt dissapointed…fab collection of reasonably priced gear..super colour palettes run throughout so mixing & matching is a breeze…I snaffled up the Forte sweater.(55L)….such a versatile little item and added a pair of Tres Beau cord shorts that I collected from the VIP room earlier for just 20L !

The De Capo sweater was another instant purchase, lotsa colour choices and it even comes with the necklace, only 50L, quite the deal! Another bargain from Tres Beau’s VIP room was this darling little cord skirt priced at 20L , would look great with some winter wooly tights and boots right?

Of courrrse I found something PINK to delight…this classy Tshirt “Fugue”, sooper bow detail at the back..a real winner for my wardrobe…priced at only 30L *gasp*…sooo many colours in this you might wanna get a few..

Of course there was a gift *squeeee* but seriously, I was so bowled over by the stuffage & prices I found, I almost forgot to collect it..which wouldve been a shame because I ❤ it sooo much! Sweet as candy blouse, great teal shade…pretty ruffly bit…whats not to like huh?

I’m gonna add a little bit about Tres Beau here also…my friend Carmella Ruby  told me that their gift for the DIMH (diamond is mine hunt) was fantastic…so of course I HAD to head over and grab it up..and she was right it IS delish…Ruby came on over to show me something else shed found, which is a VIP group members room. Now neither of us could find a sign or teleport for this..and you can’t landmark it..sooo we had to sneakily cam in and sit on a couch inside – naughty!…once in, the room is choc-a-block with discounted pretties…as I showed above the cord skirt & shorts…but theres tonnnns more ! Gowns, complete outfits..I was trying to be really really good and not splurge ! Soooo if you need to find this little nook of goodness, enter the main store doors directly infront of you as you land…and follow around to your right..alllll the way through the store…rightttt to the very back…then peek through the wall using your camera controls..and sit on the couch to get in- I’m pretty sure there is a much easier way to do this…but heyho…FUN! oh so yeah..the DIMH gift! it’s seriously yum…all dark brown checks and a fabbo shawl type cardi/wrap…the glasses are a new group gift from Lepoppycock…youll find them at the entrance of the store right by the group joiner board…shooz are the K a w a i i H u n t item from tea time…awww lully!

[Echo] items : [Echo]

DIMH outfit & vip discounted items: Tres Beau

Glasses: LePoppycock

Shooz K a w a i i H u n t : Tea Time

K a w a i i H u n t: web site with info

DIMH: web site with info




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Pop …bang…Bubblez

I was sooper excited when a parcel from Bubblez arrived in my paws yesterday…its been a while but my heart went pitty patter and I ripped it open to find this! A newww frock…for the lucky board in the Bubblez store…its got a beautiful dark red flouncy little skirt with three big gold buttons to the side…tight camisole top with a delish plunging neckline…simple yet deadly huh? I popped over to scout around and there are heapsss of group gifts and oooodles of lucky boards…rapid turn over ! I also noticed some to-die-for little objects of desire..like the bird cage with singing birdies (HINT for my xmas wish list if you’re reading this Player :p) go check it all out and see if you can get lucky ! Thanks Milo xx

Heads up also for a forthcoming hunt that Bubblez is in..The Diamond is mine hunt 3 ….it begins on the 18th November and runs until the 18th December..Bubblez has this as their prize..and oh-mai-gosh the girlies gift is just so flirty! Love love LOVE the hat..and the skirt of the dress is sooper flouncy & happy ! Touch the board instore for info….

Xmas dress & store: Bubblez

Bubblez on the market place: Bubblez


Diamonds are Forever

Well not really, only until April 11 actually. Another great hunt is going on at the moment across the grid, called the Diamond is Mine Hunt #2. It started on March 14 and will go until, as I mentioned, April 11. There is a large number of awesome stores involved and today I’ve got a couple that I’ve picked up to show you.

First up is the ‘Unisex White Suit’ from Shiki. As you’d expect from Shiki, this is a fantastically coloured outfit, the white is bright and crisp looking, I love it.  The Unisex White Suit includes the unisex jacket and a pair of white dress pants for both men and women. The lapel, cuffs and bottom of the jacket attachments come in both male and female versions and they both fit and look wonderful. The bottom of the jacket hangs slightly open so if you wear it as I have, without a shirt beneath, it will cheekily show off some belly skin.

The second is an outfit so good that Faith had to point it out  to me. Utopia is a new store to me though judging from this outfit, I’ll be paying them visits often in the future. The outfit Utopia has contributed to this hunt is a beauty. It features a sensational grey v-neck pullover, white shirt and black mustang pants. The pullover and shirt can either be worn together or separately and the shirt itself comes in two versions: closed or open in short sleeves. The short sleeve cuffs for the shirt look brilliant with a nice-looking strap holding them up. The shirts by themselves are very cool, rough-looking and extremely casual but worn all together this outfit is at its best I think. I can’t wait to go back and see what else they’ve got.

The Diamond is Mine Hunt #2 features items for both men and women and from the looks of these two outfits, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can find a full list of the items and their SLurls here: http://sophiarossen.blogspot.com/

Get the gear here:

Picture #1: Shiki (Hint: Use this instead of walking)

Picture #2: Utopia (Hint: Somewhere behind the men’s casual teleporter)